Christmas Day is here..

Hi everyone ! I hope all of you have had a Merry Christmas and enjoyed this beautiful day with your love ones .. Yes been missing in action here . It’s been a different Fall , winter and holidays this year . A lot of changes and endings and then new beginnings . Happy my son has made it through Basic Training and was able to be here for Christmas . We had a beautiful Christmas . Happy to be all together so now we have about 8 more days until he heads back for his AIT he will be away for two months back in Missouri with that being said we are spending as much time with him in between his friends fighting to as well. so I will not be posting regularly for a bit but will be on and off until his block leave is over so my friends yes I call you my friends not just my followers be patient with me . While I enjoy my family .

Holiday Week..

Thanksgiving was Thursday a nice day with my family but with one missing this yr.. yes my son, thankfully he was able to call home it was a quick call but as least we could hear his voice . He sounded good it cracked here and there when he said he loved us . Time is moving faster now , he has 3 weeks left until graduation . He will be extra busy . That is s good thing he does better when he is busy. Then he is able to come home for a short bit until going back to finish his other training.. at least we will be able to see him. Christmas is coming so fast it’s unbelievable… it’s Saturday already Thanksgiving come and gone . My Christmas list is short this year but that is okay I honestly do not want anything but my family together. That is all that matters to me . I’m only needing to buy little things as well since my kids get whatever they want . I think it’s not going to be so much of a material thing this year which is nice.. it shouldn’t be that way. It should be more about the people in our live ..we can all agree on that I’m sure.

I just finished writing my son a letter ..I know soon they will say to stop. It’s been nice writing them , not fun waiting for him to get them but when he finally does he writes back consistently . I know I’m going to cherish those letters forever this journey we all have been on with him. I believe he will cherish ours as well. While at our Thanksgiving celebration my niece showed me a game she plays on her phone . It’s called Crossy Road. It’s kind of like Frogger if anyone remembers or knows of the game. It’s fun but hard and at times frustrating (hahaha) but then again aren’t most games? It’s time consuming I will admit that as well. So in between keeping up the house then decorating for Christmas , I’ve been playing this game.ūüôĄ I should be reading honestly . I’d probably settle at night easier. I will start up with my book after the weekend is over. So yes decorations are up . Christmas shopping soon.

I’m still trying to figure out starting a journal now that I love writing so much again with a pen and paper that sounds strange.. but it’s true how times have changed typing on a computer keyboard or texting love ones and friends. but how to separate the journaling and my blogging . I do clear my head on here, hmm need a balance … so that’s my question how to separate the two and get the enjoyment out of both? Anyone have any advice? Would love some. For now I think I will go settle say some prayers for my family and friends and especially my son and then get some sleep goodnight .

Thinking … all good

It’s 11:00 at night lately been sleeping at this time but stayed up to read a bit after chatting with my daughter as we watched some of the tv show The Voice. Now laying here in the darkness with the sound of the fan humming away . .. everyone’s settled in . It’s October already , unbelievable. The trees are starting to change a bit more each day . Some places it’s so beautiful. Over the weekend I went with my son to grab a coffee and then on our way home he took me for a ride on his favorite back roads.. dirt roads ,endless fields of green . Mountains off in the distance and with the foliage amazing and so serene. He loves the back roads like his momūüôā it was nice being with him calm ,small chats he’s not much of a talker well maybe a bit more with his friends. We just drove along as he pointed out certain things that he liked as we went by certain sites . Time is flying by so it was nice to spend some time with him outside of the house on Friday he will take his dad on a hike my husband took the day off so they would have a day to spend together going on a hike. On Sunday we will have family over to see him . Sat is his day with his friends that will be back for from College being it’s a three day weekend ,to see him and they have several activities planned in just a nweek away and he will be off to Missouri for his Basic Training . He’s ready and I guess I am too well at least as much as a mom is when your child is ready to spread their wings know this is what he wants and I know he is a bit nervous but he’s ready. The holidays are coming and I know it will be different . Quieter … but we will do what we do with the rest of our family and will celebrate when he gets back as well .I will keep myself busy . Along with my hubby and daughters company . Plus I will get a chance to write letters to him which will be a nice change of pace . Love writing letters , with texting and messaging good ol writing with a pen and paper seems like a distant memory. Now I will get some time to do this again . He wants us to , to keep him posted on things going on I know he may not write back as much because in his spare time knowing him he will take advantage of getting some sleep , he says he will write I think one or two letters will come our way but will see . It’s okay if he doesn’t it will be nice for me to enjoy writing letters to him I’m looking at this with a different mind set . Well trying. (Hahaha) and I hope my husband follows. Will see .. I have plenty of books and my blog to do and read. Plus there is some movies my husband and I want to go and see . Also the occasional coffee moments with my daughter and chats. Hopefully some lunch dates too but I know she is busy with work and her boyfriend and friends . I understand that my daughter hasher life to live too . My husband and I will just need to do more activities out. .

Change is never easy but it’s a part of life and I need to embrace it , no fighting it. It’s time to move forward even if it means taking it at baby steps . Speaking of time I guess it’s time to say my prayers and get some sleep it’s getting past midnight . Good night everyone

Bah Hum Bug….

Unfortunately¬†¬† I feel like a Bah Hum Bug this Christmas..I just feel like we all lost the true meaning of it. ..yes giving and receiving gifts are nice but it’s seems every year we go more and more extreme that it becomes like a chore then a pleasure we¬† empty our wallets its just doesn’t seem like it’s either not good enough or enough. I wish we could focus more on the company of others possibly instead of a present a good deed. a listening ear , not wait I want this or what that’s all I have. Sadly I believe it’s not going to change we have become so materialistic yes things are nice but they always end up getting forgotten put aside and then we are on to a new I need or want ..yes it’s life , what I would like is for peace, back track weeks months have back What I have lost and others who have lost as, well more nights at home with my family laughing , enjoying a movie together.¬† Kids grow up family gets smaller routines change but just maybe I can get my family to pick one night a month when their not working or with friends and have takeout laugh at a funny movie together. My husband and¬† I have been enjoying more quiet nights and watching a movie together but this would be nice to try¬† and be together .img_20161212_135812-1


Beautiful morning..

The Sun was so welcoming this morning after a cloudy day the day before . I couldn’t help myself to capture a picture on the way to school and yes my son was driving. It¬† was just so uplifting¬† It was well due needed the suns energy on me.. I have¬† been feeling so over whelmed lately with everything that has needed¬† to be done, paid etc…¬† that worrying as got the best of me which I do not like to let this¬† happen to often. I cannot wait for things to wined¬† down just a bit.I will ¬† take it day by day or at least try to. I know there still is ¬† the holidays to add in going to or try to take in stride¬† ….yes… do not get me wrong love the holidays I am just having a hard time getting into them¬† this year , much¬† .. much¬† harder when your kids are adults and teenagers so not the same …The magic of Santa is what I miss¬† the most especially this one memory¬† .¬† when¬† my kids where young. There Daycare use to give out these little packages of reindeer food which was oatmeal and other safe edible ingredients¬† if squirrels ate it¬† so Christmas eve before the kid’s would go to bed they would sprinkle it on the front yard¬† and Santa’s Reindeer would smell it and bring Santa to the house they did know after they did this they had to go to bed and they did hahaha ¬† but it¬† was the look¬† their faces how they would light up as they sprinkled it well my son liked to throw it¬† ūüôā¬† my daughter was so dainty.. she would sprinkle it just so ..oh¬† how miss those moments.¬†¬† I am happy we have those memories to look back on. I have now replaced it in which Is what we should¬† think more of is¬† counting our blessings , I always have but now it’s more meaningful when your kids are old enough to share this meaning with you,, happy they know what is important¬† there¬† also finding even though holidays are coming life is busy for them¬† and they still have their responsibilities¬† how life changes in¬† one blink. Where did all those years go?….hmm a question I ask myself at least once a day ūüôā So I am trying to just walk sometimes it’s a crawl¬† through this new journey of life but I do know somethings that¬† have¬† not changed¬† is still having¬† our schedule maybe a bit different¬† no more writing in kid play dates¬† to¬† or kid parties . now writing in¬† driving time for my son, exam fees due. Sport meets to be at.. work drop offs¬† yeah I think it’s a bit busier in a¬† different¬† way, and no more little kids running around the house with their friends but my son and daughters girlfriend¬† and boyfriend coming over¬† loud music banging through my sons wall my son and his friends coming and going through my front door my daughter¬† having a girls night with drinks and movies yes their 21 and her friends stay over good thing she has a furnished basement . but I¬† must admit I like the noise and there chaos ūüôā with all this newness comes a little more quiet nights home with just my husband and then that’s¬† when we find Some time¬† for a¬† ride and enjoy a coffee or grab takeout and settle in with a¬† good movie and enjoy one another’s company that time has changed more then ever we forget how it use to be just him and I so do not forget this a very important thing to remember when it comes to this for all of you new parents.¬† There¬† is¬† hope some things that do¬† not change ūüôā all though this I would not mind¬† is Laundry having to be done ūüė¶¬† which my Son could do but mom does it better.hmmm good one on his part. lets not forget the rest of the housework ughhh …then dinners to¬† be made . yes¬† all the fun things. I must say I am happy today house work is done supper is ready to be made when time the comes and I actually enjoyed my coffee and news this morning I believe it was the sun yes going to hold on to that thought. and so now today is pretty much mine and my pups¬† yes my loyal friend. so I will wait for my favorite show¬† do some adult coloring and yes tweet love twitter… tomorrow will be another day oh yes …but today¬† It’s a me¬† day !!!