Heat wave…

Spent first day of this intense heat at home inside. My son rode his bike as my hubby drove his truck to my brother in-laws house to swim. Can you say CRAZY ! while my daughter and I enjoyed the air conditioning until she had to head to work for 3. I kept busy and it was nice , quiet and I was able to get some reading done . My son arrived home about two hours after going to say how hot it was riding his bike , the air coming back to him did nothing he said it was so thick . He had to work tonight but I still do not think he would of stayed long … now my hubby left at 12:30 arrived home at 8 tonight fried and sick sleeping on the couch . Who does the award go to for being wise? ME! I was the smart one. You can’t tell anyone anything. So now to get through the next 2 days of this heat wave. I’m going to keep reading. I do not know if I’ll make it through this Stephen King book . It’s a bit confusing . If you miss one sentence you missed a clue. 🙄 I’m on pg 59 and this has taken forever to get to this. It’s good but just a lot you have to focus on.

It was so hot today didn’t see any wildlife in the yard. My beautiful fox no where to be found. Pretty quiet out there. Well it’s getting late going call it a day goodnight everyone.

And this week is done…

Ahhh…It’s Friday this week is over . car garage appointments done . My son has his bike back . That was interesting following him home after bringing him to grab his bike .It gave me the chance to see how well he handles it. Now I seem to  breath a bit easier when I see him  drive out of the driveway,  he has a lot of confidence.  It was raining a bit Thinking we would have to stop some where but we made it straight through. Now to relax and enjoy the air conditioners this weekend since their predicting temps reaching a 100 and over with humidity, a lot of warnings being posted how to stay cool. I can only speak for myself when I say I will stay in and enjoy reading my book . and watching movies. for the rest of my family whatever they decide to do cant stop them if they want to venture out in it. IMG_8972 (1)This the sky tonight It’s pretty ,everything outside  looks orange from it. It amazes me when this happens.

Good news we finally obtained some rain not a lot but a couple of good downpours that we needed  . The grass everywhere you look is turning brown and everything is withered looking . Ms Abigail  finally looks content  she has been very quiet this week. I think she doesn’t like the air on because she can’t enjoy sitting in the open IMG_8965

window .  Sadly Miss Abigail will have to wait until the weekend is over before she sees an open window. It’s now night and the air outside has become even more humid and heavy feeling. Not good … well time to settle couldn’t sleep last night so I think I will try to get some sleep a bit earlier tonight. Good Night.




It’s a humid off and on sunny day. And a day where you question should I open windows ,doors up or keep them closed .. yes no air conditioners in yet . This weekend they will be put in. Storms are coming in tonight there forecasting that the humidity will disappear ., but for now it’s back to debating.. but with this guy or I will call ugly creature… sorry I do not like spiders .. deciding to open slider this little creature made my decision. It stays closed until my hubby goes around on the outside and opens the screen . My son wouldn’t do it I think … I know he has the same feeling that it’s going to run too fast and get inside or worse jump on him . Ewww just the thought has me squeamish .. what do you think of this ? just the idea of it sitting there thinking it’s staring at me wants to make me scream😭


It’s the end of August but feels like July . Temps are reading over the 90″s with the heaviness of the humidity weighing down on all of us . Us New Englanders are not use to this. The air conditioners are running but they can only do so much . It’s been a day of Soap Opera watching and crockpot cooking to stay cool. Miss Abigail looks up from her nap when she hears me mumbling in disgust at the tv because yes … I get into my Soaps🙄 and she is looking at me like crazy lady who is she talking to no ones here. (Hahaha) I believe another day of this , well that is what they say but only Mother Nature knows that answer.. so we wait. Soaps are over now ,so what to do. I’m sure I’ll find something . Hubby has arrived home so time to check our supper that is cooking.

Night Noises…

Good Morning ! As I stated last night that I was watching a fireworks special in our living room while my son was out and my hubby and daughter went to bed early ..for a early work morning . So I got comfy in my chair , water, tv remote and book next to me . The holiday special ended and next thing that came on was Shrek hmm.. okay it’s a good animated movie but was not feeling it (hahaha) so the tv went off and I grabbed my book . As I’m reading I kept hearing this noise , couldn’t really make out what kind of noise just something I hadn’t heard before. .. all I know it seemed like it was coming from outside my window that over looks the deck we love to sit out on. I sat in my chair thinking what is it then it stopped . I was happy because I really didn’t want to have to go outside and check .. never know what animal it may be.if you look keep reading you will see the evidence it left .. ughh Raccoon is our guess. There is sunflowers growing there and as you can see it’s close to the window where I was sitting inside . I’m happy I didn’t go out . one it may have just ran away or it would of hissed at me and I have been hissed at by a raccoon it’s scary 😂and sadly this was too close for comfort to sho away. hahaha) we really love having the sunflowers grow on the deck and never had a problem with raccoons getting this close ,we are trying to figure out how to keep them away . I know probably should just remove the planter . Nature may win again . It’s doing a good job of keeping us off our decks .. I’m thinking it will be another night doing some inside reading. Can’t say I do not have enough books to keep me occupied while everyone else sleeps. Will see if the raccoon comes back back tonight. One more chance before moving planters.

Independence Day!

Today is Independence Day . It was a different one this year .. I think with it falling in the middle of the week didn’t help plus no fireworks until Friday night .. well there was some in other towns that my son went to tonight . My hubby and daughter have to work early tomorrow so staying up late plus the heat does not help so we will go Friday night. That being said with the weather so hot we spent it at my brother in-laws they have a decent size pool so we sat around it and yes there was a lot of swimming but no grilling out to hot to stand over it cooking so brought snacking foods . The day just felt so different like everything does this yr . It doesn’t feel like the 4th . Some States with the heat index their not doing fireworks instead lighting the sky up with drones , seems interesting . All in all it’s just a different kind of summer yes thinks change . Nothing stays the same. Each season is a bit different ,I guess it’s time to get use to it. I can’t wait until this heat cools a bit so I can feel that peacefulness sitting on my deck at night again. Love that .. but for now it’s me myself and I watching the fireworks on tv as a special from New York ,hubby is in bed and my daughter is settling downstairs. So I’m sitting in the living room enjoying the tv and will soon read a bit . To settle myself. 🙄


It’s Saturday food shopping is done with my hubby’s help have all our treats for Sunday’s Super Bowl so now it’s going to be a stay in kind of weekend . As you can see the sun is shining away ,this photo is taken inside through my glass storm door it’s so warm with it beating on me actually feels a bit warm but nice . I am absorbing the suns warmth for as long as it keeps me warm…ahhh the sun feels great . If its too cold outside to enjoy sit in front of a window or glass door it works.🙂