Good morning!

Good morning everyone hope everyone’s having a good week . I can’t believe it’s Wed already . Been a less running around week then lasts . Last week I felt I needed to keep running around to keep my mind from thinking , wondering. And when that only helped a bit I just gave in and decided …. it’s okay to just stop and if my mind started thinking and wondering fine . Running from it was not going stop it. Things are different .. quieter .. less busy and yes I miss my son so much and it’s fine to feel that . And shed a tear or two or three ..(hahaha) so this week I realize after giving in to my feelings I’ve had a calmer week , I’ve kept busy no chance in that not happening house still needs to be kept up errands still need to be run and suppers still need to be made . But my mind as let me concentrate on reading and coloring . My husband and I are enjoying are shows together and we are joking more learning to be us again . Always have been but now it’s more joking just laughing to our own little things. . My daughter is still at home but has been out with friends and boyfriend and work so haven’t seen her much . I know soon enough my son will be home but I know this experience of his has started a shift in a change of how things will be .around here for all of us.


Lazy Sunday..

It’s been a very cold lazy Sunday it’s going on mid afternoon and all I’ve done is shower have coffee and then made some Chili and now simmering in crockpot and some cornbread to go with it for supper and now my husband and I are enjoying Sunday football on tv. A cup of hot chocolate or tea sounds good write now. Need something warm to drink . I should read my book but feeling that lazy 🙄 maybe later. Sometimes you just need a day of nothing. To rejuvenate . Miss Abigail is doing a good day of that snuggled in her chair sleeping away. Just love that furry girl . Wrote another letter for my son to be sent out on Monday with extra stamps and envelopes he asked for . Miss him dearly. I hope it’s going better . I believe no phone call for two weeks. … just happy I can at least write to him . Enjoying the letter writing too much (hahaha) letters are about two pages long . I need to shorten them. I just get writing and before I know it I have two pages. Well time to check my chili and maybe start the kettle for some tea and open my book. 🙂


It’s Monday already but a holiday so my hubby had off ..well he took the whole week off seeing that we need to bring my son to the local base on Wed.. he decided to take some vacation time. Any how yes it’s Monday and with the shorter days weekends go by so much more quickly. It was a dreary wet cold one but that’s okay we did some errands in town then grabbed some hot chocolate and took our time driving home. Once home I made a simple supper for the two of us and then we settled in with nightly news and now our shows . It’s nice having him home there’s no set time he needs to get to sleep so he can get up for work … but the funny thing is we are ready to shut the tv and lights off after are shows are over and get some sleep . I guess it’s just because it’s relaxing doing just whatever no routine. Need time like this once in awhile It’s a nice break. The house is quiet my daughter with her boyfriend and my son with a friend spending one last night for awhile before he leaves, tomorrow he will get everything together and my husband and I will take him out for supper . Still waiting to see what time he needs to be at the base Wed .. ughh they say he will find out tomorrow . Hmm it’s the Army their time .. but it’s all good . I’m hoping a little bit later then early to bring him. My shows on that I’ve been waiting for . Loving the show Manifest . So time to watch it have a good night everyone.

A day for a little ride …Not!

Today was a beautiful Sunny Friday, my hubby said let’s take a ride just a little one … I said okay and knew in the back of my mind it would not be short, Let’s see after 6hrs later we were pulling into our driveway . Let’s see with in the ride there was a nice lunch at a beautiful restaurant by the water The Marina. Yes where boats are docked the scenery was beautiful looking out over the water while we enjoyed a light lunch. Then it was off to New Hampshire and Then Manchester Vermont which was so serene , such simple living. The mountains were absolutely breathtaking the way they surrounded us off in the distance. All I could think of was how much my hubby and son would love to be hiking them… as my daughter and I walked endlessly around to the clothing and book stores and then enjoying a nice chat about the books we purchased at one of the many outdoor cafes on every corner enjoying a coffee or a drink . Yes simple living it is people sitting outside in the fresh air enjoying their drinks and or food and happily chatting away the day.. In the fall when the leaves change actually in some spots they were already but when they really change we want to go back with our kids even if it’s a bit cooler we can still enjoy the coffee shops a nice hot cup of tea or coffee would be perfect. Will see would have to be sometime in September because my son leaves the 2nd week of October so maybe September will still be warm .I know the leaves will be turning more by then. Well we are now home and settled watching pre season football well for the most part my hubby is .I am going to read . Enjoying my reading time more and more everyday. Enjoy my photos!

Evening Reading..

  • Another evening inside keeping cool.. this humidity is getting old , ready for it to break and at least stay away longer then two days. Well that means another evening inside reading . On page 216 of 560 pages it’s really good but long and so many twists that you go back and read over a page to connect the dots so to speak. This book kept me up one night until 2:00 in the morning because I just wanted to keep reading . The morning came quick so trying not to make a habit of that unless it’s a day that is rainy and nothing is going on that day 🙄 I guess I’m going to get off here and chat with my other half for a bit then do some more reading .