Going along…


My Son made it through his first weekend Basic training , I guess he wasn’t too tired  after he came home Suday late afternoon , then him and a friend packed up his friends subie outback with camping gear   -a lot of water food , snack bars, then off they drove to New York to hike the Adirondacks, it’s a 3 hrs drive  so they Said they would arrive around 11:30 sleep in the the subie which wasall prepared with blankets a little mattress pad that fit perfectly in the back with the seats pulled down they would wake early  make breakfast and then hike for the day…..the pictures he sent me I had to show … He said it was amazing the feeling was unbelievable like being on top of the world . I wish I could hike it looks so beautiful and peaceful . I would love to feel that. He said there was so many trails to hike that they want to go back again soon.  My hubby went to work then came home around 3 to eat and then went to get sleep to leave for midnight to do a overtime night shift and is still working. My daughter and I spent the day cleaning .her  doing downstairs  I doing my upstairs and then we went  for a ride wanted an ice cofffee and I got a strawberry lemonade . Then her and I odered wraps for supper and settled on the couch together for the evening watching a Netflix show . It was nice spending time with her it’s been a while spending time with her doing something as simple as takeout food and tv . We watched tv and chatted until 11 my son arrived home around 10 Brought al, his gear in then headed to bed   , my hubby left for work tand my daughter and I shut everything off and went to bed ourselves I’m shocked how fast I fell asleep I’m not use to my hubby working at night.

Today we do it all again … My hubby will be home soon he will eat then get some sleep and leave for midnight again . My daughter works till 8 tonight, my son and I are going to go to his track banquet tonight and then my daughter wants to watch some more episodes of our show . So now I will go make some food for my hubby wait for my son to get back from a workout and then get ready to leave for the  banquet .



Evening Outside🌙

Monday evening was spent outside with my hubby him enjoying a beer and I with my book with some chatting between us and of course the sound of nature, couldn’t resist recording the sounds we heard around us , The sound of the evening was over flowing with peepers and you can hear a Cardinal also ,as we caught site of it . I put my book down and just enjoyed. With my hubby ,Such a beautiful sound.

Prom shopping..

my Son and I and his Aunt ventured out for the day to look for a tux for my sons senior prom. Love when my son dresses up , as the saying goes he cleans up well. He basically knew what he was looking for but sadly they didn’t have the blue he wanted for the jacket so he went for a navy kind of blue which when he puts it all together with the vest shirt tie shoes it looked really sharp. So that took a bit of time with him changing mind because he was doubting what he thought would look good but it all worked out . When he dresses up like this it always shell shocks me because I’m so amazed of what a young man he has become. Where did the time go ? The years seem like a blur …. I’m so proud of him. It puts a tear in my eye. I know I’m such a sap 🙂 always a mom…. after we grabbed a late lunch we chatted and laughed the three of us as we enjoyed the food. Then took the long way home chatting and laughing some more.

My hubby stayed home and caught up with lawn work he’s been wanting to do . My daughter was invited with her Grandmother to go on a day bus trip to a casino so that was a fun experience for her . Sometime my hubby and I will go with her. . Now it’s night time and the fan is already humming away love that fan only way everyone sleeps in this house ,we have one running , both my kids have one running with not needing it to cool the room off it’s not in the window at the moment but leaning against a wall in each of our rooms for the sound . Yes all winter long as well. How many of you use a fan or some kind of noise maker to fall asleep to? it’s very dark tonight so no moon shining in. Back to work and school and a track meet which I will go and watch. So they guys are already sleeping and my daughter made it back earlier enough from the trip so she is with her boyfriend now. and I think it’s time that I settle . My eyes are feeling heavy with sleep. So I will say my prayers and get some sleep . Good night everyone.

Three day weekend rides!

Three day weekend rides are so relaxing. My hubby had a three day weekend also it’s the start of April vacation week for my son. The first photo was taken today (Monday )we woke to this hitting the windows it’s really not snow more like sleet and now it’s being washed away from the buckets of rain that has been coming down all day. The next photos are of our weekend ride before all the sleet arrived . We went on a back road and yes indeed a back road no guardrails to protect you if you veered off some parts along the river where pretty steep that I couldn’t take a photo of because I hate heights 😂this river is called the Green river if you notice yes it’s Green color because of the clay in it , a lot of people find it refreshing in the summer if your daring ..it’s so cold…it’s also a perfect river to fish in. It was a nice ride even though the temps where only in the 30’s but nice and warm in the truck. Spring is just not wanting to come.. now their saying we are looking at a cool Month of May …. oh I hope their wrong. My son was happy to be inside today after his hike /run with his track team well the ones who where daring enough to do so with the coach. Where they ended up standing in a foot of snow and extremely cold . Which sadly found out running /hiking up in a T-shirt and jogging pants.. he wasn’t lazy inside today tho just inside at the gym working out.. any how this weather is crazy but the ride was nice ..would like to see some flowers tho…. especially my roses would be a beautiful sight 🙂


It’s night time .. hubby’s sleeping sons sleeping , my daughter and Miss Abigail are settled down in their place. I’m awake at the moment . Was strolling through my blog followers reading your posts and enjoying them . I like doing this at night when it’s quiet and the TV is off so I can focus my full attention on them . It’s hard when my hubby is awake and has a show on and he’s saying oh look at that or did you see that ? Yeah he means well. But it’s hard to concentrate . I really need to get him to read a book but then you can’t get someone to do something they do not like . He has never been a reader well the local newspaper yes .

My world is reading , writing and yes my shows and news. But at night is more peaceful to write with the soft sound of the fan humming or the distant whistle of the trains going by , some nights when the windows are open you can hear an owl , you wouldn’t think the sound is creepy but it is 🙂 I love nights it’s my comfort zone .. well I read my posts and time for some sleep , let the humming of the fan drift me off to sleep.

All Settled..

imageIt was a nice Easter / Birthday with family well for the most part sadly …there’s always one family member that is hard to deal with and you want to put them in their place but you know that you will just help them be who they are so keeping silent towards them shuts them down … Oh so wrong it is …why ? But any how made it through and the day ended with my hubby having a nice Birthday and all of us with  full satisfied stomachs 🙂 and that lazy tired feeling ready to go home and  get  in comfy clothes and get cozy the cold temps that are back for the moment helped. My son left half an hour before us so when we arrive home we found him already in comfy clothes sleeping on his bed the house had a chill to it so I covered him up . I know he’s not a little boy but it’s just who I am can’t see someone sleeping without a blanket on them so I cover them up ,I think he was okay with it he moved a bit and cozed into the blanket a bit more still sleeping. Just my thing…. My hubby and I tidied up the house a bit after leaving in a rush this morning  then we changed into comfy clothes reheated some  of the food up my mother in-law packed us to bring home  settling in front of the TV My daughter hubby and I and of course Miss Abigail too. A pleasant sunset to end the day as we ate , Now we re all settled in our beds hubby and I are finishing the musical Jesus  Christ Superstar on tv.  It’s good never seen it before . Very interesting. .almost over so going to finish watching and then get some sleep. Good Night everyone🙂


Snow and more snow….

It’s Tuesday night and the storm is done  our way . As you see it was a doozy at least the roads where kept in good shape my daughter made it to work a bit later then scheduled and my son went snowboarding so it was just hubby and I and Miss Abigail home . I even got my hubby watching my soap opera today with me. Hahaha so that was interesting.  Then after he had to go out and cleanup and supper had to be made the kids came home and the day flew by. Now settled in bed watching my other favorite show which is the finale episode so I must go for now . Good night everyone.🙂imageimageimage