Here we are again , Monday! It is ….enjoying my coffee as the morning sun is shining in , the weekend was nice , especially When I can chat more with my son and having my daughter home at night the last couple of days after work . Having some laughs . and fun conversations around the kitchen table which we have not done in a bit . Sunday was quieter , I enjoyed a cup of hot tea and read my book , took some down time from doing things that needed to be done around the house . Made it to bed at a earlier time after finishing my book. Now on to my next good read , after every thing is done around my house. I’ll record my daytime shows as I need to run out and get some errands done. Since it’s looking like a possible snow storm coming in Tuesday afternoon through Wed morning ughh. I know … what can you do … I’ve neglected my journaling I need to get back into it , it’s not because I haven’t enjoyed it I do just been busy with reading my books from the library and yes so on so on ( hahaha) not enough hours in a day. It’s a balancing act. And when family is home and we are getting time to actually have some moments of good conversation , laughing , or just sitting in silence watching a movie I’ll take it. Now being a new week I can get back into my things I like to do since my daughter will be busy with work, boyfriend , and my hubby working then coming home and having his own downtime after helping me cleanup after supper. My son texting me at night off and on. But I do believe maybe will be less now heading into February his last month of training so it will be crunch time for him getting things done so he can come home in March. I cannot wait. 🙂 well I guess if I want to do what I’ve been neglecting it’s time to get things done around here . Have a great day everyone!



The snow is coming . The warmth in the house is a bit chillier soon need to turn the heat up … it’s been a day of I don’t know … nothing (hahaha) I really do not know what I’ve done with this day . It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I’ve find myself thinking where did the time go? Yes I did clean what needed to be done around the house and supper is ready to go . It’s the other things. I find myself at night reading, journaling and finding then that there is just not enough time to my day ….I’m trying to fit everything in it’s crazy that I’m trying to fit everything in ,in the evening. Then I wonder why I am up until after midnight. Need to find my balance. For now it’s time to think about preparing supper . Maybe being snowed in this weekend I can get into a routine of some sort to do all that I enjoy.

Library Day!

Today was such a laid back day..oh not saying I didn’t get anything done , I did after dragging my morning out until noon drinking a third cup of coffee 🙄 I luckily didn’t have much to clean around the house .. just some laundry to fold and my daughter who put it away for me and then wiped down the bathroom sinks oh the fun things. Then it was off to the post office and a library stop. Grabbed my book I had ordered along with another book that looked interesting. When I picked up the book Milkman by Anna Burns and asked the librarian if she had read it she likes all the new ones that come out. She said she hadn’t yet but would eventually , she stated someone else had but brought it back quickly stating that she couldn’t get into no matter how much she tried. So I said well I’ll try it knowing me I’ll be the one who likes it. I seem to like the books some do not . I’ll let you know if I do. I hope so it will be nice to have several books to read to get through this month along with everything else I’m doing . Supper is done and cleaned up my daughter is working then will be with her boyfriend my hubby will enjoy some tv until he gets to bed earlier for work in the morning . I’m going to write in my journal ..oh I started it last night it was a great feeling I was worried about how I would balance journaling with blogging but so far I’m balancing it easily . Will see as I go along but it’s comforting journaling it’s a nice release. Well goodnight everyone time for some journaling and reading.


This evening was spent writing some letters , Love my new stationary ! It’s amazing something so simple can bring such contentment . Loving that I can be back to writing handwritten letters to a few people including my son . When I first start I feel like I’m going to have a hard time coming up with things to write about but then the words just start to flow. Then I find myself at the end of the page . I’ve finally found a journal I’m purchasing . I cannot wait to start it . I think I will find a contentment in that also . Back in the day I had many journals that I filled the endless blank pages. I wish I had kept them .. sadly I have no Idea where they went when I had moved out of my family home in with my husband. It would of been fun to look back on . Well going to get off here it get to bed a bit earlier tonight. Goodnight everyone!

Holiday Week..

Thanksgiving was Thursday a nice day with my family but with one missing this yr.. yes my son, thankfully he was able to call home it was a quick call but as least we could hear his voice . He sounded good it cracked here and there when he said he loved us . Time is moving faster now , he has 3 weeks left until graduation . He will be extra busy . That is s good thing he does better when he is busy. Then he is able to come home for a short bit until going back to finish his other training.. at least we will be able to see him. Christmas is coming so fast it’s unbelievable… it’s Saturday already Thanksgiving come and gone . My Christmas list is short this year but that is okay I honestly do not want anything but my family together. That is all that matters to me . I’m only needing to buy little things as well since my kids get whatever they want . I think it’s not going to be so much of a material thing this year which is nice.. it shouldn’t be that way. It should be more about the people in our live ..we can all agree on that I’m sure.

I just finished writing my son a letter ..I know soon they will say to stop. It’s been nice writing them , not fun waiting for him to get them but when he finally does he writes back consistently . I know I’m going to cherish those letters forever this journey we all have been on with him. I believe he will cherish ours as well. While at our Thanksgiving celebration my niece showed me a game she plays on her phone . It’s called Crossy Road. It’s kind of like Frogger if anyone remembers or knows of the game. It’s fun but hard and at times frustrating (hahaha) but then again aren’t most games? It’s time consuming I will admit that as well. So in between keeping up the house then decorating for Christmas , I’ve been playing this game.🙄 I should be reading honestly . I’d probably settle at night easier. I will start up with my book after the weekend is over. So yes decorations are up . Christmas shopping soon.

I’m still trying to figure out starting a journal now that I love writing so much again with a pen and paper that sounds strange.. but it’s true how times have changed typing on a computer keyboard or texting love ones and friends. but how to separate the journaling and my blogging . I do clear my head on here, hmm need a balance … so that’s my question how to separate the two and get the enjoyment out of both? Anyone have any advice? Would love some. For now I think I will go settle say some prayers for my family and friends and especially my son and then get some sleep goodnight .


It’s been a simple day . The temperature outside was just bitterly cold ,what sun we had didn’t do to much to warm it up any. I took advantage of it and decided to stay in no running into town needed to be done and thankfully was able to renew my library books online. I did some dusting and a small load of towels easy enough . Spent the day chatting with my daughter as we went about things around the house until she had to leave for work. Yesterday I received two letters in the mail from my Son. I read them once again after my daughter had left for work and the house was quiet . In all the letters he has written he has stated several times how the simple things are what matters the most and family… it’s a funny thing what happens when your phone is taken away and you have a lot of time to think and realize what matters.. Basic training is defiantly an adjustment . I wonder if back in the day before cell phones were created if thinking or thoughts were as deep ? When people went into the service and had time on their hands before it got busy we are all constantly looking at our phones it’s a wonder if we really think of anything of importance as much . It’s going on midnight and I just finish writing a letter back to my son. I must say with each letter I write my handwriting is improving ( hahaha) I’ve been noticing that. Loving this just wish the mail was a bit faster . I guess somethings do not change. Needing to start that journal still deciding on a regular journal for my thoughts or a prayer journal I keep reading about. Another thing to do … well I’m looking at the time and it midnight should call it a day and say my prayers and get some sleep . Started writing late tonight . So now another late night.which is fine .