The quietness …

It’s 10:30 at night and laying here in bed in the darkness taking in the stillness.. the quietness of my house. It’s been this way for several months now no sound of music or tv in the next rooms or the sound of laughter echoing in the house. Throughout the night Just quietness . Something I’m adjusting to . Not a bad thing actually for the moment comforting because this quietness is not a worry feeling but a reassuring one kids are doing what they should be doing their making a life . Their not running all over town doing god knows what or where. I say this because in our Town three young adults in their 20’s were in a terrible car accident the night before and it took the life of one of the three ..leaving the other two in serious condition in the hospital. I feel for this family and the girl who’s life was cut short. Do not know all the details no one really knows at this point still figuring it out . But one thing is speed was a factor and these young adults all they do is run and so on . So I take this quietness and am grateful that I’m not wondering where my kids are . I just pray when my son comes home he stays on the foundation he is building …of course I cannot wait for some noise it will be welcoming and there will be since he is leaving 12 days later for more training so friends will be here to see him. but knowing that he is growing and maturing will be a nice feeling too , and I hope his humbleness he has lately being away stays with him. I will always pray for them to be safe and well and happy . But knowing their starting to settle into a life of their own . The quietness will not be a sign of emptiness or sadness but of a new journey my husband and I will be happy to live with. For months now we have taken this quietness as sadness when all along we should have embraced it as a start of good things our family is where they should be. We did good and now to keep praying for all this and keep the faith they stay on the right path. So as I drift off to sleep with the stillness of our house I will pray for peace and yes for the families of this terrible tragedy ..


Ever Changing 

Life is an ever changing journey this has been a long week an emotional rollercoaster . My Father in-law passed about a week ago the services are over and now we celebrate my daughters 22nd Birthday so very bittersweet. Family will be arriving soon and it will be low key , I am sitting on my porch swing and just having a moment to reflect on this  past week and to adjust my mindset. Thinking back to yesterday when it was my daughter actual birthday and it was a bit hard for her when she didn’t get the call she is so custom to every year that was a tearful moment but she and all of us got through and her friends came over and cheered her up so today it will be family and we will adjust keep moving   forward one step at a time. I guess we are creatures of change not easy but that is what we do . I must say this has been a summer of many changes and now  more new journeys .