What a day it’s been so far back and forth  since this morning on text because he is at school on break not an argument but a disagreement on the photo my son picked for Year book…but didn’t win that one . Then my hubby calling complaining about his barn roof not being delivered well took care of that .Then car insurance calls on Home phone wondering about a claim that never was claimed on windshield replace hmm because the guy didn’t have the right window and was suppose to call insurance for me while my mother in-law calls on cell phone and my daughters cat is throwing up hair balls and I’m trying not to gag while on two phones oh my whyyy ….. now I cleaned up the cat mess and insurance mess  talked to My Mother in-law and now pulling the adult coloring book out to hopefully color away my nerves. Will see if it works . Sadly it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and the sun is slowly setting…. this time change is so depressing …makes for a long evening.  What can you do… well I guess I will color for a bit soon it will be time to make supper .