Hi everyone the last couple of days have been beautiful the temps have been in the 60″s and 70’s  this was the sun setting over the moutain around 5:15 in the  evening the day before, love how it’s staying light out until almost 6 and loving that I could open the doors and windows and get some fresh air in . Miss Abigail loved the Windows and doors open as well peering out them listening to the birds and seeing the squirrels running around.  Hope you enjoy my photo time to get things done and enjoy some of this weather , sadly snow /rain coming In tomorrow yes can’t forget it its still winter. .



Taking it as it comes…

imageThe sun is beautiful and feels good. The temps are in the mid 50’s 🙂 Was up early after a restless night .. Brought my sons car to the garage we go to for repairs . Thankfully not as bad as my son thought or was told by another garage . The mechanic explained to my son that just do some up keep and watch it when you go to bigger garages trying to find anything to fix to make money off you.  Then I went and had my car inspected . So that is done and feeling a bit better about things . Taking it as it comes one step at a time. Thankfully my son is on a hike with a friend now needed to do something wth all that worry energy he had built up . ..snowboarding instructor job  is slowing down for the season so work is slowing down for him until bike park opens . I’m enjoying the sun and some quietness in my chair by the window  with Miss Abigail laying on the sunny living room floor. Happy girl. Homemade grinders for supper so easy peasy tonight.  Well I guess I will enjoy the quietness soon hubby will be home.

Me myself and I Friday night..

It’s a Friday night and happy the weekends her but the quietness once again is here as well . My son is at his meet with my hubby there reporting back to me how he’s doing, my daughter is at work . Shepard’s Pie has been made and ready and waiting to eat for all of them when they come home . I’m keeping myself busy with adult coloring waiting for the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony to start . Love that part so much it’s always interesting to see what they will do .Yes it’s been prerecorded so my part of the globe can watch it . I’ve just noticed the page I’m coloring it’s a clock hmm appropriate since my mind has been focused on time how fast it goes especially this week counting down the days to my sons graduation . Such a good past time haha get it ?okay I know not funny.any ways it’s so time consuming and relaxing thing to do while your waiting for something.Miss Abigail is sleeping away on my bed she won’t like it when I go to settle to watch the Olympics in there. Oh such a fussy kitty. 🙂


So the day was quiet ,I did my usual tidy the house up prepared supper, watched my soap opera .Then the front door swung open and my hubby walked through from work and then the busy sound of the tractor was heard while my hubby used it to spread sand over the icy driveway. I decided it was time to set up supper onto plates and my door swung open again now my son was home and hungry as we chatted the door swung open once again with a buddy of my sons greeting me with a hello and I mind you it swung open several times after that with another buddy of his and then them leaving because they where going to head to a already started basketball game and then to the gym much for keeping everyone in with this nasty flue going around and my daughter is out and about too with a friend of hers so yeah what to do? Well my hubby and I are home and Miss Abigail too cozy and enjoying being home ,supper is finished and kitchen is cleaned up and we are catching up on the nightly news of course what are they talking about…the flu ughhh…. soon our shows will be on and will watch those as well as I will read some more of the poetry book my daughter let me borrow. It’s a relaxing read . The house keeps making cracking noises from the cold and Miss Abigail is hiding behind the furniture hahaha she should be use to it by now . 🙂

Super Bowl Weekend!

Tonight my hubby and I enjoyed watching the Dog Bowl tomorrow afternoon is the Puppy Bowl that my daughter and I love to watch oh and they have a Kitty Bowl as well we enjoy that too. Tonight I loved how they dedicated it to the older dogs that need a home . Let me just say I wanted them all. After loosing our pup last yr this house of ours has not been the same it’s too quiet I miss hugging him and having him greet me at the door when I came home and when he would sleep in between my hubby and I at night and when Miss Abigail and I where home alone at night him laying by my feet on the couch being aware of anything unusual he was so protective of Miss Abigail and I . My heart still feels broken and seeing these older and loving dogs makes me want another one and it showed me it’s okay too because I wouldn’t be replacing him because we rescued him and he was so loved till the end and we would be rescuing another pet that could use the same love and my heart would never let me replace my pup he is always going to be apart of me I was his mama and I know he knew that. ❤️

Groundhog Day

Yes today is Groundhog Day and as cute as this little guy is he bares bad news …. 6 more weeks of winter he saw his shadow. Ok in my part of the globe that would been amazing if he hadn’t so I guess I can’t blame him . So now he is back in his little hole his happy place nice and cozy and I’m back in my little happy place keeping cozy and warm even though the sun is shining and beautiful and bright it’s so cold today ,the wind is raging havoc and it’s always when I’m home for the day and evening with Miss Abigail that this happens and the house makes creaking and banging noises I know it’s only the wind whipping against the house but it’s still creepy. Any how now that winter has a ways to go I will keep busy reading adult coloring and keeping my son on track to get through the next 3more months of high school until he graduates .

Tonight he has his last meet for indoor track then it’s on to championships which he qualified for we couldn’t be more proud. My hubby will be at his meet tonight too much for my hip which I stated in my last posts but my heart is with him and he knows that . It’s an earlier one 3:45 to 6 instead of 6:45 to 9 :00 so hopefully he will be home earlier he should be unless his friends push to get together which as a mom I suggested it would be nice if he came home after it to get some decent sleep since he has not been sleeping to well and he has to get up for work in the morning . .. I waited for the eyes to roll but surprised they didn’t he kind of agreed . Will see. I know he is tired so this meet will either make him exhausted or give him an Adrenalin rush and he will want to stay out for a bit. Well my daytime soap is over and time to finish up a few things around the house no supper prep it’s a make whatever you want tonight when everyone gets home. Have a great day everyone.

Just that kind of day…

A mild whatever kind of Saturday.. my hubby and his friend stayed busy finishing up the last details on our new barn. My daughter and son spent the day working and it was just Miss Abigail and I walking around the house doing a few things that needed but really didn’t need to be done was just keeping busy since there was no place to be . My hubby and I are now just finishing our take out and my son off to a basketball game with his friends my daughter still working . Nights like this are so expected now I listen to how my sister in-law and her family are all settled in at home watching movies together..I can’t remember the last time my family watched a movie together . Life goes by fast just the way it is . Do I like it … no but not much we can do bad enough that I can’t sleep very well when their out at night especially my 17yr old being a teenager …and he is not good at. Checking in he is getting better though .Any how is been a non productive day ..need those kind of days once in awhile.