Library Day!

Today was such a laid back day..oh not saying I didn’t get anything done , I did after dragging my morning out until noon drinking a third cup of coffee 🙄 I luckily didn’t have much to clean around the house .. just some laundry to fold and my daughter who put it away for me and then wiped down the bathroom sinks oh the fun things. Then it was off to the post office and a library stop. Grabbed my book I had ordered along with another book that looked interesting. When I picked up the book Milkman by Anna Burns and asked the librarian if she had read it she likes all the new ones that come out. She said she hadn’t yet but would eventually , she stated someone else had but brought it back quickly stating that she couldn’t get into no matter how much she tried. So I said well I’ll try it knowing me I’ll be the one who likes it. I seem to like the books some do not . I’ll let you know if I do. I hope so it will be nice to have several books to read to get through this month along with everything else I’m doing . Supper is done and cleaned up my daughter is working then will be with her boyfriend my hubby will enjoy some tv until he gets to bed earlier for work in the morning . I’m going to write in my journal ..oh I started it last night it was a great feeling I was worried about how I would balance journaling with blogging but so far I’m balancing it easily . Will see as I go along but it’s comforting journaling it’s a nice release. Well goodnight everyone time for some journaling and reading.