Random thoughts.

I cannot honestly say where this day went. I know it flew by with nothing too pressing having to be done. For the most part, I turned up the music and went around decluttering the house. Just trying to stay busy since there was no place I needed to go. Well, I could of should but didn’t, music has been my therapy clearing my wandering thoughts. So I was home alone, and I sang… Loud, and it felt good. My daughter came back after being with a friend. And she had this gift bag with a cat on it. I must show you this picture. Her cat, we are thinking thinks it’s a real cat. I said to my daughter she’s thinking Mom!! why is there another cat here? She is a very unique little kitty. I just had to post this; it’s just priceless. And a good laugh was well needed. It’s night now, and soon my music will be back on or I will watch. The next episode of Mandalorian. Just had a cup of coffee not that it makes a difference of keeping me awake. But it was needed after only one cup this morning. 🙄


Life is such a strange turn of events. It’s always changing of course that’s a given .The sad thing is at times not only do we loose ourselves but also some of the very important people in our lives as well . Life gets so busy we forget about so many things including those people that meant the world to us . That shared every moment the good , the bad and the sad . People we could say anything and everything to. And we let them slip away. We blame , judge, or just got so self absorbed we lost sight of them. And then it leaves us with a void that we feel we can bury but honestly at times that cannot happen they are meant to be in our lives . This weekend was a perfect example.

My friend that I have known for 24 + years and our daughters were born months apart and this lady is my daughters godmother as well . We grew apart as our kids grew and we live in separate Towns we had gone in different directions . We let life destroy that … okay we destroyed it . Just because we had different lives we slowly walked away from one another. I know such a dumb reason yes …. dumb . This past couple of weeks we reconnected we went out for lunch and we talked and I mean talked about everything . How we felt where it could have gone wrong and in the end we realized how silly it all was that kept us apart. I must add by the time the day ended we had spent 5 hours together talking and laughing. It was such a beautiful day . We made it clear we would not let life or….. us change that again. On Saturday was her daughters wedding and it was absolutely an amazing day . Her family was so welcoming and happy to see here and I back together . We talked and sang along with the band . And yes we laughed …. a lot ! It was such a good day . And when it was all over and I went home . And this is 10:30 at night . We found one another on line and messaged till 1:00 in the morning . The void I felt is gone and it feels great! And yes life I’m sure will .. may get busy again but we both know we will stay strong and still be there for one another.


Dragged myself out of bed early after a bit of coffee .I headed into the shower hoping it would wake me up helped but about it then went back in the direction of my coffee cup ,chatted with an old friend on line waiting for the cable guy to show as I heard banging around in the kitchen ,my son rushing to make himself breakfast so he could meet his Sargent for his detail on the weekend , the cable guy arrived to update our Tv boxes ,I was so excited the boxes we have are dinosaurs….yes so we needed them to be updated . Im simple I do not ask for much. I figure they still work why change ..hmmm well I had no choice the company said no more these need to go so they came out did the update oh my let’s just say my son came back when the guy was showing me how to run the new boxes of course my favorite soap was on and I’m like oh darn Im missing it (hahaha) that slipped out of my mouth no taking it back. ..my son just rolled his eyes ,the guy laughed at me ..in a good way and said oh good okay watch he rewinded it . I was like a kid in a candy store well will say toy store I’m not much of a candy lover but you you get the the picture 🙂the guy just laughed and said doesn’t take much to make you happy ,my son mumbles no 🙄I can’t help it I’m simple . Can’t change now . So yes I was excited damn should of done this yrs ago . After that the guy left and I decided it was time to get things done around the house. Once that was done I figured it was actually a nice day out after all the rain we had so I decided to sit out on my swing and read . My hubby arrives Home sees that I’m outside says oh no cable guy ? I looked at him puzzled yes he was here, he’s like well I see your reading I thought you be watching tv . .. hmm well love it but why waste a nice day inside . He laughed and agreed . See if it was him that tv would be on .. he is not a reader …. well time to figure out something for supper..

Movie kind of night!

It’s been a pleasant Saturday ,took advantage of the nice weather and did some outside cleanup before a raining Sunday.the day got away from us and so the thought of food shopping was not appealing , and not much in the house for supper makings we decided it could wait we would order some wraps for my hubby and I and my son , my son went on a mid morning run by himself then was home the rest of the day . So after taking a nap he got up and we went and grabbed the wraps for supper and we settled inside tonight with a movie after enough fresh air all day it was good night for a movie night ,An oldie but goodie was playing on tv … Ferris Buellers day off we must of seen it over a hundred times but it never gets old ..love our 80″s ,laughing so hard my son just sat there shaking his head at us with a smirk on his face. Nothing like a good movie to make you laugh. It was a great feeling.its amazing how simple the 80″s seemed . So much has change well yes things do change but thing have really changed but that’s for another day 🙂…. so now we are ready to get some sleep. My hubby and my son are already sleeping . My daughter worked late tonight and now is at a late movie with a friend . So I will say my nightly prayers and get some sleep ,oh good my daughter has arrived home earlier so now I can get some sleep knowing she is safely home .Good Nught Everyone.🙂


Daughters when they grow up they become your best friend. My daughter knows how to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day by bringing me home a coffee or asking me to do something with her. Every night we take a good bit of time texting one another saying goodnight , just like when she was a little girl and we had a goodnight saying,❤️ Today we spent the day together . We enjoyed our morning coffee ate breakfast then decided to take a ride to Starbucks for a change haven’t been there in awhile we had errands to run but set that aside for an hr so we enjoyed the ride listening to her music singing away . We chatted about random things , laughing are butts off which we alway manage to find something to laugh about. I love how we can be open to one another , and to agree to disagree . We have always been close . She has the biggest heart . I can always tell when something is bothering her . When she is hurting I hurt . But the best part is I love this girl of mine so much . Having a daughter is a beautiful thing❤️

Rainy day again😥

Off and on I woke during the night … I know I had some dreams but really do not remember them. Restless nights are no fun makes for a hard morning …especially when it’s a rainy one . So I dragged myself out of bed to the shower and then to the kitchen for some coffee. My son rubbing his eyes has he made it to the kitchen to make his breakfast silence is the word ( hahaha) he is not a talkative person in the morning . Sadly I’m a talkative person anytime of the day (hahaha) believe me . I believe I’ve have mentioned in my other posts he isn’t. So I grabbed my coffee and headed into the living room to check up on the news. as he banged around in the kitchen . Soon after I could hear the laughing of girls ..my daughter and her friend with Miss Abigail following them up from her place. Getting some coffee and sit around my kitchen table for a bit with their phones in hand. so no quiet house this morning thats okay with me 🙂

Happy it’s Friday it’s a whatever night for supper which actually means simple cooking … chicken stir fry or whatever .. it will be a quiet night tonight my son has a early meet in the morning about an hr away . My hubby will go and watch too much of a day on my feet for myself but my heart will be there with him . I get the task the next part of the weekend going with my son to find a tux for his Senior Prom … a bittersweet thing because my son and his girlfriend broke up so he is going with his guy friends that do not have dates as well . I say good for them go have fun dance there will be girls that are single as well who will want to dance ,their all friends. At first he wasn’t going to go because he always went to dances with his gf but being his senior prom he has decided not to miss out . That is our weekend. It’s amazing that it’s Friday already the week seem to fly by. As I write this the rain is still coming down and Miss Abigail is sleeping away on the couch she looks so cozy. My daughter and her friend are off and doing things and my son is at his track practice and hubby’s working . So I’m just finishing things up around the house , my day shows are all done so news is on for some noise on this dark dreary day. I should play some music that may be more uplifting. 🙂

Once again Friday!

Good Morning once again it’s Friday. The weeks feel like they are flying by as quick as the weekends… can it slow down just a bit ? I know I stated in my last posts how I wanted them to to get to my sons graduation , BUT I want time with him before this summer as well 🙄 once summer comes he will be off and running … working friends more gym I won’t see him even as much as I do now but so much less . My daughter will be running just as much … it’s what it should be I know no stopping it.

Last night I tried reading and I think I waited too late my eyes got heavy I couldn’t get into it and my hubby had the 80″s channel on so all the 80″s hits where playing and the videos oh my …. well the book was put down and we just sat their in our bed just singing away okay I know how foolish it sounds hahaha you should of saw my son when he walks in to the house returning from the gym and it’s 10 at night and your parents are singing away to each other and laughing this was his face 🙄 hahaha yep he just kept on walking to his room. Hey we love our 80″s 🙂 my daughter as well came home and just laughed at us and then went to her place … well except she left Miss Abigail who kept scratching at our bed so I had to text her to come get her or my hubby wouldn’t have been sleeping last night . She so loves to bother him . Time to finish my coffee and get things done errands to run fun stuff … no .