Coffee Time.

By now you must have realize my daughter and I love our coffee and love spending time going to get coffee and enjoy our coffee with good conversations and a lot of laughs. So this week instead of driving forty minutes to Starbucks …which my daughter and I love . We decided to go local very local like minutes away from our house so I’m sure or maybe not thinking why drive forty mins when you can drive only several minutes for coffee? I’ll answer anyways , because our local coffee is very expensive but then when you really come down to it , for a forty minute drive using up gas for a dollar less specialty coffee it’s worth paying that dollar more coffee at the local and using less gas unless there is other places we need to go . Their holiday coffees we found out are delicious and use more natural ingredients . My daughter and I ordered a Peppermint Mocha hot coffee with chocolate flavor cream on top and then they drizzled chocolate syrup over it and sprinkled pieces of candy cane over it . It was so delicious! And the coffee shop is so cozy . The bakery goods are delicious and many of but the coffee alone is just enough for us. Will defiantly be going back .


Going away family party..

Today turned out to be a bittersweet family going away party for my son . After tackling the busy drive of leaf peepers everywhere making driving some what crazy with my daughter , treating ourselves to a mocha ice coffee being that we were a bit early helped ,coffee makes everything better well almost everything (haha) picking up the over abundance of Chinese takeout for the party then arriving home with the help of my son setting the food out for everyone to dig in . As we enjoyed the food the younger cousins went in and out to the bonfire my husband and brother-in-law had going . After we all went out and enjoyed a lot of laughs around the fire… the guys decided to throw around the football . It was a easy going day and memories for my son to take with him for the 6 months he will be away . It’s unbelievable how it’s already 9:30 at night … now the days will fly by . .. and it will be Wed early morning driving my son to the local base where he will be leaving from . He’s ready but when family started to leave and hugged him and tears in families eyes I believe I saw something of sadness in my sons eyes as well . As much as my son plays such a tough guy he has a very big heart that only a few and lucky ones get to see . I m one of the luck ones that have and I know he will miss us . I know we will all miss him too . πŸ˜₯ that being said I’m going to now get ready for bed say my prayers and get some sleep.

Movie Night!

It was another scorcher of a day and looking the same for tomorrow… hubby went to work and the kids and I slept in a bit longer then usual .. then dragging ourself out of of bed one by one we proceeded with our day. As the day drifted into evening my daughter at work still and the nightly news depressing as usual .. my son decided he wanted to watch a movie so he found Marvel Guardians of the galaxy . I’m not usually fond of those kind of movies but this one was really good it was funny , suspense, action and it was a good change . This was fun and a different pace . So happy he suggested it . Now it’s late and my hubby and son are sleeping, my daughter is with her boyfriend now and I am thinking I will get some sleep a bit earlier tonight. So goodnight everyone. If you get a chance to watch it. I recommend it.

Fireworks ..cooler temps .. nice weekend!

Ahh woke to a cool actually cold morning. Thankfully the temps have stayed cool. Friday night was spent with family watching the Town fireworks . Where we sit you have to get there at least two hours before and just get comfortable and enjoy good conversations and laughs …or you will not find a place to park. For several years now my kids have not gone with us they do their own things with their friends sitting down where they have a festival as well .. no rides just food and shop venues , music, which mind my language but hell to get out of after it’s over . You could be sitting there for hours or praying your vehicle didn’t get scratched by someone who is squeezing in to make room for their vehicle ..

The dark slowly approached while waiting for the fireworks and the colder and windy it became my hubby and his brother had shorts on and well they were freezing, after 6 days of temps in the 100 the 60″s with wind is an adjustment. The fireworks were amazing and once they started they last longer then other Towns I had heard that had them on the 4th , well worth the chill and the wait. Today will be spent with my sister celebrating her daughters birthday sitting around her pool which I believe is too cold for me today.. yes I’m am wimpy (haha) and enjoying some drinks well my hubby will be ..I think I’ll be the designated driver he’s had a long rough week at work in the heat paving highways so he could use some drinks ( hahaha) give me coffee or ice tea and good conversation and I will be good. I hoping tonight we can come home sit out on the deck for a bit . Suppose to be a cool night again so tiki lights a blanket and the stars sound like a perfect night. Okay time to finish my coffee and do some things before we go . Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚

Busy fun weekend…

Friday night my hubby and I went to a graduation not getting home until after 10 to walk into the house with the tv on and my son actually home ….when we left he had still been gone on an all day bike ride .. my daughter was out .. so my hubby and I decided to settle in to hear my son say be back going over to so and so’s house for a bit ….okay well moms up now .I must say surprisingly I fell asleep woke at 7 this morning and was shocked that is a rare occurrence when he is out.. next thing I know as I’m dragging myself to the shower I hear my son up after showering I head to the kitchen for my coffee and see my son to have missed him within minutes driving out of driveway with a friend . My hubby tells me their going fishing . Ahh fishing loved it at one time with my friends we always found something to laugh or cry about , for instance one time my friends and I walked through poison Schumac let’s say worse then poison ivy .. then another time I hooked the worm went to throw the line in so went over my shoulder to then throw it forward and wondering why or how it was stuck hahaha my friend was behind me fixing her pole I hooked her jacket she was not impressed. πŸ™‚ so as I drank my coffee I had to laugh which my hubby knew why .

Tonight is another night out going to a sushi hibachi bar with some family on my side . Relaxing inside for a bit in the air conditioner after food shopping.. which was off the wall busy. . It’s in the 90″s here and humid so the air feels good . So catching some tv until off again . Kids will be doing their own thing tonight so just the two of us going getting use to this now . … well time to get ready…

Prom shopping..

my Son and I and his Aunt ventured out for the day to look for a tux for my sons senior prom. Love when my son dresses up , as the saying goes he cleans up well. He basically knew what he was looking for but sadly they didn’t have the blue he wanted for the jacket so he went for a navy kind of blue which when he puts it all together with the vest shirt tie shoes it looked really sharp. So that took a bit of time with him changing mind because he was doubting what he thought would look good but it all worked out . When he dresses up like this it always shell shocks me because I’m so amazed of what a young man he has become. Where did the time go ? The years seem like a blur …. I’m so proud of him. It puts a tear in my eye. I know I’m such a sap πŸ™‚ always a mom…. after we grabbed a late lunch we chatted and laughed the three of us as we enjoyed the food. Then took the long way home chatting and laughing some more.

My hubby stayed home and caught up with lawn work he’s been wanting to do . My daughter was invited with her Grandmother to go on a day bus trip to a casino so that was a fun experience for her . Sometime my hubby and I will go with her. . Now it’s night time and the fan is already humming away love that fan only way everyone sleeps in this house ,we have one running , both my kids have one running with not needing it to cool the room off it’s not in the window at the moment but leaning against a wall in each of our rooms for the sound . Yes all winter long as well. How many of you use a fan or some kind of noise maker to fall asleep to? it’s very dark tonight so no moon shining in. Back to work and school and a track meet which I will go and watch. So they guys are already sleeping and my daughter made it back earlier enough from the trip so she is with her boyfriend now. and I think it’s time that I settle . My eyes are feeling heavy with sleep. So I will say my prayers and get some sleep . Good night everyone.

Sport Banquet!

Good Morning! Well if you follow me you can see I like to write and a lot I post sometimes twice or more a day it’s not perfect but its a good release for me I . am a very chatty person I could talk to anyone according to my kids , yes but no I can strike up a good conversation and I love to talk but only if I feel your worthy enough …. okay that sounded a bit harsh not to be taken that way.. if my instinct feels right or you are decent to me yes then I will . I’m not up for fake people who if I know your going to stab me in the back after then forget it. Now we do not always know if that will happen but over the yrs I’ve learn ..and who likes to get hurt that way …I have become more reserved with age. I do not do drama . When I’m in my comfort zone then yes I will chat away and you will have my full attention. Last night my son had his last indoor track banquet still so unbelievable to me. πŸ˜₯and I alway feel hesitant and anxious of going as well as my hubby who is much quieter then I but then when I get There I always have fun as well as my hubby but as soon as it’s over he’s heading for the door and I’m still chatting . Well I was In doubts this time of that happening . … a lot has been going on this week with my sons last yr and his friends ..all the ups and downs of the changes and being 17 which that is for another time. I knew I needed to be there so I put on my happy face and off we went.

It was such a beautiful surprise to see a lady that is a mom to one of my sons good friends that is over our house a lot. Well she has had a hard time with her health over the last couple of yrs not going to get into that , that is her story to tell . We met when our boys where in diapers at the town public pool. I was having a hard time juggling my son and getting in the pool with him she came running over and offered her help and asked do you mind if I hold your son while you get in if he will let me ? He went right to her and there was this feeling yes of gratefulness but more then that she was like this bright light her smile was amazing and I knew she was just a beautiful person in side and out. We became instant friends.Shes a very private person and with her health we do not see each other much but when we do even if it’s only 5 minutes it the best we chat and laugh away . She is the reason I started this blog because she New how I was feeling because she was as well knew how my son my baby was pulling away and growing up and how hard it was and she told me it was a good thing he’s suppose to . That I did my job he was confident to want to find his way even though it would be hard for him at times he would have bumps along the way but this was the first step ,so I knew I needed an out let so I started this blog.

The banquet when great my son sat with his team and ate and laughed and us parents all chatted as well and I had a great time with my sons friends parents the night wasn’t long enough hahahaha so much for not wanting to go in the first place. …but spending time with this lady was just what I needed . Does anyone else have that one special friend that just is a breath of fresh air and puts things in perspective and radiates just goodness of how life and people should be ? We all need that kind of person more in this chaotic world where so many people are not nice and so many things are turned upside down.