Oh how I love the laughter! I believe there is 6 teenagers crammed in my sons room ones a girl but all good her brothers here too her brother is my sons good track buddy who is now in his 2nd yr of college and his sister is graduating with my son. they all showed up to ransack my kitchen making food and to hang out . Ahh love nights like this as long and little it lasts I’ll take it. Basically when the food runs out 🙂 my hubby and I are in the living room watching our shows . I know as much as my son was tired and wanted to rest for his race tomorrow I think he is happy that their all here . We are too 🙂 it’s a nice Friday night.


Saturday Morning!

Good Morning … I could of slept in all morning .I wanted to but thought best to get up and see what the laughing girls where up to and see them before they where once again off and running through my daughters friends Birthday weekend . It was sunny when I woke but the clouds have come in quick and the rain and snow will be coming in tonight. My hubby and I will be celebrating at a nice restaurant that is one of our favorite places to celebrate our 22nd Wedding Anniversary tonight . Looking forward to that. For now it will be a lazy day 🙂 I hope the boys are listening to the Sunday forecast freezing rain is coming in tonight worse where they are …. of course but I’m not going to worry the guys my son is with do this kind of thing all the time . So I just hope their having fun. I guess I will go see what kind of project my hubby is doing outside . 🙂

Full house❤️

Ahhh it’s a Saturday night a very cold one at that and my house is full ..meaning we are all home plus two of my daughters friends are over . Nights like this have been becoming less by the minute usually there is always someone that is out. So I tend to cherish these moments as I hear my son playing a game online with one of his buddies laughing way or a sudden bang of movement in my daughters place as I lay here next to my sleeping hubby . Such. a Cozy feeling as I drift off to sleep and then awaken by the morning light and the hustling and bustling of my son getting ready for work and the beautiful scent of fresh brewing coffee because my hubby always gets up before me. Then my day begins.

Christmas Eve….

It’s 11:45 Christmas Eve Night soon it will be Christmas. I’m a bit calmer less stress the guilt I feel or felt that I didn’t do enough which I know I did is slowly easing off .. we do my hubby and I buy things all year around so they have what they want and need but it’s not about stuff …things it’s about being with our love ones sharing good times making memories and after tonight was more proof then ever that this is what it’s about, let me explain my father in-law passed this August without warning , shocking and quick it was so shocking and so out of the blue.. so it’s been hard with the holidays and absorbing this loss, a very rowdy loud straight to the point great humor kind of guy you just do not easily let go of and my mother in-law who shy of 4months this month would have been married to him for 50 yrs has been so amazingly strong and a rock don’t get me wrong she has her days but she has been so strong and we have been by her side . Tonight we spent Christmas Eve at her house and she had her grand kids all Four of them my two and my hubby” s brothers two open a present all together and read this poem when they pulled the item out of each of their gift bag I teared up the minute I saw it and my daughter did as well my son and niece and nephew all looked amazed they each where holding a medium size hand made pillow that was made out of the material of their grandfathers flannel shirts he wore and loved so much and we saw him in so often the girls were his red plaid flannel and the boys had his green flannel color ones and it had like the buttons going up the pillow like a shirt and there was a sweet poem which said something like tonight I hope you take comfort of me with this pillow and have a good night rest with me near . It was so beautiful. My mother in-law found some one to make them she called them memory pillows . Right then there it was the proof of what this night this holiday. Is about and my mother -in law just grabbed my crying daughter and hugged her crying and said I hope it’s happy tears and my daughter said yes . My son said he felt he didn’t deserve this that he wish he had spent more time with him but we told him he did and his grandfather was at every sport birthday event so he did deserve it I think that is always a common reaction .. bu all I know it was what made this Christmas Eve the true meaning … life love.. our love ones family the one thing we should never loose sight of or take for granted because when it comes down to it Family is what is important that is what matter.and look at this it’s Christmas now , well time for some sleep .Merry Christmas ! I hope my kids and niece and nephew are sleeping well with their pillows❤️

Ahh nice … content

It’s a cold night one of the coldest since Fall started . Nice and toasty under my electric blanket with my sleeping husband.. already long days early mornings for him with work this week ,..  yes I have it on 🙂 it’s one of those nights where everyone is home and settled in my daughters friend is over so thier content down in her place with  Miss Abigail   ,happy there not out for once and my son is already sleeping  . It’s a nice change from the comings and goings half the night. My husband and I watched our favorite Thursday night TV shows love the come back of Will and Grace it’s so funny it’s such a great pick me up show . Laughter is good. So now TV is off and  once  again no moon so the room is dark but that is okay it’s nice it will make for a good sleeping night. Tomorrow is under the lights Football game so we will go and watch our son play. Then a busy work weekend for him and his Senior pictures taken as well . I think my hubby and I will go get some pumpkins for carving  and apples for some fresh apple pie and a pumpkin spice latte stop as well that is the best part 🙂 and yes food shopping will have to be done always need that chore done not one of my favorite things to do I hope I can get some good photos up of the foliage in my part of the world , it’s now starting to look beautiful it’s just where you go so yes hopefully this weekend I will post some, well  my eyes are getting heavy so time to get some sleep . Sweet dreams everyone.

Nothing like a Town Fair..

 This is the beautiful sight of the full moon shining it’s amazing light over the Roundhouse at our Town Fair as we where leaving tonight. So happy my husband and I decided to go , we always went for the kids but now they can go on thier own or not but they where both there arriving at different times my daughter with her friends and my son headed to his booth he was working at selling apple pies for his Senior yr. The night started off with my husband and  I walking down the midway looking at one  thing or another and then looking at one another with smirks  on our faces like okay now what do we do … it’s been the first time we entered this fair without kids in 20 years yes unbelievable it was just so strang but we stuck with it and stayed and we did meet up with my daughter and her friend talked to my sons friends and saw my older sister and her family that I do not get much time with, with her busy schedule and we found that we both where feeling the same way and how life has changed so much ,we had a nice talk and then went on with our families then we ran into my husbands uncle and listen to the band that was playingand shared some laughter while  enjoying my slice of a very delicious apple pie with ice cream yes from my sons booth 🙂 it was such a different but nice new experience at the fair this year . I need to remember this that things are changing and changing with them can be good  and what  choice do we have anyways it’s the way it is and look I would of missed this beautiful sight.