Writing letters ..

There is nothing better then the feeling you get when writing a letter . Somethings shouldn’t .. must not become the thing of the past. It’s such a beautiful , peaceful feeling when the words flow from the pen in your hands . Your fingers writing out the words you hope makes someone’s day ..brings a smile to their face or a laugh to their ears .It can be a random topic of silliness or a encouraging message . And yes it can at times be sad so a comforting word or two to get them through..but I only hope it’s always good. It can be a long turning of pages or just one page it does not matter how long or short it’s the words that matter and touch their heart and soul. Write a letter sometime , give it a try and see how it makes you and that special person who is receiving it makes them feel. ❤️

Weekend… Full circle

It’s been a nice Weekend ! Saturday evening close friends came over, a couple that my husband has been best friends with since his school days .. yes very rare these days and I best friends with his wife since the day I met both of them dating my hubby back in the day. We became fast friends when a little while after she began dating my husbands friend . We had many fun weekend adventures the four of us, so many things together. laughs and great chats before we both decided to start our families .. actually her and I were pregnant within 8 months of one another. Our two daughters growing up together from babies to now in their 20″s yes in different places of time but still best friends My friend has 3 kids so her son came a yr after our firsts then her third child her second daughter we were once again pregnant together with her third and my second my youngest my son . We did a lot together as families Trick or treating. Birthday parties sleep overs , some vacations . Many chats on the phone talking about the kids .. the good.. the bad , the drama , and then one day they all grew up as well as us (hahaha) and things Began to change less time together different towns apart . different parenting groups and less chats , yes life got busy and as always for the most part we lost sight of us being friends as we once started out to be. .. much like how you loose who you are once you have kids , everything seems to be surrounded by this new life your family your kids , not that you meant to but you just in some cases loose sight of who you are. Then one day your kids grow up and here you are but sadly thinking who are you now? If your lucky you kept sight of this when you began this new journey called parenting. If you haven’t then you now begin the new journey called next chapter and let me tell you starting a family and becoming a parent is no easy task but honestly I think this new chapter after kids is a bit more harder to except. Luckily my friend and I have found our way back to one another . Oh so different still adjusting , learning . So last night finally got together after sometime and as couples not a family get together. They came over our husbands went and grabbed the food we ordered ..and we stayed back and just let the words flow out .. we couldn’t stop talking 🙂 it was so refreshing .husbands came back with the food we ate chatted the four of us then after the guys stayed in the kitchen playing cards enjoying some drinks and her and I settled in the living room chatting , laughing then after we enjoyed some dessert my husband turned on the good ol 80″s channel and the music from our past just filled the air around us . We just stood in the kitchen laughing singing being foolish to the point of tears (hahaha) then it dawned on me I told them this is so like the saying “coming full circle ” that’s what we were doing without even realizing it .. yes older but it was such an amazing moment as we paused for a moment taking in that thought . It was indeed a nice night . I think we need more of these nights .

Lovely Night!

My daughters friend came over to hang around the house with her as they put it. So my daughter caught up on her laundry and cleaned up her downstairs. As I was making supper their laughter and bings of their phones was a nice change of pace from a quiet house these days. After my hubby came home from work and did some raking in the yard the girls left to get some hot chocolate. Soon they were back with one for me ,my hubby had his coffee so he was all set 🙂and they enjoyed my Shepard’s pie I had made for supper. It was nice feeding others then just my hubby and I . After my hubby caught some of the Red Sox game we turned to one of our many favorite shows ..Seal Team . My hubby is amazed how hooked I am with it. I do love it , it’s real … intense, emotional , but yes most of all real. I like that in a show . Now it’s going on midnight and I should get some sleep after I say my nightly prayers especially one for my son while he’s away. But the moon is so Full and bright it’s going to make for a rough night of falling to sleep. The house is so quiet except for the fan my husband loves to hear at night..anyone else’s sleep with a sound of a fan all yr around? Even Miss Abigail has decided to go down and sleep with her mama (my daughter) so no paw sounds walking around tonight. It was a lovely night. Even if it was only having my daughters friend here she filled the house with one more person . It’s about the simple things that mean the most or should. Just as my son wrote in his letters while missing us stating it is really about the simple things…. hmm it’s something when you realize it when you leave home for the first time and are miles and miles across the States and you learn that fact. ❤️ time for some prayers and sleep.

Warm Fall day now…

Can’t win with this weather just get adapted to the cold and it feels good and Fall feels like it’s here…then wake up this morning and the air is so sticky and thick ughh … the humidity snuck back in during the night . So now air conditioner is on and it feels like July again . My daughter and I took a ride she wanted to see if any leaves had changed , in some places but not much or pretty . I’m thinking this isn’t going to be a good foliage year . The ride was nice though on the back country roads it was a pleasant peaceful ride enjoying some good chatting and laughing time with my daughter . Now it’s the evening we were watching Friends episodes which are always funny but a storm is coming in and we lost tv for now. I guess it’s time to read my book as my daughter gets ready to settle down in her place for her show American horror stories to come on , hopefully the storm will stop soon so the tv works. Ok time for my book.

Landline phone …really!

Today was like any other day lately enjoyed my morning coffee, caught up on the morning news then kitchen clean up after breakfast , laundry. Then something I haven’t done in awhile spent 3hrs on the phone … not the cell phone landline ..house phone (hahaha) this should not feel strange to say or write. I was watching my show and texting a long lost friend that her and I shared the years of parenting together with two out of her three kids that are they same age of my two . My daughter is still good friends with her daughter. We vacationed together went to outings together the girls did endless sleepovers . The past two yrs we have been drifting slowly apart like when the ocean tides drift in then out and back in but for our friendship not coming back in . I can’t really say what drifted us apart ..I guess busyness , life , I don’t know maybe lack of effort on both our parts checking in but lately we have been texting more and trying to figure what happened . Then today we were texting and my soapy was on that we both use to watch together while being on the phone with one another . I got sick of texting so I picked up the landline and called her and we just chatted away talking about our soapy laughing how crazy it was and I believe we manage to talk about 10 different subjects..okay a bit of a exaggeration but wouldn’t be surprised being on the phone for 3 hours. Let’s say it was so therapeutic . Happy I never got rid of our landline. Many households do not have them anymore they just rely on their cell phones. A landline is so much more comfortable to carry around and clearer . What we have become with these cell phones. Her and I from the day being pregnant with our first born spent hours on the phone chatting and all through the yrs . Even spending at time 5 hrs on the phone .Today was nice . I’m hoping we are on the path of being connected again. It was nice to talk about everything but nothing and laugh for hours .

Nice Day..

It’s 8:00 on a Friday night, My kids are both home and settled in both tired.. My other half and I are also settled in ,the house is quiet and dark … no Tv at the moment ,only the sound that is breaking though the quietness is the rumbling of thunder that feels like it’s going under the house and the closeness of the flashes of lightening that is a bit worry some but also a cozy feeling. It’s nice to have no tv on it’s peaceful.. It’s been a beautiful day despite the storms , my kids bought me a cake for my birthday and with my other half some gift”s and my other have also bought me a beautiful summer bouquet with some of my favorite flowers. roses in it. It was a nice simple birthday. My other have had to work so I spent my day with my two blessings .then we all sat down together and ate dinner and then enjoyed sone cake and laughter after though making a wish and blowing out the candles that is a have to I’ve alway make sure we do. As well as tomorrow when the extended family will come to celebrate my sons 18th birthday. With more cake and pizza that will go home with people after🙂 then on Sunday we may welcome a new edition to our family .. my son found a two yr old cat in need of a home his name is Figaro as in the cats name in the childhood movie Pinocchio , he is a beautiful friendly cat as we are told I hope so I’m already falling in love with him on the computer so we will see how we all relate to one another if all goes well will bring him home .wish us luck . It will be nice to have a friend for Miss Abigail my daughters cat and something for my son to relax with until he leaves for Basic Training and Fir myself to take care of which I do best is taking care of people and animals.

The storm has passed but I believe it’s one of many through out the night. If only it would break this humidity so we can give the air conditioners a break. Well time to read my book , my 500 page one . My daughter bought me the book sharp objects that’s an HBO series it looks so good so I have plenty of books to read, my son and other half are helping to save up money for a new couch we desperately need now that we moved the futon into the new clean spare room where it fits much better. Well time to read , Good night everyone.

Comings and going weekend..

Good. Morning ! It’s a brutally hot Monday morning. When some schools cancel school for the day because of the heat , I believe we hit a new era…. thankfully the kids in my world are on their last week of school . It’s such a habit when you wait to see if your school comes up on the bottom of the TV screen saying canceled.. very strange feeling when you don’t have to worry about that now . My son will when he gets to college but only if he decides not to dorm , he will start the following yr tho. If you read my past posts he’s heading to Basic Training in Missouri in October for Army National Guard until Feb or March.. today will be a calm day out of the sun as much as possible until the temps cool down a bit I believe my decks are reading 100 at this time on them.

The Weekend was a beautiful of coming and goings , spent Friday with my sister and her family for my nieces 6th grade graduation and then after enjoying some time after with them arriving home late , then Saturday food shopping and then back out for dinner at Kobe’s sushi and hibachi Chinese bar with my sisters family . What a fun night of food flying through the air hopefully making it into your mouth hahaha , fire , performing good food and drinks and laughter . We laughed so much my face hurt! Then we left after hours of more chatting laughing to walk out to a beautiful night . My niece I believe didn’t want it to end so she suggested we all go for an ice cream. I will admit I didn’t want it to end just yet as well. Off we went to get ice cream and enjoy more laughter . Arriving home late once again . My kids where not able to go my daughter had to work and my son had another graduation party to go to. . Hopefully next time,

Sunday came and it was fathers Day my kids gave him gift cards and my daughter who works in a floral shop bought him a Phoenix fly trap plant . My daughter found it interesting and said she had to save one because they sold fast . My hubby loves things like that . He does our flower gardens around our house with the help of my daughter . I do not have a green thumb. After we went for a ride he spent his gift cards and took the day as it came no where we had to be . As evening approached I made my hubby and son and I a steak dinner sadly my daughter had to work . Then we enjoyed the steak while keeping cool in the air conditioning watching the 3 rd Transformer movie ….. must say the first one was the best. So it was a nice ending to a beautiful weekend . Plus I finished the book I have been reading ! Win win hahaha! Had to add that in . Now to find another book🙂