Feeling under the weather…

unnamedIt’s a cold  dreary Sunday afternoon. It’s okay it basically how I am feeling.  Winter is here and so are the colds and viruses that sadly come along with this season feeling a bit under the weather .My son who is on his way back to his college dorm feeling it too. I may have got this from him . The house was quiet except for the rumbling of the washing machine washing all his blankets .The TV is off and I am stretched out on the couch cozy under a blanket with all my essentials  a hot cup of tea next to me. My recent read And yes my laptop on my lap . The silence is nice It’s my peace since napping is not something I do well. I had this whole post I wanted to write which I may later ,it’s about coincidences . For now I am just enjoying my tea and just writing gibberish to keep me put on this couch to relax. 😊 I know to well I will try to find something to do . I guess I will try reading a bit. And I’ll be back on later with my post I actually wanted to write.


Lazy Sunday..

It’s been a very cold lazy Sunday it’s going on mid afternoon and all I’ve done is shower have coffee and then made some Chili and now simmering in crockpot and some cornbread to go with it for supper and now my husband and I are enjoying Sunday football on tv. A cup of hot chocolate or tea sounds good write now. Need something warm to drink . I should read my book but feeling that lazy 🙄 maybe later. Sometimes you just need a day of nothing. To rejuvenate . Miss Abigail is doing a good day of that snuggled in her chair sleeping away. Just love that furry girl . Wrote another letter for my son to be sent out on Monday with extra stamps and envelopes he asked for . Miss him dearly. I hope it’s going better . I believe no phone call for two weeks. … just happy I can at least write to him . Enjoying the letter writing too much (hahaha) letters are about two pages long . I need to shorten them. I just get writing and before I know it I have two pages. Well time to check my chili and maybe start the kettle for some tea and open my book. 🙂

Lazy Sunday..

Yawn….lazy Sunday even though going to bed earlier ,I still did not want to wake up just laid there as the sun slipped through the sides of the window shade , finally dragging my self to the shower and then to the coffee I inhaled the beautiful aroma of coffee hoping it would be an added bonus to waking me up 🙂My son was up early banging around in the kitchen making breakfast getting back on his schedule for the start of school this week . After a quiet vacation .Today he’s having his rest day from the gym and finishing homework . No more vacation breaks until the end of May and then on to Graduating. So now it’s exams ,finish last track season .. he has been excepted to some really nice colleges sadly he missed the ROTC sign ups so he will try in a yr . The colleges are are so expensive and he doesn’t want the debt so he has decided to go local to college to a two yr college and hoping to join the National Guards . Then I believe he’s hoping to transfer then ROTC Army and college education is his goal. He has the mindset, physical ability to do this . As much as I will miss him I respect him so much to want to serve . I’m very proud of him. So yes as my lazy butt sits here sipping my coffee this is what I’m thinking about. 🙄 well this coffee is almost gone and I’ve sat here long enough time to get motivated . 🙂

Lazy Sunday…

Slept In late after waking from a horrible dream, actually just really strange , My son stayed at his girlfriends house because her parents didn’t want him driving home past curfew since he stayed so late due to her and her family flying to Ireland for Christmas and the Christmas vacation to see her Grandparents so he wasn’t wanting to leave to early . I as well as my husband was happy  they where kind and understanding to let him stay, sad part he had to be to work early so that was a 5:30 morning drive home to get ready and go. Let’s just say he was a very tired guy when he returned home 7 hrs later from work so he slept the early evening away un till 8 tonight its 11 and he is sleeping now . Today was just one of those lazy cold winter day where everything feels off kilt a bit …. I’m sure the strange dream did not help Christmas is a week away and I still have not been able to get in the spirit I guess that’s not going to happen this year . So many  things have happened that have been sad and life changing for our family and others and it’s just so hard to wrap my mind around buying things …..things that are really do not seem important at the moment my kids just want gift cards and that’s doable because they will even admit they  really do not need anything . Times have changed😥  I believe the toy days where easier and more exciting to shop for.. Trying not to be a humbug but there are some yrs it happens.well I guess I should get some sleep . Everyone’s home and settled in so that is nice .hopefully it helps for a restful night😊