Bracing myself…

Oh what to do… woke to a quiet house . Everyone at work earlier today . So I just laid in bed for a bit just taking in the sound of the birds outside my window . After a bit I decided it was time to lazily grab a shower . Then out to the kitchen straight to the coffee pot. Hmm coffee for me but no treat for Miss Abigail … still sleeping in down in her place. I guess she’s having a lazy day too. Coffee in hand I looked around the kitchen .. ahh clean so I went to catch up on the news. The sun is shining but clouds are moving in … rain tomorrow , what’s new right? Today will be a good day to sit outside and read .. when I decided to yesterday I got outside settled in a chair , sun shining down on me supper about done and grabbed my book and then my cell rang my sons photo lightening up my screen . Well no reading at that moment . My son needed a ride home from a friends house since I got my car back from the garage earlier in the day then expected . I drove to get him . As I was driving I’m thinking wait he has his bike … hmm. At his friends house about 10 mins away if your driving I grabbed him his bike and his friend. Friend has no car neither.. the kids that went off to college or like my son Basic Training sold their cars or they just didn’t run any longer . Getting back to the house my son went to put his bike away and his friend chatted with my hubby and I . He told us about his first yr of college the likes and dislikes of it  and then realized our kitchen was repainted he was amazed at the color in our kitchen last he had seen it it was yellow . He loved the red . My son came in to the house walking slowly his friend says did Seth tell you he crashed today on his bike ? No of course he didn’t …growing up he never told us always tried to self care for himself he was always patching himself or ace bandaging until I finally found out . I asked him what happened and he showed us his back … ugh his back was like a huge rug burn but from spilling it into the dirt. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet . And him and his friend cleaned it. I’m sure he’s feeling it at work today . With all the shots he had at Basic he said he didn’t need a tetanus shot had one. So off he went to change and head out with his friend.

My daughter coming home from work and enjoying my meatloaf and then settling in down in her place . Hubby and I decided to go to bed it was hitting 10 my son still out . I laid  in the darkness as my hubby snored away . I was finishing a conversation with my friend on my fb when I went to Instagram and there in a story what they do on insta its a video or photo you can put up and it stays up for 24 hrs. One of my sons friends I follow put up a story. I went to it and there on the screen was my son and two more of his friends  are sitting in a row on the side of a tub and their scrubbing their feet and laughing as his friend videoing it is narrating it ..which I couldn’t make out what he was saying because the guys were laughing so loud . I just rolled my eyes , my hubby waking whoops too loud (hahaha) to the sound looked up and was like Seth home with friends ? I showed him the phone . I’m sure he rolled his eyes too. Just as my son walked into the house. Oh it’s going to be a long summer 🙄

Still sitting here with an empty cup in hand . No supper prep end of the week no food . So takeout night . Simple grinders , Salads will do . So I guess I’ll fix my shower dry hair now and find something to do.


Good morning!

  • Woke to a cloudy cool morning as predicted . Took my time getting up and jumping into the shower , even though I slept a bit better last night . It was nice just being lazy and not needing to be anywhere this morning, .. today. So now enjoying my coffee and the tv is on I should just shut it off since it’s a special report … politics…. waa waa waa is the best I can describe listening to them talk as I write this. what the adults sound like if you ever watched the Charlie Brown specials 😂 well that’s all I’m hearing from the tv . There much better I muted it . I know I should of just turned the tv off . Anyways enjoying my coffee then I will get some things done around here. I’m shocked I didn’t post on Wed .. I guess just one of those days .. the day got ahead of me. Took advantage of the warm sunny day and sat out on the deck for a bit until it got too hot . The sun beats down on my front deck in the afternoon only escape was going inside since are back deck doesn’t have any lawn chairs out yet . I did run into town to the post office so not all was a loss of a day . Last night I told myself I would get off my devices and read my book . I want to finish this book I started weeks ago . I usually can finish a book within several days to a week. So I recorded Seal Team and then my hubby and I as with my son shut the lights off around the house and my son headed to his room as Miss Abigail waited to go downstairs which now she is in a habit to around 8 with my daughter but who wasn’t home my hubby walked her down and said goodnight to her and he came back up and shut the door . If she is upstairs restless she will claw our new / used leather couch . Let’s just say she is defiantly spoiled . My daughter laughs when she hears how her dad brings her cat down to their place and say goodnight to her when she isn’t home. Speaking of her .. she must of just ran to her hiding place when my sons friend showed up. she was sitting here next to me . Now the house is quiet my son with his friend , hubby and daughter working I guess a bit more coffee won’t hurt . Before I start this day . Anyway we settled in bed last night my hubby slept and I read until my eyes got heavy . I think I will read some more once I get thing done around here . Since my hubby and I will be watching Seal Team tonight. My son found a part time job that could lead to whatever hours if he wants to at a local restaurant/ pub . Until he finds something else . He will work Thurs through Sunday some weeks Wed thru Sun 3to 9 so tonight is his first night and I know my daughter will be with her boyfriend on his last night off since he works the weekend this week . So just my hubby and I . Oh and Miss Abigail. So a laxed day . I’m think it’s tine now to get some things around here done. 🙂
  • Rainy Sunday..

    It’s a cold rainy Sunday. Not complaining better then the ice and snow they first predicted. So just having a very lazy day , slept in then dragged myself to the shower and finally made it to the kitchen for my morning coffee.. at this point I think I need several to get me out of this blah feeling . My joints hurt which is always the case when it rains it’s not a myth. Maybe do some things around here or not.. 🙄 need to order some gifts online then I may just Adult color or read. Hoping my son calls today . He did state on Thanksgiving he may have one more phone call left before Basic Training Graduation . I hope so .. I wrote a letter the weekend after Thanksgiving I’m thinking he may have just received it . No letters from him because he will be so busy but he did state keep the letters coming . Sadly with how it takes so long for him to get them I keep holding back to send one more out . It will be graduation by the time he gets it , if he even gets it I did send my congrats in the last letter since I will not be able to fly out to see him graduate my hubby will be there . He understands . I will stay back and with the help of my daughter in between her work schedule she will help me wash his bedding again to freshen it up . Dust his room . And help me stock up for food that he likes plus Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food. That will keep my mind busy well maybe…. I know I ll be thinking of him constantly that day with a tear in my eye one for not being there with him and second because I am so proud of him. I do miss writing to him . Love writing it felt good. Hopefully when he goes back for his next training it’s letters only instead of cellphones even though being only a text away would be nicer .I’m afraid he will get wrapped up with his friends and use his texting time on his friends….. he is only 18 . Friends are so important at that age , even though his letters he’s been so humble . Will see. Hubby’s snoozing on the couch while waiting for his team to play .. Sunday Football . My daughters with her boyfriend then work this afternoon. Late but short shift. Miss Abigail is sleeping away in our bean bag chair oh to be a cat ,she makes sleeping look so nice. Well time to do a few things so I can sit back down and color or read .

    Slow day…

    Ahh to be a cat … Miss Abigail makes sleeping look so good. quiet day everyone off to school and work and I’m taking it slow ..a bit stiff after being in the cold the day before .. but so worth it seeing my sons 1st race of the season . Need some Spring weather my legs and hip are begging for the warmth. Managed to throw a small load of laundry in so the washer is humming away , supper will be a whatever night hahaha easy enough. My son being on his strict diet ,my daughter working late so hubby and I will eat something simple., as the laundry hums away I’m eating an early lunch catching up on the news while Miss Abigail naps away. The sun is shining thats a good thing now for it to just warm up. it will come I knowwhen Mother Nature decides. At least I hope my sons next meet next week will be warmer. We will see.

    Easter/ Birthday Weekend..

    Sitting here in the quietness well except for the clothes dryer humming ..hubby went for a run my kids are actually sleeping at the moment my daughter busy working through the Easter madness and my son back from a run with his track team . I’m just taking in the quietness until supper is to be made and another trip back to the grocery store after being there for food and Easter shopping ,now to go back to pick my hubby Birthday cake up from their bakery that I ordered. Then to my Mother in laws house it go so my hubby doesn’t see it and where will be spending Easter tomorrow. Friday was nice same ok during the day the usual errands and cores to be done ,hubby went out with his brother and work friends for some beers since he’s turning 50 which he is not looking forward to . My son hung out with some friends and my daughter and I grabbed supper out then came home and cozy up with a movie she wanted me to watch with her. So that was nice . Now Easter / Birthday tomorrow . Long but lazy tired weekend🙂

    The Weekend..

    This was the beautiful sunset tonight after Friday’s Nor’Eastern as you can see where we live we are snow free we had rain and a lot of it . So the ground is pretty drenched. The towns 15 minutes away came out of the storm with 6 inches or more… so today was a bit colder even though the sun was out . It was a lazy Saturday for my hubby and I the kids had work so my hubby and I did errands then ordered takeout for supper. Now we are settled in bed on our 2nd JAWS movie it’s shark frenzy weekend on our movie channel ..We missed the 1st Jaws so we watched Jaws 2 and now on Jaws 3 how they made a Jaws 3 I don’t know hahaha sadly bad acting should of stopped at the 2nd one . My hubby’s yawning so he won’t last long 🙂 My son just shook his head at us as he went to bed . He was up late last night at a college hockey game with some buddies and then was up early for work and then the gym , always moving. Well this movie didn’t last long hahahaha hubby begged to shut it off he couldn’t take the hour of it left to go . So now it’s the humming of the fan as noise yes always a fan running one of many things I have come to get use to over the yrs being with my hubby. Funny thing when he works nights in the summer sometimes I have the fan going even if it’s cool enough . Funny what we get accustomed to. Soon my daughter should arrive home and Grab Miss Abigail to bring her down to bed before she is jumping up on our bed and in my hubby’s face keeping him awake . She loves to do that. I guess its time to call it a night and get some sleep too. Good night everyone and if it’s morning where you are good morning🙂