Back to the grind..

After a very restful night even with the full moon lightening up our bedroom I was amazed when my hubby shut the TV and lights off around 9 (I usually go through blogs or play a game on my cell) I turned to my side and next thing I know it was 7 in the morning, the sun shining through . I laid in bed a bit longer going through my Twitter and Instagram then decided it was time to jump in the shower and get some coffee. Once my coffee was finished I started in with cleaning up the kitchen wiping things down I’ve been doing a lot more lately with all the sickness that is going around. Then throwing a load of laundry in ,opening the bedroom windows a crack to air out the house. Then it was spend an hour making phone calls that needed to be done while throwing chicken into the crockpot for supper. After that was all set it was time to head to the Post office and bank . Then headed home to switch the laundry over to the dryer. So you see back to the norm again hubby at work my daughter off with a friend … my son back to his early Army mornings and class . No texts during the day…after being use to them since his four day weekend. Hope he is feeling better.7 at night here 6 in Missouri and one text at 5 his way saying “Hi” so I’m thinking he’s back to bunk cleaning or he’s resting , I’m sure it will be less hearing from him since he’s down to 2 weeks 4 days until he flys home … no I’m not counting๐Ÿ˜‚ will see if he texts my hubby and I . My daughter thankfully gave me a book to read since . The library walk way was icy and I didn’t dare try it ..and thinking the books I had ordered two weeks ago before I got sick ,that I had noticed on my library account have expired and I never could pickup most likely were sent back. No loss I love the book my daughter is letting me read .I loved the last book I read by this author Liane Moriarty plus it’s a very thick book I believe about 400 pages. My daughter started reading it likes it but said she wasn’t going to read it fast enough and thought I would read it faster so she would finish it after I’m done . Hmmm no pressure ( hahaha) will see how it goes. I believe she isn’t to worried . I guess it is time to start it but not before I read some blog posts . Supper is done and cleaned up not much on for TV shows so time to relax . Night!



Usually Sundays are the calm quiet part of the weekend . This Sunday it isn’t , food shopping was so needed to be done ..oh don’t get me wrong ordering a pizza was so good last night especially a Taco pizza but it’s time to make some meals again. As we drove out of the parking lot I texted my daughter asking her if she wanted a coffee since hubby and I were grabbing one. The sad thing is I sent it to my son instead …๐Ÿ˜‚he answered of course I do can you drive it to me ?๐Ÿ™„ I was like ohh I’m sorry wrong Child lol.. he said ,, it’s okay I got out yesterday had a Starbucks all good. I did send him a coffee. A GIF he like that. Thankfully food shopping went smoothly and quickly since my hubby isn’t feeling that great. But he wanted to go. Now the food is put away . Watching the Daytona 500 on tv . Use to be into it big time but not as much now. But it’s on so will give it a try. It’s a great reminder tho that Spring is on its way. The sun is out nice and bright even tho snow is coming in tonight about 3inches at least but the weather advisory’s going across the bottom of the tv screen makes me wonder if it’s going to be more especially when their stating there could be power outages …hubby is off , it’s a holiday on Monday. And my daughter so it can do whatever it wants.. So another lazy late night again . Tonight supper will be chicken pot pies with gravy on it and some cranberry sauce on the side . Nice and simple and comforting. Well time to do a few things around here and then I think I will try reading or coloring . Have a great Sunday everyone.

Good Morning!

Saturday morning waking early after some really weird dreams.. if only could remember them. dragging myself out from under the warm cozy covers I jumped in the shower then to the kitchen where Miss Abigail was waiting. I wouldn’t say patiently for her morning treat, that I have happened to have started as a bad habit because if I do not grab it fast enough while entering the kitchen her meowing will drive you crazy… and every morning I say to her “why are you not downstairs with your mama .. I grab my coffee and flick through the tv channels nothing is on even the news this morning is boring. So I keep on going through the channels and come upon a cartoon that my son loved and had just said the other day after I found a GIF to send him which was the character of this cartoon .. how much he missed it and that time… oh the GIF’s are addicting but so much fun when you can’t find the right word to explain something to someone. Anyways its Sponge Bob squarepants. The strangest cartoon ever but has managed to stay around for many yrs. and yes a sponge he is ๐Ÿ™„ as I’m enjoying my coffee and waiting for the washer to stop .. yes never ending always laundry to do.. I look away from the tv to check my phone that is going off , when I look back up towards the tv and I see thisI swear she out to get me. ๐Ÿ™„ I am also thinking she doesn’t like the show very much as well. Going to be a long day with this girl… I guess time to put the wet close into the dryer .. and make a food shopping list.

Happy ,Simple , Things, …

It’s a late Friday morning enjoying my coffee with strawberry cheesecake flavor creme.. after laying in bed a bit longer enjoying the warmth of the covers after checking my phone and seeing it showed freezing rain this morning . I didn’t feel the need to rush to get up.

Grabbing a hot shower finally I came out and enjoyed my coffee and the news .. a busy Friday morning in the news. Valentines Day has come and gone … laying in bed last night after my hubby and I and my daughter all settled in early her and I still recovering and my hubby starting to feel ill. I was going through my blog when around 10:00 my cell rang and appearing on my screen was my son on a mountain after hiking up it ..staring back at me. I couldn’t answer fast enough lol! I said hi and and a man replied back to me (no matter how many times I hear his voice it still amazes me how he has grownup so fast where did this time go so quickly.. ) hi did I wake you or dad ? Of course not even if he did I’d never tell him ๐Ÿ™‚ he asked if his dad was sleeping and I told him to listen facing the phone in the direction of my snoring hubby (hahaha) he did his snicker and said yep. My poor hubby the things I do to him … we talked for 40mins it was nice ..he doesn’t call much because he feels no privacy ..but being that they had changed rooms once again last night he got his original roommates back that are older mature and understand about family and yes talking to your mom hahaha . He wished me a happy Valentine’s Day and asked what or if we did anything . He knew I’ve been sick and knows how simple I am anyway ..that any moment spent with just family is enough. He told me how he was getting a cold and I heard coughing from his buddies in the back ground .. it’s everywhere…. he said he would push through has a four day weekend being it’s Presidents Day holiday here in the States. So he welcomes some down time. Along with all of them on the base. It was really nice to talk with him hear his voice . It will be strange when he comes home. Has a lot on his mind .. oh he is my child hahaha, after getting off the phone with him I settled into some sleep.

Today I will putter around was going to try to get to the Post Office but not going to play with the ice that has coated my steps and driveway . Hopefully tomorrow. My daughter is still sleeping doesn’t have to work until late afternoon so happy she is resting she needs it. I guess it’s time to do a few things my coffee cup is now empty that being said have a good day everyone .๐Ÿ™‚

A quiet Valentines Day…

My hubby had work and my daughter as well especially with her working in the floral department and it being Valentines Day she had to be in at 8:00 so at 7:30 I heard the front door shut . I laid there in bed taking in the quietness of the house after a actual restful night sleep after going to bed with a tickle making me cough and dreading how the night would be .. but thankfully it lessened but an hour after getting up and grabbing a shower it started up again …๐Ÿ™„

I grabbed some coffee oh my what a treat it was daughter had bought strawberry cheesecake flavor coffee creme .. I know probably sounds a bit gross but it’s so delicious . So I enjoyed my coffee while catching up on my morning show. And reading the lovely card my hubby left me on the table to be found when I woke. The rest of my day was spent with some light laundry tasks and kitchen cleanup . Then knowing we would treat ourselves with takeout for dinner there was no worries there. I settled in with my shows relaxing while the washing machine carried on. And chatting with my daughter who said they were having lulls in being busy and was not feeling well couldn’t wait to come home and just relax . Her boyfriend working tonight she was okay with so she could rest.. they had spent the last two days together and their not big into the whole Valentines Day thing they believe we should love like this every day. Hmm I guess my hubby and I did something right and his parents as well (hahaha) so she got out of work for 5 and I ordered her food as well and the three of us enjoyed and spent time together chatting and her and I eating some chocolates after our meal because she bought a box of candy that was half priced now. I picked out the orange cream filled and the coconut filled candies my favorite ones.

We chatted with my son off and on while he was on I sent him a photo of the sunset tonight and told him it was for him he said that was nice. He never brought up Valentines Day and so I let it be .. he’s on a Army Base and I’m sure the least of his thoughts at the moment. It was nice to actually say we were all together tonight yes my son away but a text away ,my daughter enjoying food and conversation with my hubby was nice a nice quiet Valentines Day . Simple and most important with my family.

Now it’s 9:30 and my daughter and Miss Abigail are settled down in her place she was tired and ready to settle in bed as well as my hubby and I who is not feeling a 100 percent. My son off for the moment but said he would say goodnight when he shuts his phone off for the night. Hopefully I can keep my eyes open .. it’s 9.30 here ..Missouri 8:30 and phones go off at 9 ,formation I’m sure is right now .. then sleep at 9 . All and all a simple day it was and I couldn’t ask or want for anything more. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh what I do๐Ÿ™„

Good Morning! If you read my last post …. you will understand ,for those who have , well omg ! Still getting notifications on my Facebook and I just realized my son is tagged in it and I did not tag him, so now it’s most likely on his wall as well and when he turns on his phone in which case he already did this morning because I received a message from him saying “Have a good day”! So 1. He didn’t get the notifications so he didn’t see my stupidity or 2. He was okay with it… I’m thinking he’s okay with it or I wouldn’t have received such a message (hahaha) and him not noticing is not likely …then If you notice on my photo I put up the handle of the coffee mug is facing left .. oh my OCD it needs to be facing the right ๐Ÿ™„ I know such a little thing … but it will bother me …I think I should enjoy the rest of my coffee and finish my breakfast then get somethings done around here. The wind is picking up and making a roaring sound , not liking it and it’s only 2 here so I’m thinking charge phone and get supper prepped just Incase we loose power .. I know I should not have said that… okay have a great day!