Day out with my daughter and her boyfriend. We decided to grab dinner at Panera Bread and of course I who was in need of a coffee drink. Tried one of their lattes. A vanilla hot latte with almond milk. oh my was it delicious. Expensive but worth it. Yes, I’m a coffee junkie. Have to enjoy something in this life😊 my poison. I will definitely get another one when we go there.

After we did some shopping. I pretty much just looked around. Now home and the night is a wet one pouring rain. Just relaxing with some country music and catching up on posts. Trying to at least.😊


Time got away from me today. It’s unbelievable that it’s 8:30 at night and I’m sitting here in a blanket and enjoying a cup of London Fog already. Country softly playing. The day was spent in with my kiddos for a bit until they left to do their things. Once they left I was on the phone for two hours chatting away with one of my girlfriends one that was my childhood friend we lived a yard apart. We were 7 and 11 at the time. We loved that it was the name of the old 7 11 ’s I do not know if they even exist anymore. Oh, the things we would do to one another. And the adventures we had .Growing up in the country in a little town with one lonely gas station where she and I would walk and ride our bikes endlessly on a hot summer afternoon to buy our favorite treat Italian ice. Always cherry flavor for me she always went for different flavors every time we went. She was the friend that I learn to ride my bike with no hands and thought I was the coolest thing. Until I tried it going down a hill with her in front of me and not knowing she stopped riding and I not having enough time to stop collided into her. And there we laid on the ground with our bikes a bit beat up and her yelling at me that we were not friends anymore but after a few days, we were laughing about it with bruises on our legs and arms and our patents just shaking their heads. With my back screened-in porch and her kitchen window facing one another we could see each other perfectly, we would make monkey faces sticking our tongues out at one another until I felt a hand on my shoulder knowing I had been caught( hahaha) my dad telling me in a stern well he tried I saw the little smile that he tried hiding as he told me to stop and get away from the window. He was never good at disciplining . But very understanding and knew kids would be kids . Oh, the things we did.. as time went by and we became teenagers we discovered the art of sneaking out. Late at night, she had it easy she just had to walk out her front door. I had a 4”6inches to jump out of or be boosted up to get back into, I had a bulkhead under my bedroom window now being 4”11 it was not easy. I really do not know how we never got caught. No way was I able to walk out the door my mother could hear the old creaky door instantly. Well, my dad, I believe knew but never told my mom. I would have been grounded for life. Once out though the freedom was beautiful the night air so fresh and the quietness was so calming but eerie. And when the fog would set in and the smell of dew was in the air as the night went by was priceless. Sometimes it was just her and I or two others with us walking down those country roads laughing and talking and dropping to the ground when we saw car lights coming. All so innocent but I believe we felt like were rebelsπŸ˜‚ oh the things she and I did are endless to write about. As we chatted on the phone I remembered all of those moments and chuckled to myself. Oh so happy to have those memories to look back on but bittersweet. Do we ever feel that sense of freedom now as adults? Or are we suppose to if so am I missing something here in this next chapter of my life. Is that why night time is my best part of my day these days. Is that why I am so attracted to the night? I wish I knew.

My life..

Good morning it’s a quiet Sunday so far. The sun is shining bright the wind that is blowing is clearing away the clouds to let in the beautiful blue sky. I’m sitting here eating a late breakfast and enjoying my first cup of coffee of the day. I actually fell asleep around 11 last night. And that is after giving into enjoying a nice hot cup of London fog. Around 9 I had expected I would be up half the night. Shockingly no. Then a lazy morning it was. I know I needed it but I honestly feel so much better on less sleep. I may get my wish tonight. After so much sleep. Friday night I spent out with a girlfriend of mine we met up around 4 in the afternoon for dinner and I arrived home around 11. 7 hours of none stop conversation and laughter. And if she didn’t have have a longer distance to drive then I. We would have talked longer. I always know that once we get out together I will be out for a while. Nothing like talking about everything but really nothing at all if that makes sense? My son is that way as well. We have both realized we are alike we love people being out laughing. And yes we do like our quiet times too. But we are social. I think that’s why he and I can have our differences and then moments or maybe a day later just look at one another and start laughing and realize how ridiculous it was. I hope he and I always stay that way. The wind went from just blowing to a roaring. Bringing in the cold air or something. I guess it’s time to finish my coffee and I’m sure not the last one of the day and get some things done. Need to keep moving.

Life at a halt..

We should be used to this by now. The ice storm came in yesterday evening and it came in with a vengeance. Everything closed down in the Town for the most part. And yes people still went out. Will we ever learn to just stay put for a bit . I know I’m feeling a bit of cabin fever but this is ice we are talking about. So yes I restrained myself. yes My son of course is out but bringing friends back who lost power at their house. It will definitely not be a quiet night. I’m am okay with this. The sound of laughter will be music to my ears. Give this house some life for a bit. Since the day was a day inside. I took advantage of sleeping in . Being lazy. And some time to make the tea that my fellow blogger and happy to call a friend told me about and gave me the ingredients Thank you to John at Electic Contrarian. The London fog was so delicious. And yes I think I’m going to be addicted. πŸ™‚ a perfect cold dreary day for it. Warm comforting and delicious . It cheered my day up . Thank you John. Okay time to catch up on some posts.πŸ™‚

Snow Day…

Stayed up late watching Mandalorian, I believe I’m spelling it right. It’s part of Star Wars. I love baby Yoda. He is the cutest little thing. His eye expressions get me every time. Yes, I said eye expressions. I’m on the 6th episode in season 1. After falling asleep halfway through the 6th episode, I decided to get some sleep. Knowing there was snow coming in, I wasn’t too worried about rest. I figured it would be a day spent inside. I woke late and just laid there. I am enjoying the quiet morning then deciding it was time for a shower and my coffee. The thought of coffee motivated me to do so. My poison. I enjoyed both my kid’s company. Such opposite they are, it always amazes me of how our conversations will go.

My daughter an introvert, and my son an extrovert, and I in between. I honestly believe I am a bit of both. I think that is possible. Now it’s evening, and thankfully the snow has stopped, and I am cozied up in my blanket on the couch, thinking I may find something to watch on my Chromebook. A hot cup of hot chocolate sounds delicious and comforting right now. I wonder if this is why I like coffee so much the warm cup in my hands. I guess that isn’t a bad thing. I use to smoke cigarettes to give my hands something to do when I talk. I talk with my hands, so I think coffee is much better than cigarettes. And I do like the taste and aroma of coffee. Tonight I will add some marshmallows in the hot chocolate instead of coffee. It sounds a bit strange, but it’s delicious. My daughter showed this to me. Not tonight though marshmallows win . okay time to start the kettle 😊 I took some photos of the snow I hope you enjoy them .

Moments ,memories..

It was a rainy day, and a good day for a hot cup of tea and listen to @Dr.andrea Dinardo’ video on her beautiful blog. and now an icy night. So dislike these days in the winter. Happy though that the day before was spent out and about with the sun shining bright. And a night out with my sister and her friend’s watching my niece sing at her high school winter concert. and then grabbing a bite out and many laughs and good conversation. I always have such a good time with my sister. I must say signs are still upon me. While I was looking out the window from my bedroom, enjoying the sun shining in taking in its warmth, a cardinal landed on the tree branch facing the window. It seemed to be looking in my direction but in not positive it was looking at me. Then as fast as it appeared it was gone. It did make me smile.and wonder what more surprises would arise throughout the day . I did get a message from a friend of my dad that I had been waiting for for weeks a reply back. So that was interesting. I haven’t talked In yrs with this person but hope he had some answers to some questions I had. So the timing of the cardinal and message was something. Coincidence no, no such thing. After that day I fell asleep at 10:30 so not typical of me. And it wasn’t due to a lack of coffee . I must be getting a high tolerance . So tonight on this icy night I’m cozied up on the couch and watching my favorite Friday night show Long Island Medium. I love that women. I find her fascinating . My friend and I want to go see her .. I know it sounds strange but it’s something we want to do . Tickets are actually not a bad price. We would really love to go to her house. But there is a long waiting list. Any way at least I can enjoy her show on Friday nights . The rain is still coming down but the temps are rising so the icing should stop soon . That’s a good thing. Will be headed out in the morning with my sister to get some Christmas shopping done and yes enjoy some coffee. For now going to sit back and enjoy my show. πŸ™‚


Turmoil. That has been my word the last yr or so.life is so full of chaos whether it’s by the government, humanity, within a family. It’s just there. And I know life is beautiful and how you make it. Yes, I heard it all before. But sometimes we are not left to choose how we want our lives to play out. Yes, we can question the paths we take. Were they the right ones? Well, we do not know until we have crossed them and then we choose from there. Than there’s, the surprises life throws in. Some good some not. And then how we deal with them how we move on from them. All I know is you keep trying. Keep pushing, running, crawling however, it takes to keep moving forward. If we stop we loose the momentum to keep going.