What a day.,.

Woke early for a Dr’s appointment which I do not enjoy . I’m not a very good patient I’ve been told.. I jumped in the shower , grabbed a cup of coffee that I only took 3 sips out of , choked down some eggs.. and out the door I went without thinking if I had a house key on the set of keys I use , since sharing my car with my son at the moment. Well no I didn’t and didn’t realize this until after I locked the door and shut it behind me..🙄 I had no time to stress over it and the last thing I needed was my blood pressure being sky high. I get to my appointment and take two seconds to breath and calm down before walking in. With Dr’s orders I was off to the market to grab food that had more protein in it. I guess I need more protein. I had to go their anyways since I needed to grab my daughters house key. Chatted with her for a bit and then grabbed what I needed . My patience was not with me today , people walking in front of me and then looking at me like I cut them off. Yes this day was not starting off well. After rushing to get out of there . I came home turned up the music on my birthday present and did what needed to be done around the house. All seemed to be getting better as the afternoon went smooth. My son had some errands to run so he asked if I wanted to go so I did . We were having a great time laughing and talking and ready to go through the car wash when my phone went off notifying me that my daughter was texting me . Well…. going into the car wash did something must have darkened my face that the Face ID wouldn’t identify me . So it told me to put in my password . Okay… I am horrible with passwords . I typed in what I thought was right and it said try again . I did I was locked out for 2mins. To make a long story short it’s 7 in the evening and now I’ve been adding minutes to my lockout since 4 in the afternoon. I’m now up to an hour wait and calling the Apple store ..Oh you NEVER want to do this . They said either they disable the phone and I start over or I keep going until I can’t try anymore. and hope I figure it out until the time was up that they give you till they shut it down and then you drive an hour way to an Apple store for them to restart it. Well I was about to give up when I just stopped cleared my head for a bit and then it came to me. BINGO ! I was unlocked. Yes I did write it down this time. Oh that was just way to close . And why do we like cell phones? Because sadly this is what our life has come to. Our life being on this little device. What a day locked myself out of my house and my phone. Now I am finally calm and just relaxing watching the show practical jokes , (it is getting earlier and earlier with the sun setting and darkness settling in. ). Need to laugh. And this is the show that will do it. I should read but I really do not think I can focus on it right now. So I will sit here and enjoy the show with the nice company of my son .


I am an insomniac by nature.. never needed a great amount of sleep.growing up I loved the night time. When my kids were younger I slept better . Running after kids all day long can do that to you. And now with my kids becoming adults I am on a whole new routine no more early nights early mornings.now replaced with late nights to late mornings

Last night was a sleepless night . Tossing and turning , I guess having a headache when I went to bed didn’t help. I kept telling myself I can sleep in the morning. Let’s say that didn’t happen . My phone that was on my bedside table kept buzzing the charger for it needs to be replaced and soon . So at 5 this morning I hear it making a louder buzzing noise I take look at it and notice that my phone says no service . I looked twice to make sure I was seeing it clearly …yep no service . The problem is it’s 5 in the morning hubby left for work early . I thought please let it be my phone that is the only one not working. Nope my sons phone wasn’t working as well. I thought it was strange knowing my hubby went to work with a dead phone so I tried calling it just to see and he answered let me State he has no WiFi so his phone is fine…okay cut a long story short the cell towers were both down in our area. Now it’s 5 in the morning after really no sleep and I try to lay back down to get a couple of hours … wasn’t happening. Just couldn’t settle. It’s been a long day walking around with a foggy head. . I did this evening as I was rocking in my chair love to rock it relaxes me . I rocked myself to sleep , (hahaha) I can’t say how long I was out I’m guessing only a half an hour. so much for a bit more sleep Oh I handled sleepless night so much better when I was younger. I hope it’s not going to be another long night tonight . The evening getting darker earlier hopefully will help me settle earlier. Will see. I find this a bit funny reading this post back to myself that I wrote so much on not sleeping.. I must be exhausted.🙄

So Proud!

I woke after a very restless night of waking up every hour … my son had to be up for 4:00 this morning to be ready to leave the house by 5 … so I was so worried he would sleep through the alarm that my my mind must of been having me react this way . When the hr I woke up and it was 4 I was on my phone texting him are you up ? when I did not get an answer back .I was nudging my husband to get up and check ..he looked at me half asleep not too happy with waking him and puzzled how I was awake . Oh if he only knew how my night was. Today was the day the Army National Guard Sargent picked him up for his physical exam the last thing to do to make it in was to pass that…and he made it in. So my day was spent keeping myself as busy as possible with cell phone and home phone in hands reach. Let’s say a lot of praying inside and outside as I dodged the sun not knowing if it wanted to come out blazing or hide behind the clouds . When it was tolerable it was spent out side with my book and phones in hand and I looking up to the sky and praying he would be okay and in good shape to join. When 3:00 in the afternoon arrived I prayed even harder that no news was good news. At 4 he arrived home and my son and the Sargent got out of the vehicle and greeted me. Anxiously I waited to hear the news. The Sargent said to me well we have good news and bad I’m like oh no …okay? He said good news he passed and has been sworn in . I just gasped with joy because I knew how much he wanted this ,my son has always wanted this and it’s a good start to a college and army career .. so I said what’s the bad news ? He said well it was a very long day for one .. just waiting around for everything to process and instead of the end of June shipping out for boot camp for 6 months it’s October then back for Christmas for two weeks and then gone till April . So weekend trainings two weekends a month through the summer to stay in shape . We could work with this. So my son is thinking summer classes until boot camp is over them start up in the fall for the rest of his college so it will be college and National Guards on weekends 8 yrs well 4 college 8 National Guards and who knows maybe full time serving after ..knowing my son I may not be surprised. I just know we are so proud of him. He wants to serve so much I thank God for getting him through this day .. I think I prayed all day to get myself through.

Now it’s night time and my son is settled in bed . I would think he would be tired after getting up early and all he had to do plus made it to a part of his track practice . HIs championship meets start tomorrow under the Lights so another long day with School and meets Well time to settle myself and pray one more time with a big thank you. 🙂 good night!

Long Day….

A very long mentally exhausting day… moments on the phone dealing with financial aide and figuring out life that isn’t talking about my life but my sons …. yes defiantly something wrong with this picture …. be 17 and you think the world is yours hmm ..and things will just magically happened ….. NOT! ..Oh to be 17 and have your head in the clouds ….help! So yeah it got better towards night time when I’m trying to fix supper and my son in his mood comes home and throws a pkg of Hamburg on the stove to open and cook but the problem is the burner is still on because I’m still using it yeah the house filled with smoke I grabbed it but not fast enough the fire alarms are touchy but yeah there was smoke so they went off screaming through the house having Miss Abigail run for cover, my hubby running around and opening windows as my son stood there doing the blame game with me …oh boy let’s just say that didn’t last long I shut down and just glared when I do.not speak you know I’m done .. he just kept staring at me while we all finally sat at the table eating.. I have still said nothing even in his return from the gym.. I’m in my bed settling my mind or trying .. and flying the defeat flag tonight . Just tonight …

Long Day….

Today was a very long dreary day . My anxiety was up for once it wasn’t about worrying about my son I knew he was having fun on the slopes with his friends . It was from watching the snow fall endlessly all day and seeing the trees swaying back and forth . I felt  stuck in the house and being dreary out did not help. Boston  sadly is in rough shape over. A Foot of snow and coastal flooding so the schools and some business are closed tomorrow as well as for us too we got the call tonight that school is cancelled tomorrow due o the wind chill road conditions and busses not being able to start so a 3day weekend for us and the surrounding schools . My daughter will go into work tomorrow afternoon and my hubby will find out in the morning if he is to report.This is becoming a scary winter season ……can you say global warming or are we all going to be in denial to admit this. It’s been a very hot  stormy summer and now a very brutaly cold stormy winter. All of this is feeling pretty scary I must admit. This word is changing in so many ways and not all for the best makes me nervous. What can we do?  I’m just hoping for the sun  to come out at least even though it will be too brutal to go out . I just need the sun to shine . Let’s hope .Okay time for me to settle under thes blankets and try to get some sleep. Goodnight !

Spartan Race .. son so proud.

In my last posts I stated that my son 17 years old was participating in The Spartan Race in Vermont on one of their highest mountains , it’s called Killington. My son and thousand run 32 mile which also includes 52 obstacles of sandbags on your back spearing , loading rocks in to pails and carrying them up the mountain climbing up roofs swimming across a pond and only stopping on your way to energize yourself with what you see in the photo .. which is placed at several parts on the routes . The race started at 6:30 Saturday morning and my son was still running and doing the obstacles at 6: 00 that evening my husband saw him twice with in those 12 hrs .  I stayed back and my husband kept me in form through text and phone  conversations  . At 9:00 that night they arrived home and he finished the race he finish in 62 place and a very sore dirty mess … it’s the day after and he is on the counch watching movies taking in a lot of liquids and not moving much every part of his body aches , I am sure everyone who participated feels this way well for the most part some . My son said the ones who train all year for this are probably in better shape today. As he was laying on the couch he was telling me a bit about it stating that it  was so mind blowing because at one moment your doing many obstacles and then there is several ours where your just hiking up the mountain to reach the top to proceed back down the  other side and more obstacles before reaching the finish line if you do he said a lot did not due to exhaustgen  or soreness  but he said in those hours moments your finding things to focus on because your mind is just thinking about anything random thoughts going through your head of what if I get hurt what I need to do this week he said he had to try to clear his mind and focus on one step at a time so mentally it’s challenging as well , he told us towards the end he was so tired he got this adrenaline rush to run to just get it over with and that is what got him to the finish line.We just sat and listened his take on this was amazing .  We are so proud of him . He loves a challenge and this was defiantly one .  May regret it a bit now but when he recovers he will be happy he did it that’s our boy ❤️