I am an insomniac by nature.. never needed a great amount of sleep.growing up I loved the night time. When my kids were younger I slept better . Running after kids all day long can do that to you. And now with my kids becoming adults I am on a whole new routine no more early nights early replaced with late nights to late mornings

Last night was a sleepless night . Tossing and turning , I guess having a headache when I went to bed didn’t help. I kept telling myself I can sleep in the morning. Let’s say that didn’t happen . My phone that was on my bedside table kept buzzing the charger for it needs to be replaced and soon . So at 5 this morning I hear it making a louder buzzing noise I take look at it and notice that my phone says no service . I looked twice to make sure I was seeing it clearly …yep no service . The problem is it’s 5 in the morning hubby left for work early . I thought please let it be my phone that is the only one not working. Nope my sons phone wasn’t working as well. I thought it was strange knowing my hubby went to work with a dead phone so I tried calling it just to see and he answered let me State he has no WiFi so his phone is fine…okay cut a long story short the cell towers were both down in our area. Now it’s 5 in the morning after really no sleep and I try to lay back down to get a couple of hours … wasn’t happening. Just couldn’t settle. It’s been a long day walking around with a foggy head. . I did this evening as I was rocking in my chair love to rock it relaxes me . I rocked myself to sleep , (hahaha) I can’t say how long I was out I’m guessing only a half an hour. so much for a bit more sleep Oh I handled sleepless night so much better when I was younger. I hope it’s not going to be another long night tonight . The evening getting darker earlier hopefully will help me settle earlier. Will see. I find this a bit funny reading this post back to myself that I wrote so much on not sleeping.. I must be exhausted.🙄

Long night…

After my guys watched their movie my son left to see some friends that were heading back to college today that their Spring break is over. I really do not know why they wait until 9 at night to decide to get together . Did we do that at their age? I honestly can’t remember . I want to say no since I have no thought of it. Or age is settling in…. anyways he left and the house was quiet . Good thing .. bad thing .. don’t know I’ll let you know as summer approaches and the door swings open and close a bit more. He has only been home a week and out of the week he was in bed for two of them coming home sick.. even though he heads to the gym every morning and then a friend he gets together with for a bit that is going to a. college locally . He’s been pretty laid back . I want to say coming back this time after finishing Basic Training I think he’s matured some.but like I said will see by summer when all his friends are home. Plus is he will be working soon when construction sites open up for the season . Hopefully , he talks with the guy this week. Fingers crossed. Plus he will have his National Guard job one weekend a month and two drills this summer where he’s thinking he may have to go back to Missouri for one of them So he will be busy … after the house was quiet hubby and I went to bed . Well my hubby did I was wide awake . I decided to play a game on my phone and oh such a bad idea I was up and couldn’t find the two words I needed to finish the puzzle . Then my daughter arrived home and asked if I was up she forgot her house keys and boyfriend was driving so she didn’t bring her keys. My hubby heard my phone bing and that woke him (doesn’t take much lol) and unlocked the door . Now this was midnight . We chatted off and on through text after she went down to settle asking if her brother was home ? I said no she replied is that why your still up I said no I’m stuck on a crossword puzzle. Okay and maybe a bit of my son not home. I guess when he was at Basic this was the part I didn’t miss worrying where he was after midnight . But I I told myself in Basic he was doing things I do not want to know the half of .. know some, that I would not worry . But Mother’s worry. … at 1 I told my daughter I was going to get some sleep so we said goodnight and I laid there just thinking what where the two words I couldn’t figure out. My brain not being able to shut off.. around 1:30 I heard my son come home . Thankfully I wasn’t on my phone he would of saw the light and figure I was waiting up for him. I think when I finally settled in it was 2?ughh.. and then waking at 6 when the wind that was roaring hit against the house with a bang . I threw the blanket over my head and dozed off and on until 8:30 then gave up and went for a shower. Let’s say coffee tasted good and well needed.Tonight my hubby and I and maybe my son is coming . are going to a family members for supper and drinks and just spend time together. My daughter has to work until 8 tonight then will be with her boyfriend. I hope everyone has a good day and night themselves .

Running from my thoughts…

It’s been about 17 hours since hearing from my son. At 8 pm when he landed in Missouri he waited for his ride to the base . At 10:30 his time 11:30 ours we texted he thought he would be staying at the Army quarters there for the night being that the Base was 2hrs away. At 11 pm I received a message that he was shipping out to the base so we said somethings to him and then Goodnight thinking it would probably be the last we heard from him until he could do once a week calls.. after my hubby and I having a rough emotional day ,sleep was not easy to come but eventually we manage to fall a asleep . At 3:00 in the morning my phone lit up and the ring was so loud I had had it up . My sons face appeared on it . It was a quick serious voice I’m here and stating he was safe and when he could call he would .. well that made us happy he was safe .. there ..but it triggered my mothering strings .. did he eat , drink enough , why isn’t he sleeping oh yes I could keep going.🙄 my hubby and I eventually settled down to get some sleep I do not believe much we both have been in a fog all day and expecting him to walk through the door at any minute. So much to get use to , it’s quiet , less busy, less razzing one another , I miss his big smile . Supper time and and now evening is the hardest because this is when I’m waiting wondering when he will be home to eat or not . Not wondering .. worrying when he will be home when we go to bed. Okay you got the idea . Just so hard. Miss him. This afternoon I did do some adult coloring that helped .it stopped my thoughts from wondering. For awhile ..

It’s coming along pretty good . I think it will look good after it’s done. I’m happy I was able to get into it today. and now that supper is done and cleaned up a plate saved for my daughter when she gets him from work , chocolate cookie bars just made. I think while chatting with my hubby and watching news I’ll color a bit more . I think it may be a early night for all of us ,my daughter who stated she didn’t sleep well and hoping thinking it will be for my son as well . Will all get the sleep we need . I hope you enjoy my photo of my coloring page . I guess it’s time to finish some more.

Can you say Nightmares..

Tonight my daughter wanted to catchup on the last 3 or so episodes I stopped counting.. of American horror stories in the living room while making cookies . The new seasoned started tonight . So she is watching that now down in her place. For the most part my eyes where closed .. I couldn’t do it (hahaha) I do not mind horror stories but this goes just a bit further to insanity in my opinion .. it’s gross . She would tell me when to open my eyes 🙄 then when my eyes were open I was strolling through Instagram , Twitter, word press . So yes partly watching it as well. My son who is having a hard time sleeping lately , I believe thinking .. sleeping pattern is off , nerves , has decided to try an all nighter to get tired so he can get some earlier sleep patterns tomorrow. Hopefully this works. I told him if you hear me yelling or screaming in my sleep tonight it’s only me having nightmares (hahaha) he shook his head in agreement because he saw how I was watching it and shook his head.. Oh what I do for my kids. Well time to get some sleep wish me luck .