And it’s Friday..

So it’s Friday night and  I believe I am  so sick of the sound of the air conditioner and my sinuses are as well … been a long week and my head feels a mess  allergies are at an all time high so not helping . My hubby and Miss Abigail  and I watched many reruns of our favorite old show and now settling in bed my hubby is slowly drifting off to sleep after along day in the sun and the kids are off with their friends my son thankfully is staying over his friends house for the night so I won’t have to worry where he is and my daughter will be home when she gets home / I don’t worry as much with her she usually is responsible . So I think I will play my game untill I get tired enough that I can fall asleep with this stuffiness in my head. Yes my addicting game bubble pop ūüôā and yes I’m still stuck on level 36 cannot get passed it day 3 of still trying too. I’m shocked I haven’t given up on the  this because usually I do and find something else to play…..yes inpatient , but this time I am determined to get past this level .i will keep you informed. 


Hmm…. Eye Opener

It;s been a long week and its only Tues, so hate that feeling ..¬† My Son gad a track meet against their rivalry team and someone had to loose unfortunately it was my Son’s team. The team took it really hard , I feel so bad for them. I want to say to him it’s only a game but to them it’s so much more. it’s their life who they are okay they think it is ..I think that there is to much pressures of¬† all kinds. on kids now¬† and I not saying we put to much pressure as parents¬† I am talking about other kids society¬† sports them trying to prove themselves¬† to others , wanting to be in as I quote . If you read my last post I had wrote about the controversy over the new show based on the book 13 Reasons Why on Netflix about teenage suicide. Its such an eye opener I am on episode 9 and I am amazed how I can relate some of the things that I have seen in my kids school its so unreal.¬† Yes I know we where all teenagers once we had good days bad days we had breakups bad friends all that but in this new world of technology I think its out of control¬† what kids can do with it and¬† sadly really push someone to the point of suicide¬† Just by one press of a button on their cell phones,,.we know bullying is out of hand , kids do not care there mind are so wrapped up in material things okay sorry not all but a good amount of kids and this show/book I believe scares people because this is a real fear and people are afraid to see this .I do agree if your child has depression¬† they should not watch this or watch with an adult because it does not in my eye glamorize suicide maybe in a teenagers so watch talk about it . I know one thing keep the communication open with your kids no matter if they push away just keep it open.

What a week…..

What a week¬† it started off well ..then by Wednesday it all went down hill . My husband fell at work he works on a construction site. Thank God it wasn’t too bad bad enough luckily no broken bones ..and luck he didn’t crack his skull…He¬† fell off a ladder back words¬† and went down on his head he has been home the rest of the week and is still recovering from a minor concussion and whiplash so he has to rest which is hard for him he is wired to¬† always keeping himself busy, so it has not been easy keeping him down until he starts to feel the pain . So I have been busy bringing and picking my son up from practice and giving him rides to friends houses unless his friends grab him. Then keeping up meals and the house. Then On Thursday the world lost a music¬† icon, Prince….that shocked the world . Gone to young . My teenage years were filled with many days of my bedroom walls shaking from the sound of his music and my bedroom walls covered with posters of Prince. So sad .. another era gone .. I believe the news has done well covering his loss a lot of beautiful tributes they have been showing.¬† He will be missed. So now the weekend is here and it will be a low key one my husband still needing to take it easy my Son home and catching up from sleepovers remember being 16 and and staying up half the night with your friends …playing music eating just good clean fun. awww¬† the good old days nothing like them. so next week back to school and no more vacations till the end of the year,¬† June … thank god early June since we only had two snow days to make up. Then more fires s’mores cookouts star gazing and hopefully out door drive-ins nothing like watching a movie outside and the scent¬† of popcorn and french fries in the night air so yummy…can’t wait .