Morning Visitor

Good Morning ! My son looked outside and said oh she’s back .. I am like what , who ?he says the snapping turtle. I couldn’t believe it it’s been about 3 yrs since we have seen her in the last 12 yrs we have seen her twice and now this makes three times… okay I can’t say it’s the same one and I keep calling it a she but when they show up it’s usually here to lay or check her eggs. It’s amazing how far she travels ,at night she heads back to the swamp which is about 200 meters away for a turtle walking at the slow place they do is far. We let her do her thing you do not want to bother a snapping turtle. Credits to my son for the photo who didn’t hesitate to get close enough to take some photos . He has always been fascinated by them when he was about 8 we had the first sight of one and he kneeled next to it for a photo to bring in to show his class🙂. It was fun to see his face light up like he was that little boy again while taking this photo. 💕



It’s a warm Friday night the peepers are out I can just about hear them over the fans that are trying to do their jobs but it’s okay if not . I’m awake even though my hubby is fast asleep . I believe he did too much in the heat today . He had today off so it gives him a long weekend but sadly he is not one to take it easy . Yes the yard looks beautiful but it was just way to hot to fast to do all what he did. Tomorrow is my sons track and field meet he made it into the championships if he wins his races or at least makes it into the final 3 I believe he will move on to States . So it’s an early morning for him he needs to meet the team bus by 7 when they leave the events start at 10 so I’m sure my hubby will be leaving soon after him. I will not be going ,too long of a day for myself , my hip would not like the bleacher and then the standing for hours on end . My son is good about it he understands and knows my heart will be there with him ❤️ I’m so proud of him and I wished him good luck before he went to bed early tonight You never talk to him or try to before a race …hahaha he’s not a chatty morning person anyways ..unlike his mom . He never could understand how I can chat at any time of day. My daughter knows I can . So I will clean up the house , run some errands and then take sometime and relax with my book or just write, of course wait for messages from my hubby letting me know how my son is doing . So tomorrow will tell if his track season moves on one more week or not . This is surly going to be a sad moment when this season is over. I know he will run after graduating he will have to for boot camp in Oct and for now weekends throughout the summer for Army National Guards. But that I’m taking one day at a time . Need to get through Graduation .. so yes one step at a time . Well my eyes are getting heavy and I want to say my prayers before I fall asleep … so good night everyone 🙂

Night life!

Tonight was beautiful the sounds of the night was peaceful but eerie with the trains whistle echoing along the mountains and river that Is home to the tracks ,the moon shined above, the photo made it look like a fool moon almost there. The little colored lights are my solar power Lilly pads floating in our fountain . I’m shocked they still worked. We have had them for a couple of yrs the peepers where out in full force they have very vocal lately . I hope you enjoyed the photos and video , yes this is a part of my world . I love spending the evening and nights out on my deck it’s very soothing and it gives my overthinking mind a break 🙄

So Proud!

I woke after a very restless night of waking up every hour … my son had to be up for 4:00 this morning to be ready to leave the house by 5 … so I was so worried he would sleep through the alarm that my my mind must of been having me react this way . When the hr I woke up and it was 4 I was on my phone texting him are you up ? when I did not get an answer back .I was nudging my husband to get up and check ..he looked at me half asleep not too happy with waking him and puzzled how I was awake . Oh if he only knew how my night was. Today was the day the Army National Guard Sargent picked him up for his physical exam the last thing to do to make it in was to pass that…and he made it in. So my day was spent keeping myself as busy as possible with cell phone and home phone in hands reach. Let’s say a lot of praying inside and outside as I dodged the sun not knowing if it wanted to come out blazing or hide behind the clouds . When it was tolerable it was spent out side with my book and phones in hand and I looking up to the sky and praying he would be okay and in good shape to join. When 3:00 in the afternoon arrived I prayed even harder that no news was good news. At 4 he arrived home and my son and the Sargent got out of the vehicle and greeted me. Anxiously I waited to hear the news. The Sargent said to me well we have good news and bad I’m like oh no …okay? He said good news he passed and has been sworn in . I just gasped with joy because I knew how much he wanted this ,my son has always wanted this and it’s a good start to a college and army career .. so I said what’s the bad news ? He said well it was a very long day for one .. just waiting around for everything to process and instead of the end of June shipping out for boot camp for 6 months it’s October then back for Christmas for two weeks and then gone till April . So weekend trainings two weekends a month through the summer to stay in shape . We could work with this. So my son is thinking summer classes until boot camp is over them start up in the fall for the rest of his college so it will be college and National Guards on weekends 8 yrs well 4 college 8 National Guards and who knows maybe full time serving after ..knowing my son I may not be surprised. I just know we are so proud of him. He wants to serve so much I thank God for getting him through this day .. I think I prayed all day to get myself through.

Now it’s night time and my son is settled in bed . I would think he would be tired after getting up early and all he had to do plus made it to a part of his track practice . HIs championship meets start tomorrow under the Lights so another long day with School and meets Well time to settle myself and pray one more time with a big thank you. 🙂 good night!

Memorable weekend❤️

The weekend started of with Senior Prom .getting ready ..picking up flowers taking photos and then off my son went and my husband and I enjoyed supper in town. Then it was come home see all the photos being posted throughout the evening on Facebook and waiting for my friend to say my son had arrived with their son at their house with all their friends after the prom for a bonfire enjoying roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire then it felt ok to get some sleep .. morning came in a bit of a fog after a restless night keeping the phone on beside table with the volume up In case my son texted or called us ….bad idea it was going off all night with notifications from fb .Once again dragging myself out of bed to the shower then the coffee. My son arrived home moments after I was enjoying my coffee saying he was tired and getting some more sleep in.

Saturday was spent with family time on my side .. doesn’t happened often my siblings are all older then me except for my brother but he was not there so I was the little sister and yes I always feel awkward be cause their much older then I and I will never feel old enough when I’m around them but at the same time I act older because let’s just say they are a wild bunch and love to drink and have a good time . I love a good time but I’m not a drinker . My son found it a bit amusing but knows now why I do not drink .. my family is my family and I love them but it gets a bit exhausting hahaha, so that was a long day 2to 8 but it went by quick yes I did laugh a lot and talked a lot so I did have a good time as well as my hubby did ,my son got to experience the mom side . That my daughter has already , sadly she couldn’t come with us busy working the holiday weekend in floral not only was it prom but some college graduations and yes Mother’s Day … so she was very busy and happy that it’s Sunday night and she is off her feet but so exhausted.

Mother’s Day I received a big hanging plant for my back deck from my kids. Then two smaller ones for the front of the house to hang off the deck from my hubby. Next week we chose to all go out with my Mother in-law when the restaurants are less busy . So we brought her over a hanging plant and visited then went and did food shopping … so needed to be done. Now it’s night time and we made it through this busy weekend . It’s a cool Spring night good for sleeping.everyones settled in bed. Back to a routine tomorrow. Work school , errands to run then championships for my sons track and field on Friday .late start that will be under the Lights . Another last thing to add to a memory of his high school yrs. .. trying to take all this one step at a time. So it’s not over whelming but easier said then done. But still trying. Now it’s time to get some sleep myself .. good night everyone🙂


Daughters when they grow up they become your best friend. My daughter knows how to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day by bringing me home a coffee or asking me to do something with her. Every night we take a good bit of time texting one another saying goodnight , just like when she was a little girl and we had a goodnight saying,❤️ Today we spent the day together . We enjoyed our morning coffee ate breakfast then decided to take a ride to Starbucks for a change haven’t been there in awhile we had errands to run but set that aside for an hr so we enjoyed the ride listening to her music singing away . We chatted about random things , laughing are butts off which we alway manage to find something to laugh about. I love how we can be open to one another , and to agree to disagree . We have always been close . She has the biggest heart . I can always tell when something is bothering her . When she is hurting I hurt . But the best part is I love this girl of mine so much . Having a daughter is a beautiful thing❤️

Wondering why..

the evening is here and no sunset the clouds moved in hiding away the sun . So I saw this photo and thought it was soothing. I’m sitting here watching the news and shaking my head …. why are things the way they are ?why do things feel so upside down ? why do we believe we are making this a better world with all our protesting for this or that . When all I see is when I was back in high school except worse, and we are forming sad hurtful cliques . But the cliques are about us all agreeing with one another having none of our own opinions likes ..well we can but it will come with a price .. lashing back with harsh words , violence, yes this is our better world this is making progress .. hmm do you see it. Shaking my head I wonder what my parents would of thought of all this if they where still here. I’m sure their looking down from the heavens above and shaking their heads too. This new generation has some things a bit mixed up. We need more love more kindness … more morals and more fairness and so much less judgement. And hate We need to be able to respect what others believe in even if we do not agree ,without worrying about the consequence . Can we ? Maybe someday. Just maybe ….