Books..more books and movies..

I woke pretty early which is unusual for me since not having to wake and get kids going in the morning for school . So I tend to stay up late and sleep in. After a day of dreary wet cold weather . I gave in early and went to bed at a decent time . I woke to a nice sunny crisp fall morning. Enjoyed coffee with my daughter and some conversation then we headed in different directions to start our day.I left went to the post box ..hmm… nothing from my son. I know it’s early. But I can at lest hope..then headed to the library FINALLY ! I did it I was still in their system just needed. to renew my expired card but not having it still . The librarian issued me a new one . I Lucked out ..thinking I would have to order the books I wanted ,she had had them plus I picked out a book that looked really interesting and the Author was local ..even better. I found two movies . Chatted with people I hadn’t seen in awhile and walked out about an hr later with three books and two movies. I guess I’ll be reading after my hubby and I watch hour favorite shows and he goes to bed early for work . As well as a day when no errands need to be run and house is cleaned up . I can curl up with a nice hot cup of tea and a book on these cold days. Happy I finally went . It was nice and everyone there was pleasant. This way it’s cheaper too then buying the books I guess it’s time to see about supper hubby will be home soon and hungry . The Conners are on tonight the premier since they took Roseanne Barr off her own show . Don’t know if I’ll watch it or not tonight I’m recording it just Incase but that subject is for another day …. ๐Ÿ™„ I’m thinking of watching The Voice ,then start one of the books .I’m thinking that reading before bed helps me sleep better too. Okay time to take care of supper.


Quiet house…

It’s Saturday and having this house so quiet is just not right. I am missing the chaos of a active strong will son razzing me , the sound of the back door opening and closing .. even the sound of the blender waking me in the early morning while he made his healthy smoothies. Sadly it’s been only 3 days and it feels like he left weeks ago. Yes can you tell I’m not embracing this new change well? I’m hoping when he can start to call home once a week and we get his address and we can send letters I’ll adjust better. It’s just so hard when I’ve been a stay at home mom and this is what I’ve done for so long take care of my family. The funny thing , well not funny a bit frustrating I think our dryer is gave in and decided to retire ughh … now the funny thing is this would have been a catastrophe on any other day or time but tonight when I realized it and I had to hang the clothes that were not fully dry and know that it could take until Friday to get a new one by the time their open on Monday and then deliver and take away the old one it could be Friday and going to the laundry mat I may then loose it….I think my husband was shocked that I did not loose it when I realize it wasn’t working. I guess there so much more to worry about then this bit of a inconvenience but what can you do . I guess another funny thing I’m yawning .. yes a good thing I will get some sleep then letting everything keep me up worrying .. thinking . I guess it would be a good thing to get off here and get some sleep. Good night everyone.

Running from my thoughts…

It’s been about 17 hours since hearing from my son. At 8 pm when he landed in Missouri he waited for his ride to the base . At 10:30 his time 11:30 ours we texted he thought he would be staying at the Army quarters there for the night being that the Base was 2hrs away. At 11 pm I received a message that he was shipping out to the base so we said somethings to him and then Goodnight thinking it would probably be the last we heard from him until he could do once a week calls.. after my hubby and I having a rough emotional day ,sleep was not easy to come but eventually we manage to fall a asleep . At 3:00 in the morning my phone lit up and the ring was so loud I had had it up . My sons face appeared on it . It was a quick serious voice I’m here and stating he was safe and when he could call he would .. well that made us happy he was safe .. there ..but it triggered my mothering strings .. did he eat , drink enough , why isn’t he sleeping oh yes I could keep going.๐Ÿ™„ my hubby and I eventually settled down to get some sleep I do not believe much we both have been in a fog all day and expecting him to walk through the door at any minute. So much to get use to , it’s quiet , less busy, less razzing one another , I miss his big smile . Supper time and and now evening is the hardest because this is when I’m waiting wondering when he will be home to eat or not . Not wondering .. worrying when he will be home when we go to bed. Okay you got the idea . Just so hard. Miss him. This afternoon I did do some adult coloring that helped .it stopped my thoughts from wondering. For awhile ..

It’s coming along pretty good . I think it will look good after it’s done. I’m happy I was able to get into it today. and now that supper is done and cleaned up a plate saved for my daughter when she gets him from work , chocolate cookie bars just made. I think while chatting with my hubby and watching news I’ll color a bit more . I think it may be a early night for all of us ,my daughter who stated she didn’t sleep well and hoping thinking it will be for my son as well . Will all get the sleep we need . I hope you enjoy my photo of my coloring page . I guess it’s time to finish some more.

And heโ€™s on his way…

It’s 6:43 here and this day has been long and teary.. for my son its even longer only 5:43 where he is waiting for his 2nd flight and so many more hours to travel until he’s at his destination . When he arrives at the Base he gets one call to say he arrived . It will be almost midnight when that call comes in. I’ve heard from him through text while in between flights .. so much waiting. He’s doing well for his first time flying on his own . Tired .. letting him go this morning was so hard . Did well not to show too much sadness but he did hug me like three times and did the shake hand hug with his dad several times too which is unusual for him . I know he was a bit nervous but so ready. He stated he was nervous but ready but I just wanted to hold on to him and not let go . My baby boy .. no parent book in the world teaches you how to let them go. When my husband and I were driving back home from dropping him off my cell phone came to life displaying his photo I answered so fast ready to ask him if everything was okay . He called because he had two hrs to wait for his flight and wanted to let us know how long it would take to get to the Base and he was bored . Happy to hear his voice but after getting off the phone it triggered the tears . I already was missing him. Once home hubby and I told our daughter how it went she couldn’t come with us not knowing how long it would take and she had to go to work. Then him and I kept busy around the house ,him outside doing oil changes on snowblower .. generator getting ready for winter even though it couldn’t be anymore humid that we have an air conditioner running. So iI was inside cleaning up around the house finishing some of my sons laundry he has left anything to do to not think how quiet it will be for awhile . And here it’s evening now and catching the nightly news until we settle in bed and watch our shows and wait for a my son to call. . When I know he can settle I will . Yes always a mother. That’s what us parents do. Soon my daughter will be home she is ready to get home eat and watch her shows as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if It crosses her mind to ask where her brother is . She always would when she would get home from somewhere and knowing he was out he was always out she would ask where he was . I know I will think off and on I wonder what he’s up to for the day . I always wondered it . Habits.. well for now I will get comfortable color or try until shows are on.

Going away family party..

Today turned out to be a bittersweet family going away party for my son . After tackling the busy drive of leaf peepers everywhere making driving some what crazy with my daughter , treating ourselves to a mocha ice coffee being that we were a bit early helped ,coffee makes everything better well almost everything (haha) picking up the over abundance of Chinese takeout for the party then arriving home with the help of my son setting the food out for everyone to dig in . As we enjoyed the food the younger cousins went in and out to the bonfire my husband and brother-in-law had going . After we all went out and enjoyed a lot of laughs around the fire… the guys decided to throw around the football . It was a easy going day and memories for my son to take with him for the 6 months he will be away . It’s unbelievable how it’s already 9:30 at night … now the days will fly by . .. and it will be Wed early morning driving my son to the local base where he will be leaving from . He’s ready but when family started to leave and hugged him and tears in families eyes I believe I saw something of sadness in my sons eyes as well . As much as my son plays such a tough guy he has a very big heart that only a few and lucky ones get to see . I m one of the luck ones that have and I know he will miss us . I know we will all miss him too . ๐Ÿ˜ฅ that being said I’m going to now get ready for bed say my prayers and get some sleep.

Thinking … all good

It’s 11:00 at night lately been sleeping at this time but stayed up to read a bit after chatting with my daughter as we watched some of the tv show The Voice. Now laying here in the darkness with the sound of the fan humming away . .. everyone’s settled in . It’s October already , unbelievable. The trees are starting to change a bit more each day . Some places it’s so beautiful. Over the weekend I went with my son to grab a coffee and then on our way home he took me for a ride on his favorite back roads.. dirt roads ,endless fields of green . Mountains off in the distance and with the foliage amazing and so serene. He loves the back roads like his mom๐Ÿ™‚ it was nice being with him calm ,small chats he’s not much of a talker well maybe a bit more with his friends. We just drove along as he pointed out certain things that he liked as we went by certain sites . Time is flying by so it was nice to spend some time with him outside of the house on Friday he will take his dad on a hike my husband took the day off so they would have a day to spend together going on a hike. On Sunday we will have family over to see him . Sat is his day with his friends that will be back for from College being it’s a three day weekend ,to see him and they have several activities planned in just a nweek away and he will be off to Missouri for his Basic Training . He’s ready and I guess I am too well at least as much as a mom is when your child is ready to spread their wings know this is what he wants and I know he is a bit nervous but he’s ready. The holidays are coming and I know it will be different . Quieter … but we will do what we do with the rest of our family and will celebrate when he gets back as well .I will keep myself busy . Along with my hubby and daughters company . Plus I will get a chance to write letters to him which will be a nice change of pace . Love writing letters , with texting and messaging good ol writing with a pen and paper seems like a distant memory. Now I will get some time to do this again . He wants us to , to keep him posted on things going on I know he may not write back as much because in his spare time knowing him he will take advantage of getting some sleep , he says he will write I think one or two letters will come our way but will see . It’s okay if he doesn’t it will be nice for me to enjoy writing letters to him I’m looking at this with a different mind set . Well trying. (Hahaha) and I hope my husband follows. Will see .. I have plenty of books and my blog to do and read. Plus there is some movies my husband and I want to go and see . Also the occasional coffee moments with my daughter and chats. Hopefully some lunch dates too but I know she is busy with work and her boyfriend and friends . I understand that my daughter hasher life to live too . My husband and I will just need to do more activities out. .

Change is never easy but it’s a part of life and I need to embrace it , no fighting it. It’s time to move forward even if it means taking it at baby steps . Speaking of time I guess it’s time to say my prayers and get some sleep it’s getting past midnight . Good night everyone

Short posts.. a lot going on.

My posts have been short . It’s hard to describe but I’ll try , I’ve been posting everyday’s just I do not feel like I’m really saying anything … I do not feel my heart and my mind is into what I’m posting in the last week or two . I believe my heart and mind is else where . With virus’s going around with my daughter starting it then I and my son leaving in about a week and two days and now finding out he will not be home for Christmas , Thanksgiving we knew he wouldn’t but he was going to come home for Christmas but now with it not being really two weeks off it’s suggested to just stay right on through until end of Feb possibly March . Now I’m having to deal with my husband seeking my attention constantly because he’s thinking so much about it as I am trying to deal with my own feelings plus little spats between my son and I because he thinks I’m mothering him too much …ugh honestly I’m going to miss him but I think him and I need a break from one another. So dealing with a little guilt of how I’m feeling but I know he feels we need a break as well. A lot of emotions running high in our house at the moment. That’s where my heart and mind is. I hope to feel like my heart and mind will be back into this again soon. Until then hope you can bare with me .