Ahh night ..

The day seems to fly by now with the sun settlings earlier captured a nice photo of the sun setting and then the darkness followed shortly after. . The day went as plan errand to the post office . Then cleaned around the house for a bit until my daughter asked if I wanted to go with her to get her studs on her car at the garage and grab a coffee at our many coffee stops in town. We both ordered a pumpkin spice flavor coffee. After she went with a friend for a bit and I started supper for my hubby and I . Very easy (hahaha) fish stick , mashed potatoes with gravy and a veggie defiantly easy .tomorrow I think meatloaf. After supper was done and cleaned up my daughter arrived home and as my hubby was catching the nightly news her and I sat at the kitchen table chatting and laughing , always the best chats around the kitchen table if my son was home he would be sitting there as well. Something about a certain place in your house that is a comforting setting for good chats and memorable moments. I believe this started with my mom we had the best chats around my family home growing up . I will always remember those times growing up seeing my parents with their coffee in hand chatting away and laughing and then when I grew up I joined in . Nice memory. ❤️ after the time flew by and my daughter was ready to go settle down in her place . My hubby and I settled too and enjoyed our favorite show well one of them .. Seal Team . Show is over house is quiet except for the sound of my hubby sleeping away as I think I will now . First need to say my nightly prayers and send a prayer my sons way that I’m thinking of him .and then I can get some sleep a bit earlier tonight.



Now that everything has calmed down , The high school days have come to an end. Graduation has come been celebrated and enjoyed … BUT now I have all those photos of football games ,track meets ,color day dress up day graduation ,so on so on .. filling up my phone . Now it’s. time for some projects I believe will or should keep me busy for awhile … taking the photos off my phone printing them organizing them in categories in a memory photo book for my son . Hopefully I will be able to finish it before I do one for a National Guard album , that one will be sm I will not be able to fill with much , at least I can capture some things for him for a keepsake.

Then I’ve discovered the interest of creating a Fairy garden for my own project . My mother in-law has one and I found it interesting so I thought I would try creating one , bought a few pieces so far now to do this as well, then there is my house needs we are thinking of giving the kitchen a makeover ..well over due I guess I have enough to keep me busy .. and my phone will be happy to have all the photos off as well I will keep some on it so I can enjoy . Hmmm I may need a lot of coffee while I’m doing all this., I would say wine but then nothing will get done .. wine for me is for just plain relaxing next to a bonfire or on a cold cozy day inside , coffee will keep me focused🙂 I will post when I get things started and done , this will take a bit but a happy good kind if busy .

Another last ..

Friday late afternoon started out warm but as the evening came it became chilly , once again at my sons high school for the D2″s championships have begun , my son did well not his best but then again according to our local paper but I believe 2nd place in his relay is nothing to judge about . These are athletes from all the counties around us ,the best of the best competing and after the day before being up at 4 to be at his Army National Guard medial exam he did well . He has a lot on his mind and being his last D2 meet and on his home track is emotional as well. He has ran this track for 4 Year’s now and I know how much he will miss all of this. Now I know my husband will he just loves watching them . I do too but let’s just say the cold is hard to take .. even thought it’s May it was freezing last night sitting on those bleachers are rough not very comfortable and so by 9:30 after being there at 4 ,5and 1/2 hrs was enough. Getting home and eating which we hadn’t yet I was following asleep just getting a couple of slices of pizza in .hahaha I finally gave up and settle into bed under my electric blanket. My son had came home a bit after us and was so tired just headed to his bedroom and fell into bed and said can’t do a shower we let him be and let him just get some sleep. I know though that he laid there thinking about how this was his last meet on his home turf ., Because he is a lot like me and thinks a lot .. especially about moments.

Today was a rainy day and busy but that’s for another day …as I look at the clock I think it’s time to call it a day . Still a bit tired from last night. so Goodnight everyone.

Good Night🌙

the fan is humming it’s the only sound breaking through the quietness in the house tonight my hubby and his fan… the bedroom is darker then usual no light from the moon ,clouds moving in to bring some rain. My daughter is out with a friend and my son is in bed settling his mind down with a hot cup of night time tea . Hubby is fast asleep and I am not 🙂 always… I was just reflecting on the little things I guess when my phone went off a minute ago because my daughter texted me a heart because earlier before she left work she told me she was going to be a bit later she sent me a heart so I sent one back but I guess she was just seeing it and even though she is out with her friend she sent me one back still ❤️ so it got me thinking of how her and I had this special goodnight saying she was the one who thought of it ,it was long and she would say it first then I would repeat it back with her name and it went on for yrs and I always wondered when she would grow out of it . Well it took a class trip in Elementary school that she went on for a week . She was worried she wouldn’t be able to say it so I told her when your all settled in and your ready to fall asleep if you think about it say it to your self your part and when I go to bed I will say my part ….. she. Liked that idea , honestly I do not know if she ever said it to herself that whole week . I never asked because when she came home she never ask to say it just said good night … hmm funny what you can remember and still can tug at your heart… my son was more simple it was ,have sweet dreams then a hug .. hmm how I miss all those moments ..at the time it was just second nature what we did . Now its missing memories .. oh the simple things we can take for granted but then when time passed it’s really becomes a big thing and means everything. So tonight when I say my prayers as I drift off to sleep tonight I will make sure to add a thank you to god for all these simple blessings I believe I have thanked him for all these blessing but I think I need to thank him again especially about the little things . ❤️

Kitchen table..

The kitchen table .. is not just for breakfast , lunch and dinner , it’s a place for endless nights of doing homework. it’s the best place in house to enjoy a hot cup of your favorite coffee ..tea or whatever your liking is. As you enjoy a simple chat before heading out to start your day . Or a quiet moment to talk over a bad day . For me it’s the place where many moments memories are made good or bad but especially the good , the kitchen table holds on to all our laughing silly or deep conversations about life . It has heard many happy birthday songs and held many cakes of all occasions to enjoy.It hears our dreams as we sit with our cups of coffee warming our hand s and chatting about those dreams we want or we should of persude . The kitchen table is like an old friend that is always there to sit around to comfort our so many thoughts and yes that what I feel as I know it’s my favorite place in the house . The conversations get less and less as we grow and sometimes as I’m sitting here yes with my coffee and staring out my window I can hear the laughing see the tears that have been shed here . .. and I notice a slight carve into the old tattered wood where my kids I couldn’t say which one 🙂 where there’s a pencil marking when I may not have been looking someone tried carving their name or a marker stain and I smile thinking oh this table hasn’t heard the last of the laughter or deep conversations they’ll be more but of a different older time when they come home .. deeper voices .. more confident grown adults looking to enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice conversation.❤️

Relaxing …

The house is quiet my sons friends all went home the kitchen is clean thanks to my hubby ..and now we are all relaxing my son watching a movie no exams for him tomorrow he did them today and then Fri he has some so that’s good he can relax my hubby and I are relaxing in bed, I’m enjoying my book and he is watching tv ..was hoping he would read but that’s okay the book will be there on his shelf.

Like I’ve said in my past posts he’s not a reader I just pushed it hoping it would help him to relax but that will not be he what relaxes him by running and hiking is it where I cannot with my hip . But it’s all good . We just have our own thing what relaxes me is writing reading and coloring. Yes I would love to hike and run , I use to be able to but as I got older and had kids it’s not easy and that’s okay because I’m lucky to have been able to have kids and that is the greatest gift and sacrifice. When they where younger I was younger so I was able to do a lot with them and it was perfect to be able , now their older and I’m older and my job has lesson as well as my body of doing a lot of things. what I can do is sit and watch my sons track meets well In the spring more seating available the indoor winter meets my hubby goes and messages me. I can enjoy a cup of coffee with my oldest my daughter and I love to chat with our coffee and go to a book store and get our books. I can make supper for my family and my hubby cleans up and then we settle and watch our favorite shows or movies so it’s taught me one thing getting older and having no choice but to slow down that it’s not a bad thing that the most simplest things are just as important if more then the bigger things and when my house is filled with my kids friends and their filling the quiet with laughter and loud music and messing my kitchen up making food that is what I call a special moment . Life isn’t always easy but it’s good and it’s how you look at it and that is what life should be about not what and how much you have material wise but how many special moments you make and have to look back on .

Christmas Eve….

It’s 11:45 Christmas Eve Night soon it will be Christmas. I’m a bit calmer less stress the guilt I feel or felt that I didn’t do enough which I know I did is slowly easing off .. we do my hubby and I buy things all year around so they have what they want and need but it’s not about stuff …things it’s about being with our love ones sharing good times making memories and after tonight was more proof then ever that this is what it’s about, let me explain my father in-law passed this August without warning , shocking and quick it was so shocking and so out of the blue.. so it’s been hard with the holidays and absorbing this loss, a very rowdy loud straight to the point great humor kind of guy you just do not easily let go of and my mother in-law who shy of 4months this month would have been married to him for 50 yrs has been so amazingly strong and a rock don’t get me wrong she has her days but she has been so strong and we have been by her side . Tonight we spent Christmas Eve at her house and she had her grand kids all Four of them my two and my hubby” s brothers two open a present all together and read this poem when they pulled the item out of each of their gift bag I teared up the minute I saw it and my daughter did as well my son and niece and nephew all looked amazed they each where holding a medium size hand made pillow that was made out of the material of their grandfathers flannel shirts he wore and loved so much and we saw him in so often the girls were his red plaid flannel and the boys had his green flannel color ones and it had like the buttons going up the pillow like a shirt and there was a sweet poem which said something like tonight I hope you take comfort of me with this pillow and have a good night rest with me near . It was so beautiful. My mother in-law found some one to make them she called them memory pillows . Right then there it was the proof of what this night this holiday. Is about and my mother -in law just grabbed my crying daughter and hugged her crying and said I hope it’s happy tears and my daughter said yes . My son said he felt he didn’t deserve this that he wish he had spent more time with him but we told him he did and his grandfather was at every sport birthday event so he did deserve it I think that is always a common reaction .. bu all I know it was what made this Christmas Eve the true meaning … life love.. our love ones family the one thing we should never loose sight of or take for granted because when it comes down to it Family is what is important that is what matter.and look at this it’s Christmas now , well time for some sleep .Merry Christmas ! I hope my kids and niece and nephew are sleeping well with their pillows❤️