Ahh signs of Spring.

Yes their predicting snow our way tonight … the good thing is they have lowered the amounts we are getting oh I hope their right . 3 to 5 inches …okay doable .. then the time it was suppose to start snowing keeps being pushed forward it was first 5 pm then 7 now it’s 8 pm. Okay this is not the sign of Spring … it’s these guys the top photo there is 4 turkeys their a bit camouflagedand their not little anymore. I believe their bigger then Miss Abigail and she knows it. She was watching them walk all around the back yard through the window . Her eyes so big. I was in my bedroom putting a few things away when out of the corner of my eye I saw out the window these guys walking by. Such a nice sign . Now they will be here in the mornings then the evenings until Fall. Love that their back, love seeing them. They have been doing this routine for the last two yrs . Last year there was babies which I believe these are the babies hopefully we will see some babies. . Will see. Supper is done and cleaned upI made Homemade Mac and cheese didn’t think I would like the orange sharp cheddar ,that’s all our local store had that wasn’t outrageously priced. I figured I would try it. Not bad, hubby liked it . Now I’m going to settle in read my book and get to bed hopefully earlier tonight . Miss Abigail kept us up jumping on my hubby scratching the bed then our window shade until my hubby brought her downstairs to her and my daughters place .My daughter out with her boyfriend texting me back at 1 when I texted her at ll:00 that she was downstairs watch when she came in. 😭 after that I had a hard time settling in with a good sleep with strange dreams .. so tonights goal is to read now then bed at 9 .🙂

Good Morning

imageGood Morning it started off as a rainy morning but as I sit and enjoy my coffee and look at Miss Abigail sleeping away I can see the sun starting to shine through the dissipating clouds . Everyone is off to work and school last week befor Christmas . Amazing it’s almost here . I’m ready for it well mindfully I am still needing  a few thing s to get. I’m just not into it and that’s okay there are yrs we all have that we sometimes embrace it and then sometimes not. My kids are older and their minds are on so many things I think they are ready for it to be over as well. My son found a new job so he is starting this weekend working at our local ski and mountain bike resort . He is so happy besides running this is  his other haappy place.so his Christmas break will be spent their working  plus snowboarding with his friend that work there as well . My daughter is ready to get back to saving and enjoying her friends and possibly new boyfriend . So yes they are occupied🙂 My hubby took the week after Christmas off  so that will be nice to spend some relaxing time with him . If you read my last post . Thankfully  I went to bed earlier so that felt good . Need to some how get onn a better schedule but I do not think that will happen so many things have changed and I think my sleeping pattern has too. Im learning that I need to let go of the old and embrace the new that has already changed with downsizing our supper to half the time my hubby and I just eating together and the kids eating when they get home rule is the kitchen closes at 7 at the latest if they  want me to make something for them or help them a bit . Its a start have a lot of new patterns to get use too. 🙂

Photo Monday!


I would like to introduce you to Miss Abigail this pretty girl is my Daughters kitty . I have mentioned her in a lot of my posts when my daughter is at work or out with friends my hubby and I settle in with her I would say we watch her but that would not be true, She is a very independent girl . except for at at night when my daughter has to work late and my hubby and I like to settle in bed she joins us so she isn’t alone at the other end of the house. She is an indoor cat so  as  you see she stays in but loves to watch out the windows or slider …believe me she does not like the outdoors only from from the inside out view,. and we are all thankful for that because we live in the woods and there are many places and things that could cause her harm. So when I say something about Miss Abigail this is who I am talking about this pretty little girl.