The whys….

Its been a long week and it’s only Monday… going to be a long week until Friday . It’s Feb vacation for school and it’s the vacation I never could understand .. The weather is rainy or snowy but then melts and sadly it’s a week of no money the week before when you get paid every other week …. My son is going out of his mind it’s the evening he came straight home after practice ate and planted himself on his bed in the dark . Im helping him  to a point for necessities but it’s a no pay week for us as well and when your on a budget you do what you have to he found out his car that we thought was in great condition has some issues so tomorrow it goes to the garage to see how bad even though I’m a bit nervous I told him will deal with it you can use mine ,so not a good time  I know there is worst things in life then no money …car issues again  but  sadly there  are times like this ,been here before its just sad it comes at a time that is not conveniant but when is it?  This generation cannot deal with it . . Back in my day yes things where cheaper , cars fell apart we delt with it we had to get creative to occupy our time with our friends sitting at a friends( even if they picked us up )house watching movies back in my day it was music videos on mtv  and snacks and a bunch of laughs when we had no money . This day in age it’s go out to eat go to the movies eat out oh did I just say that hahahaha yes I know I did but this is all they know what to do….so frustrating  let’s see my son is home in his room laying there on his bed with phone in hand looking like he lost his best friend.. I ask him where are his friend home ok and this friend home hmm so their all sitting at home because no Money  so I to say to him cheer up soon you will get paid  we all have days months like this I told him sadly look at the alternative as my gaze goes to the nightly news talking about the school shooting and so heartbreaking families burying thier  love ones such an unfair tragedy . My son looks at the tv and says I know I understand believe  me. I know he does know life is more about money but sadly our minds are programmed that money makes us happy ….ok yes it does  it makes things easier to a point but it’s also a nuisance when we don’t have any it sets our mood …just so wrong we know life is much more then that.

I go into his room and  suggest ask a friend to spend the night he says to me I’m okay I’ll be fine now this is different usually he would bark at me  but he says it  nicly I say do you have a book you need to read for school read it take your mind off things he smirks at me I should know who I’m talking too that would be what my daughter would do not him haha and then I see his phone light up he smiles , laughs and I pat him on his arm and walk out of the room he looks at me say what was that for . I just smile back and say I’m happy I see a smile on your face.even though it was technology  helping him connect to a friend . Now if we can just focus on the positive now I’m smirking ME positive hmm not a trait I do well, sadly when  Life and it’s moments have made me this way  it’s not always what we asked for and I have learned this along time ago and more in the past year and it’s just really hard and I’m not talking about money is hard it’s just trying to find the way through it  .. To the beautiful part of it as well..and there is a lot of beautiful moments it’s just with everything that has happened and the world filled with so much more of worrysome things that just prooves to us shows us  not to take anyone or anything for granted .  Be grateful and take life one day at a time is how I get through it❤️



Good Morning ! Enjoying my coffee and happily another morning of sometime with my son, he’s not a big talker well not at home at school he is but that’s always the way when your a teenager. He had good run may have made it to All States will find out today he missed it by a second in one race that he ran. Very proud of him.

Back tracking : last night when he arrived home , if you read my last post he had a track meet 3hrs away ,my hubby and I couldn’t make it so we waited for him to come home my hubby caved into sleep , of course I was up bed but awake. He arrived after midnight and I heard him come in so I looked down our hall and could see him peeking out the door …hmm I’m like what is he doing ? Next minute he shuts the door locked it turned the kitchen light off and walking faster then normal down the hall to his room he spots me looking at him he says “oh your awake I’m scared” I’m like what! He tells me that as he got out of the car and walking up to our house he heard this screaming crying howling noise I’m like oh the boys are out (coyotes) I call them the boys. I asked if they where in our woods he said that he was trying to figure that out but wasn’t sure he said close ..maybe ?The most eerie sound of the wild to hear if their hunting it sends chills up your spine . After that I just let him get some sleep. and I did as well . Then this morning it was just him and I before he went to school so that was nice . Like I said before ,few and far between the moments with him. Now all is quiet everyone’s at work and school and I’m catching up on the news.. sad once again today .. my heart is breaking for all those angels and their families In Florida .😥 never take any thing or anyone for granted that is why even if I have only moments here and there with my children who are always on the go I will take that . It’s all special to me . So hug your kids tell them you love them everyday.❤️ with that it’s time to get busy myself do somethings around the house . Have a great day everyone.

Beautiful Day!

Aww the sun has been shining since I woke this morning so nice. Today was a different start usually it’s my daughter and I enjoying our morning coffee and a nice chat . Today it was spent with my son . It was a nice moment with him . I do not get many moments like this with just him and I , so with every minute I could grab I took it.I’m so amazed what a man he is growing into. He is so active and outgoing and such a jokester around his friends but then there’s this side to him a sense of protectiveness and loyalty that is so calming ,warm that shows his big heart only the lucky few get to see . I’m happy I’m one of those lucky few . I know when he gets home after school and practice is tired side will show then that’s the side we all know to well to let him be ..feed him and let him shower and go to bed . I’m just happy I had the moments I did with him this morning because I know there few and far between❤️

Calm mind…

It’s been a peaceful Monday . It was a mild rainy day kept busy with some nice chats with with my daughter has she did her laundry . Then we went to get coffee. Yes our thing 🙂 then there was supper to be made and my husband did the cleanup love that part . we then settled in on this rainy night with our books …yes my hubby also read , he’s not a big reader he loves the newspaper , some magazines but when it comes to a book .. it’s the whole focus thing he gets up a couple a Times yeah he said he enjoys the book but I don’t know hopefully this will change … maybe I’m a person who could read for hours so I shouldn’t compare happy he at least relaxed a bit to read At least we where all home tonight my son settled in watching a movie and my daughter and Miss Abigail are down in there place . I’m just finishing up reading while my hubby is now snoring away . Time to call it a day I guess . 🙂

Awake …

So once again another snowstorm is coming in actually already here and all the Schools and some business are closed tomorrow already. My son has two of his buddies over for the night and so the house is filled with occasional sounds of laughter or razzing each other as guys do . My daughter and I sat at the kitchen table talking and laughing for awhile as she tried to help me sign up for Pinterest …she has no patience when it comes to helping me with this kind of thing . My hubby was in bed because he has work in the morning. Now I’m settled in bed my daughter made a cup of tea and is enjoying it in her place with a book and Miss Abigail. Nights like this as simple as it is are always special to me. ❤️

Just hanging round!

imageI was walking down our hall and happen to look out one of the windows of our spare room and saw this😳 I’m like what is that ?I slowly got closer and there it was this silly squirrel just hanging around eating berries off the tree . Never saw such a thing ,pretty much his tail is holding him there. I had my daughter grab her phone and she slowly made it to the window to capture this .so the credits go to my daughter  for the photo.I was afraid if I moved he would notice and move as well. They are every where I’m afraid when Spring comes we will be over run by squirrels . There popluation is growing. At least he’s a happy little guy🙂


this is a photo taken from my bedroom yes that is my hallway that leads to the basement left door where Miss Abigail is waiting then which is my daughters place …then as you see my back door straight ahead it’s a ranch style house it’s actually a bit bigger and longer then the photo shows but it’s all close quarters the reason I’m showing this is because where my bed is my hubby and I can look straight down the hallway at night . Sadly the way we have it set up at the moment so we do not block the heaters anyways what an awkward moment tonight tomorrow I may laugh about it , right now I’m in awe (hahaha) my hubby and I where watching our TV Shows and both of our kids came home so my daughter who was in a very chatty mood and loves to come in our room and sit on the end of our bed and tell me about her day at work ….just so you know she has done this since she was little ,our son when he was little use to lay at the end of our bed and we would watch shows and movies and by the time the movie was over he would be asleep and my hubby would carry him to bed. So yes always been something that was comfortable with them ,my son will come in when he gets home at night but stands at the door and will chat a bit then go to bed but my daughter could talk for hours sitting here. So tonight here she was and she is complaining about her Ex boyfriend who she sadly has to work with and I do not blame her for being bothered by him . Well as she is chatting away she’s waiting for her new guy to show that she is seeing so they can go get something to eat and we’ll one I’m laying in bed all cozy and my hubby is in the bathroom and I happen to look down the hallway and I see this person walking slowly down the hallway and at first I’m thinking why is seth walking so slow then realize my son already went to bed and I’m like oh my it’s Jamie’s guy so I say is name and like say how are you trying to get my daughter to stop chatting about her Ex and I do not know how much he heard but at the same time this all looked so weird and sadly he only can see me but can hear her and the only light came from the nightlight in the hallway and our TV so it was dark and oh boy what a sight it must of been an awkward probably more so for my daughter and I he seemed fine (hahaha) She stopped talking jumped up and went to him and they proceeded out to the kitchen . This guy is so quiet and not shy it took her other boyfriend two maybe three yrs to come upstairs and they where together for four years if he showed up and she was upstairs he would text her this guy well very comfortable and let’s say good thing he is a guy who is all about family and visits his before he goes back on his four night shifts and has dinner with them once a week when they only live 20 minutes away from one another because other people would of thought this was strange 🙂 but still I’m so embarrassed . I guess these are the moments I will always remember….. my poor hubby didn’t have a clue by the time he came out of the bathroom she was already walking towards our kitchen . I’m thinking my daughter and I will have a nice laugh over coffee in the morning . 😂