Back to business ..

Hubby and daughter back to work . Son back to his daily routine of gym , running , and for myself taking a break while the humming of the washing machine is doing its thing. Then there’s Miss Abigail sleeping the afternoon away in the old rocking chair she has seemed to take over . Anyone who sits in it while she isn’t she will walk around you until you get up. Today is a good day for her to be lazy since the temps are in the 90’s and humid you wouldn’t believe it was September …. so supper will be bacon burgers and chips nice and simple and it will keep the house cool not having to run the oven. It was a nice three day weekend sitting around the bonfire , laughing with family nice way to finish the summer days off . Now the town seems quieter as well as my son with all his friends gone off to college close and far he is having some quieter days that he is not use to. Soon enough he will be away to Basic Training so the quiet time is a good thing for now . The humming of the washer has stopped so that is my cue to throw it in the dryer …. once again busy with something.


Theyโ€™re back!

Sitting our on my deck earlier and next think I know my feathered friends are back! It’s been a couple of days if not seeing them , with all the noise my neighbor is doing in his woods I’m sure have kept them away…. the noise is is getting a bit much for us as well . Sadly he is cutting down many trees we cannot figure if he’s clearing a path to build more on or just bored …it’s just wrong if he’s killing trees out of boredom .๐Ÿ™„ I’m happy that some of our feather friends came back. Hopefully the rest will follow , love seeing them. For now I have moved on to the back deck to rid myself of some of the neighbors chaotic noise.

Letting my swing sway me into a peaceful mode. Taking in what nature I do hear the birds singing and the random noise of acorns dropping in our woods. Such a Fall kind of noise. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t had much coffee out so my daughter is bringing me home an spiced pumpkin ice coffee when she gets out soon. Pumpkin sounds so good defiantly cannot day no to that.i guess back to my peaceful swinging before it’s time to get a couple more things done around here.

Get them while you can!

The evening started off as usual my hubby getting home from work and taking a run before the storms came in to shake off the stress of the work day. My son at his Tuesday night work out group and my daughter at work. Then there was Me .. holding down the fort and getting supper ready well leftovers last night After when everyone was home supper finished and cleaned up the thunder rolled in .My son asked if we wanted to watch a movie my son has been in a movie mode lately I’m thinking it’s his way of distracting his thinking mind and tired body so I said yes even though my book was on my lap ready to finish hubby opted out this time to relax in bed for an early work morning. My daughter came home about 15 minutes into it and decided to watch with us . My son chose one of the Thor movies I’m not much of a Thor fan but the guy who plays him I love ! (Hahaha) it was such a relaxing fun night with both of my kids . I’m absorbing all this beautiful energy from them .

When they were younger we always watched movies together it was a Friday night thing after a long week of school and work , we would order pizza and settle in and watch movies .. then the rest of the weekend was theirs to do . Now it’s when or if they want to …few and far between. So I take it while I can . โค๏ธ

Mother Nature …why

Since Sunday it’s been a crazy ride with Mother Nature… to begin it’s endlessly humid , then one moment the sun is shining and the humidity doesn’t matter it’s bright and beautiful .. then you turn your back for one second and it’s down pouring , so you go in , I then think okay now to find something inside to do well once again the sun is out . Ok Mother Nature why? It’s been no fun , this is predicted for the whole week, nothing like cabin fever in the summer. ๐Ÿ™„ on Monday it was spent with back and forth being in the car , my daughter needed rides to the garage then back to it after her brakes were fixed then I had errands to run . Let’s say my curls went to frizz every time I ran out in the rain. I will be happy when Mother Nature decides to make up her mind.

My last post I wrote was about getting ready for my Sons Birthday get together with his friends . Let’s say 12 newly graduated kids showed up his “friend group” as he calls it. They ate pizza , burgers , chips made endless s’mores and roasted marshmallows over the bonfire ,they played corn hole , at one point as my other half and I sat inside watching a movie we could hear the endless chatter , laughing , then it got quiet so my other half and I looked at one another and decided to look out …. there they sat all around the fire, talking quietly serious faces on some and some looking around at one another. I think this bunch was realizing how life had turned a new corner .. new chapter whatever you want to call it but it was now going to be different them all on new a paths not all following one another into another school year as they where so used to for so many years. Around 11 the gathering came to an end one by one kids left and 4 stayed over, after cleaning up what was left of food outside they came in and settled in his room paying Xbox , my other and I picked up a bit more then we shut everything off and went to bed …as I laid there in the the darken room I absorbed the laughter and the chatting sound echoing through the walls a bites well as the sound of friendly wrestling . I smiled but felt in my heart how I will miss these moments.

Never Judge…

I was with my son the day before he had somethings to do and asked if I would like to take a ride with him, of course I said yes .. these moments are few far and in between. As he was driving we came to a red light and sitting on the island next to it was a man eating a sandwich and a piece of card board leaning on his folded legs with the words written on it “anything helps”..homeless . We didn’t stare but he was noticeable I stated he’s talking to himself I meant nothing mean but felt sadness and lonely for him my son looks at me and says yeah I can see that but don’t we all talk to ourself at times ? I said yeah I call that thinking out loud he said yes then said Im just saying we shouldn’t judge .. I told him oh no I wasn’t just he’s lonely I wish we were a bit closer I would have given him some money . But it wasn’t safe to do so where we sat at the light. My son said we do not know what he has been through never judge . I must say I was proud of his statement ,then just sticking his nose up and ignoring him . Which I know my son is not a snob. But the statement made me realize what a mature man he is growing into and how he his sympathetic to those in need. โค๏ธ

New Moment!

It’s late afternoon and just arrived home with running to the Mall with my Son . When he woke he asked if I wanted to take a ride to the Mall with him and I was so happy must be like what’s the bing deal well this is my 17 yr old asking me his mom the one who rarely wants to hang out with mom . So this was such a pleasant surprise. It was a perfect time to use my gift cards I had .for the book store ,and spends some time with my newly graduated teen .when we arrived at the Mall he headed in the men’s store and I to the book store, Barnes and Noble there was so many books I wanted and that was such a great feeling because it’s been awhile to feel this excited over books . It’s nice to feel like the avid reader I use to be. I purchased a couple good books thanks to my blogger friend “Its not so much a jaded life **its my world “I hope I got that right.who posted the Stephen KingThe Outsider and then met my son and we grabbed a quick bite on our way back home . As he drove we chatted about random things and then some main things about him Leaving for Basic Training in Oct and how he was excited but nervous and we talked about College it was nice . We laughed about random things as well . I’m happy we spent the afternoon together I hope he is understanding it’s okay to hang out with mom once in awhile . Like I said this is my 17 yr old independent but very socially athletic determined son who is so opposite from his sister and my not so easy one out of the two to raise ๐Ÿ™‚ but love him the way he is even if he has kept me up nights since the day he was born to being colic then waking in the middle of the night to get him off his games and go to bed to high school yrs waiting for him to get home so I could sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚ but then there’s the side that is loyal to family ,women , his friends and never lets nothing stops him . So now we are home and he is off to his Tues night workout . And I’m going to make some dinner and then settle in with my hubby and the air conditioner and read … it’s not looking like a good night to sit out on the deck that I had hoped still way to warm . ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

Settling .. thinking stop thinking, ..

Today time seemed to move in slow motion. I went around cleaning up things around the house ,dusting, the usual .Figuring what to make for supper . .. knowing I had time because my hubby had texted to say he was working late. I watched my day time soap and then as I was waiting for the washing machine to finish I sat outside on my swing closing my eyes trying to stop thinking .. reflecting back to what my daughter had told me earlier in the day.. ( read my post before this) couldn’t imagine how that family was coping with this loss … I looked up at the blue sky and thought how beautiful it was and the same word echoed in my mind…..why? Does God know why ? Does he understand ?

I worry about this I must admit because I have a daughter that suffers from such anxiety since high school she is doing much better now , has her moments but gets through . She is so sensitive which I believe is what makes me so nervous .. I know when she hears about suicide it breaks her heart . She has such a big heart . After sitting outside for a bit I knew it was not doing me any good because I just sat there swinging back and forth which usually I love but I was thinking thinking to much . I got up and made myself busy until finally the washing machine was done.. About 2hrs later my daughter walked into the house alone I looked around for her boyfriend she was with earlier … no where to be found . She stated he would be here soon was with his family getting a car from them and I just wanted to come home and wait for him . I didn’t push , I watched as she went down to her place and came back with her book in hand and settled on the couch as she asked what I was doing … I stated not much sat in the living room with her with my book . I knew she was needing some quiet time but also wanted to talk but not , always when she grabs a book. she then said said I think everyone is at the beach I was like what ? she said on Facebook everyone for the most part is saying their at the beach ..going to the beach …you will see this all summer posted on there . I told her yeah I’m sure. Do you want to be ? she said no not at all just wonder why it has to be plastered all over Facebook . I thought to myself that’s what happens on there . People need to state where they are . I rolled my eyes to myself . I just replied well then stay off Facebook . Take a break from it. She sighed .

Sometimes I believe life is only exciting for some if they state all their where about’s and play how happy they are to the world … but are they? . Or just need to brag or just like to state where they are . I do understand my daughters point. I grew up without it and I think life was easier . We lived our life’s did what we wanted and no one had to really know. I think that’s why getting back into reading again and doing projects . Plus waiting for my journal I want to start and so believe it’s a perfect time .not going to say anymore until I receive it. I believe will be a great blessing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Tonight I settled in and watched my hubby and i’s favorite summer show . America’s got Talent. Now he is snoring away and I was trying to read but my eyes started to get heavy . My son is settled in for the night my daughters with her boyfriend so I think I will say my prayers and get some sleep .. hopefully I can finish saying them before I find myself falling asleep., yes my prayers are long.. โค๏ธ