Days getting shorter…

At 7:20 tonight I realized the sun had set and it was getting dark out….so it begins shorter days , where has the summer gone … not that I’m unhappy to see it go it’s been a challenging and sad one. My son received his class schedule and all the paper work that needs to be signed and sent back to the school but sadly my mind is having a hard time getting back into the routine of another school yr so I think I will take a couple of days to take a breather from the have to’s I know my son is hahaha he slept the day away today but it was well needed. So I will give myself a break stop beating myself up that I’m not being wonder mom and take those two days one day at a time and reflect over this summer and learn from it then go from there. I must say it’s nice to see my son home and reading his book he needs to read for school. Then worrying where he is running around to with his buddies . Being his Senior yr I’m hoping there will be more nights like this then last yr when he had more free time which In his case is not always s good thing and was out. We will see if I have anything to do about itūüôā


Summer Nights…

I’m laying in my bed the Windows wide open the warm summer night ¬†with a gentle breeze feels just ¬† right the light of the moon shadows the walls of my room .Down the hall ‘ in the next rooms the sound of the girls contagious laughter is comforting daughter ¬†and her friend catching up on the days gossip. Love these moments for there short and less often So I take it in absorb it for those the¬† are moments I will remember when the house grows ¬†quieter with only the sound of the walls showing there age.this will be one more memory¬† I hold in my heart .

Ahh Friday…

Aww it’s Friday , can’t complain ¬†wasn’t a bad week actually very pleasant. Monday was a holiday so we let the rain come down and skipped having a cookout and went out to eat . then it was My Son’s Track banquet which started off pretty scary as they where predicting severe thunderstorms we where driving right into it with my semi new white yes white car getting hit by quarter size hail.. we let my son drive because it was at the coaches new house he knew the way and I let my husband sit up in front to help him just in case well as¬† I was having a major freak out sorry can’t think of another way to explain what I was feeling or doing as the hail just shattered ¬†down on my car and I’m trying to block ¬†my ears and mind of what my car ¬†would look like after My son pulled off the road to a logging road under ¬†a tree to protect it a bit the wind was blowing so bad and it was so dark the scene ¬†was like out of a movie. luckily the storm passed and car was fine covered in leaves and dirt but that was do able . So we got to the banquet safely and it was fun and sad at the same time seeing the seniors say goodbye we will miss those runners especially ¬†my son ..Then Thursday night my daughter and I sat out on our deck under the star’s and enjoyed the peepers as well . Tonight ..Friday it’s a chilly one and my husband has to work on Saturday ¬†and my son will be at the mountain bike park early practicing for his ¬†down hill race on Sunday which ¬†is scaring excuse my language but it’s scaring the hell out of me I will be there to watch and will be holding my breath till he is safely down that mountain ..but for now settled in on this Friday night ¬†under our covers watching television. Watching repeat of America’s Got Talent ¬†showing it for people ¬†who missed the 1st night so enjoying that again. ¬†Well everyone have a good night.


Motherhood..happy ..laughter , strict ups and downs. ¬†One minute busy next minute ¬† echos of loudness next moment quietness you ¬†could ¬†hear a pin ¬†drop. One minute you feel you have all the answers next minute you¬† have none. You try to be strong all the time but sometimes you just feel weak. One day you feel like your everything to everyone sometimes you feel like your nothing. Life of a mother is a hard job there are a lot of special moments but there can be some sad and sometime you feel like your working 24/7 then your not doing nothing at all. I guess that’s what mothers do and its a tricky thing but in the end it’s so worth this roller coaster ¬†ride.



As the sound on tain falls steadily ¬†on the roof my daughter and I enjoy a late night ¬†talk of laughter and just lfe as we ¬†enjoy the sweet taste of cake and glasses of milk it’s after midnight the rest of our family are fast asleep we just keep talking ¬†endlessly ¬†its nice not done this in a while this is the moment I cherish about motherhood these spontaneous moments of simpleness ¬†with my kids . My daughtmer ¬†and I have always been the ones to have a good conversation and moments of plain silllyness.whether its ¬†over cake a meal or a cup of coffee.Yes motherhood ¬†is a beautiful thing and as we decide its time to settle ¬†I realize its 1 in the morning ¬†its Mother ‘sDay beautiful ¬†start to it. Happy Mothers Day Moms.


Photo Monday!


On Sunday my Son had his Junior class Auction to raise money for their class for senior year I didn’t go because I really didn’t get the whole auction thing and I figure you should have a good amount of money . He was helping out . So I did some food shopping for his track meet …Gatorade and and snacks when I came home here sat this beautiful set of dishware a China set on our kitchen table, my husband said he bid for these thinking I would like them ….yes I do.. I love them , their so fragile and beautiful .My husband said he was proud looking when he walked in with them . I wanted to cry because there was so many things after I found out he could of tried for that he liked but did not. I went into his room and gave him the biggest hug and he smiled and I just did not want to let go ūüôā another beautiful moment.. so this is my photo Monday. ūüôā

May Day!

Screenshot_2017-05-01-19-30-45-1 I was reminded this afternoon with my daughter ¬†that it was May Day when¬† we took a ride ¬† into town this morning and saw the local Elementary¬†¬† kids with their teachers pushing a wagon filled with May Day baskets. May Day basket you ask well that was a basket or a cup designed with fresh beautiful spring flowers and notes or pictures…a celebration¬† of Spring. in other cultures theirs music bright color pole with ribbons that you dance around. .. a may pole , you ate cake. What I remember was making the¬† baskets¬† and going to neighborhood houses and giving a basket to an older or shut in person¬† and then random houses. I did it as a child as well as my kids I always thought it was a fun time my kids thought so too. It was nice to see the smiles on peoples faces when they found them at their doors.