Photo Monday!!!


Today I got my subie back and had a nice ride home in it with my daughter we stopped off at Starbucks for a coffee and it was so nice, it’s not very often we get out together lately with her busy with work ..friends ..boyfriend.. in which case it should be. ..but I miss our outing, when we arrived home she grabbed her car and went off with a friend and I sat on our deck absorbing in the warm beautiful sun as I felt the eyes of Miss Abigail the kitty eyeing me at the open window and catching some sun herself.

Photo Monday!

This is my Photo for  Photo Monday the picture looks a bit tattered hahaha  yes it’s the original games very happily well used . My husband and I use to play Yahtzee all the time before we had kid’s  and when they would finally settle down for the night when they where little . Now Uno we played a lot with kids they loved it .Actually my Son still enjoys it he plays it when his friends come over and their sick of being on their phones which I love ! . Friday night it was just my Son and I home which was a rare occurrence  hahaha well for about an hr or so and we played Uno it was a nice moment. this is what I treasure and hold in my heart moments like this, just spontaneous . Then over the brutally cold weekend my husband and I played Yahtzee for the first time in yrs so that was another moment and now with the big 2017 Blizzard coming our way tomorrow morning   my husband is home  and my Daughter should be maybe I can gt her to play. My Son of course will be going to friends tonight since school is cancelled already and sleepover and be snowed in with some friends ….teenagers .  I must say these games just get so neglected this day in time with all the technology that has taken over, it’s nice to be unplugged for awhile and enjoy what we grew up on . I am so happy my kids where born in the time board games where the in thing so they still can enjoy them.  One of the other board games that we enjoyed was scrabble . Need to play that some time . Well enjoy my picture and if you have a favorite game let me know send me a comment back would love to know.20170313_190303

Sigh …day 2

So it’s the day after I wrote my post of a not so good day with my new/used car purchase . So like I wrote in my post on Wed The car was told to come back because things had not been serviced on it and probably should of never left their lot.

It’s Thursday and at 9:30 in the morning after a very long restless night and wake up call from a roaring wind that sounded as angry as I felt at that moment. So I grabbed some coffee and started  getting somethings done that consist of using electricity because I worried we could loose it . the phone rang and it was the car dealer , the service guy sounded up beat well of course he did .. and told me that my car was all set and yes it had some issues that  where fixed  now minor as of yesterday(read Tues post) Today not…. and everything he stated now proves to me if I had known at least one of those issues I would of walked out the door. okay of course they do not tell you but rules where broken and lies where said and they wanted this car gone and I am now even more  mad because my son drove that car in the past two days while his  car was getting some things done and I felt his car wasn’t safe …oh my… my new car was the one that really wasn’t safe. so they where not happy that I was not happy about the work they did and I told them I’m sorry but how can I possibly be happy. so with this  this wind I told them I was not driving in it  with their  car they loan to me and and I feel uncomfortable driving it, he understood hesitantly  and  told me  tomorrow would be fine. I am hoping when I do get  there do  I  can get a moment to speak to their manager and ask him or her if she knew about this and that  I hope this is not how they do all their business  because if my son , daughter myself  who drove that car with the unsafe issues  had had an accident they would not be happy for what they would be in for. I just hope some other family isn’t driving one of their  unserviced  vehicles..

Free time… what to do?

So another quiet weekend ..yes this is probably now going to be the new norm. I should be enjoying it , okay I was but now with each passing weekend even some week days it’s sadly out of my comfort zone. Yes I said that. I am just so use to doors slamming shut music blasting through walls running around cleaning up after everyone and now the house is always clean doors and walls quiet just the sound of the house creaking or my husband snoring hahaha well with the cold temps at the moments movies have been our new thing snuggle under the warm blankets in the comfort of our bedroom , going  for rides again for a coffee or just riding I know ….why am I finding issue with this? a lot of people would love this free time.  I’m just such a take care of someone or something kind of person. It’s just what I do . but now I need to rewire my brain hahaha and try to get use to this so I am going to get back into reading books again I use to love reading but it took me forever to get through one . I am thinking of summer with my husband at the drive in movies and sites to check out that my hip will allow. More summer evening at our favorite eatery sitting on their patio. Okay I can do this hahaha can anyone give me some suggestions like good reads , movies,  activities? would love some ideas .


Another day..

A rainy snowy cold day again school was cancelled , but thankfully just in case it was not going to be my son slept over a friends so  we wouldn’t have to worry about getting out of our driveway …..One of the downfalls of country living  for the  most part our driveways are basically a road and unfortunately we have a slight hill that my car loves so much. …not 🙂 so it was a quiet night with my son not home with his music playing as loud a as he can get it. I missed him but was happy he was safe and we wouldn’t have to deal with this weather.  Now just waiting for him to get home….thankfully my Daughter  had the day off so we stayed up a bit later last night and enjoyed some shows my husband went to bed …  so today was quiet day with my daughter doing things in her basement and so I did my things around the house and as I was I saw the most beautiful Cardinal at my feeder it  was so red. It was even better then seeing the sun at the moment . It really brighten this day up even if it was only for a moment.  I love when even on a dark day there is something that can brighten it up and make you smile.

Photo Monday being silly..

So this a bit late posting but it’s just been one of those day, .it’s hard getting back into the swing of things after school vacations because I take advantage of having  less of a routine and late nights and late mornings.  but we all need to do that time to time.. okay so here is my Photo Monday it’s a bit silly but there is a lot of emotions that comes with this photo . One it’s my oldest my beautiful daughter and I using her snap chat this is one of the filters becoming a deer 🙂 the second emotion  that comes to me is love because it was one of her days from work and she spent the day with me  we enjoyed a ice light lunch out and then had a delicious Starbucks Latte then  headed  home and took silly innocent pictures I think the other ones we took we almost had ourselves on the floor laughing so hard . I am so happy I have such a great bond with her My son and have a great bond also but it’s on a total different level and he is 16 so goofing with mom is strange I quote him 🙂  I hope you like it and I hope you do silly things with your kids once in awhile I recommend it you will enjoy it so much and the memories you will be making is the greatest gift.


Beautiful morning..

The Sun was so welcoming this morning after a cloudy day the day before . I couldn’t help myself to capture a picture on the way to school and yes my son was driving. It  was just so uplifting  It was well due needed the suns energy on me.. I have  been feeling so over whelmed lately with everything that has needed  to be done, paid etc…  that worrying as got the best of me which I do not like to let this  happen to often. I cannot wait for things to wined  down just a bit.I will   take it day by day or at least try to. I know there still is   the holidays to add in going to or try to take in stride  ….yes… do not get me wrong love the holidays I am just having a hard time getting into them  this year , much  .. much  harder when your kids are adults and teenagers so not the same …The magic of Santa is what I miss  the most especially this one memory  .  when  my kids where young. There Daycare use to give out these little packages of reindeer food which was oatmeal and other safe edible ingredients  if squirrels ate it  so Christmas eve before the kid’s would go to bed they would sprinkle it on the front yard  and Santa’s Reindeer would smell it and bring Santa to the house they did know after they did this they had to go to bed and they did hahaha   but it  was the look  their faces how they would light up as they sprinkled it well my son liked to throw it  🙂  my daughter was so dainty.. she would sprinkle it just so ..oh  how miss those moments.   I am happy we have those memories to look back on. I have now replaced it in which Is what we should  think more of is  counting our blessings , I always have but now it’s more meaningful when your kids are old enough to share this meaning with you,, happy they know what is important  there  also finding even though holidays are coming life is busy for them  and they still have their responsibilities  how life changes in  one blink. Where did all those years go?….hmm a question I ask myself at least once a day 🙂 So I am trying to just walk sometimes it’s a crawl  through this new journey of life but I do know somethings that  have  not changed  is still having  our schedule maybe a bit different  no more writing in kid play dates  to  or kid parties . now writing in  driving time for my son, exam fees due. Sport meets to be at.. work drop offs  yeah I think it’s a bit busier in a  different  way, and no more little kids running around the house with their friends but my son and daughters girlfriend  and boyfriend coming over  loud music banging through my sons wall my son and his friends coming and going through my front door my daughter  having a girls night with drinks and movies yes their 21 and her friends stay over good thing she has a furnished basement . but I  must admit I like the noise and there chaos 🙂 with all this newness comes a little more quiet nights home with just my husband and then that’s  when we find Some time  for a  ride and enjoy a coffee or grab takeout and settle in with a  good movie and enjoy one another’s company that time has changed more then ever we forget how it use to be just him and I so do not forget this a very important thing to remember when it comes to this for all of you new parents.  There  is  hope some things that do  not change 🙂 all though this I would not mind  is Laundry having to be done 😦  which my Son could do but mom does it better.hmmm good one on his part. lets not forget the rest of the housework ughhh …then dinners to  be made . yes  all the fun things. I must say I am happy today house work is done supper is ready to be made when time the comes and I actually enjoyed my coffee and news this morning I believe it was the sun yes going to hold on to that thought. and so now today is pretty much mine and my pups  yes my loyal friend. so I will wait for my favorite show  do some adult coloring and yes tweet love twitter… tomorrow will be another day oh yes …but today  It’s a me  day !!!