Coffee Time.

By now you must have realize my daughter and I love our coffee and love spending time going to get coffee and enjoy our coffee with good conversations and a lot of laughs. So this week instead of driving forty minutes to Starbucks …which my daughter and I love . We decided to go local very local like minutes away from our house so I’m sure or maybe not thinking why drive forty mins when you can drive only several minutes for coffee? I’ll answer anyways , because our local coffee is very expensive but then when you really come down to it , for a forty minute drive using up gas for a dollar less specialty coffee it’s worth paying that dollar more coffee at the local and using less gas unless there is other places we need to go . Their holiday coffees we found out are delicious and use more natural ingredients . My daughter and I ordered a Peppermint Mocha hot coffee with chocolate flavor cream on top and then they drizzled chocolate syrup over it and sprinkled pieces of candy cane over it . It was so delicious! And the coffee shop is so cozy . The bakery goods are delicious and many of but the coffee alone is just enough for us. Will defiantly be going back .


Weekend… Full circle

It’s been a nice Weekend ! Saturday evening close friends came over, a couple that my husband has been best friends with since his school days .. yes very rare these days and I best friends with his wife since the day I met both of them dating my hubby back in the day. We became fast friends when a little while after she began dating my husbands friend . We had many fun weekend adventures the four of us, so many things together. laughs and great chats before we both decided to start our families .. actually her and I were pregnant within 8 months of one another. Our two daughters growing up together from babies to now in their 20″s yes in different places of time but still best friends My friend has 3 kids so her son came a yr after our firsts then her third child her second daughter we were once again pregnant together with her third and my second my youngest my son . We did a lot together as families Trick or treating. Birthday parties sleep overs , some vacations . Many chats on the phone talking about the kids .. the good.. the bad , the drama , and then one day they all grew up as well as us (hahaha) and things Began to change less time together different towns apart . different parenting groups and less chats , yes life got busy and as always for the most part we lost sight of us being friends as we once started out to be. .. much like how you loose who you are once you have kids , everything seems to be surrounded by this new life your family your kids , not that you meant to but you just in some cases loose sight of who you are. Then one day your kids grow up and here you are but sadly thinking who are you now? If your lucky you kept sight of this when you began this new journey called parenting. If you haven’t then you now begin the new journey called next chapter and let me tell you starting a family and becoming a parent is no easy task but honestly I think this new chapter after kids is a bit more harder to except. Luckily my friend and I have found our way back to one another . Oh so different still adjusting , learning . So last night finally got together after sometime and as couples not a family get together. They came over our husbands went and grabbed the food we ordered ..and we stayed back and just let the words flow out .. we couldn’t stop talking ๐Ÿ™‚ it was so refreshing .husbands came back with the food we ate chatted the four of us then after the guys stayed in the kitchen playing cards enjoying some drinks and her and I settled in the living room chatting , laughing then after we enjoyed some dessert my husband turned on the good ol 80″s channel and the music from our past just filled the air around us . We just stood in the kitchen laughing singing being foolish to the point of tears (hahaha) then it dawned on me I told them this is so like the saying “coming full circle ” that’s what we were doing without even realizing it .. yes older but it was such an amazing moment as we paused for a moment taking in that thought . It was indeed a nice night . I think we need more of these nights .

Simple ..little Things..yes thinking.

It’s a rainy day once again. Sitting here in my living room enjoying my cup of coffee and just thinking .. in my sons letters home he has stated many times it’s about the simple things and little things . I know he’s missing home and there has been a lot of time of him thinking and being only 18 and first time away from home , family , friends , and not much contact except hand written letters every 13 days how he receives them is a very big change. I just hope once he is home on leave he will remember this . .Statement.

It really is about the little things I have always thought that . No other way of thinking otherwise when I’ve grew up in a big family with little money to go around . Oh don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining at all .. just the way it was and we were not poor by any means , we had everything we needed and then some . Christmas with a beautiful simple Christmas tree presents under it and we counted how many present but whatever amount there was we were happy and satisfied But you know growing up there’s always I wants. And yes at times we got the I wants but when we were able to get jobs then we used our money. Life was simple though the suppers at 5 every night or you came home heated it up or made something else you ate what my mom made . Or you made a sandwich . Yes a sandwich .. Summers we cooked out a lot stayed out till bed time . Went to drive in movies . Can’t recall going to a theater much . My dad had a boat so weekends sailing . We always went to the Town fair . So simple . Until this day I’ve lived simple . My house isn’t fancy it’s a ranch style we built it’s simple cozy , homey .its not elegant it’s lived in . ( haha) and thankful for that because anything bigger would be too much to take care of for me. When the kids were little we went to the beach a lot with the whole family , my kids always had what they needed and yes alway wanted more ..if we could they got it if not they didn’t . Now the days are quieter and life is even more calmer and my past time is reading , writing , long rides with my hubby , lots of chats, and yes just plain simple nights home watching tv with my hubby or if my kids are here in which now my son wrote how he misses this . As he grew older it was only happening if he had no money to go out Hmm what you realize. . I’m sure sounds boring to some . I wouldn’t want to change anything …we..lll maybe bring back for a bit my kids being little and home more. Yes I know they grow up … and fast. Change comes and it is what it is. .. In this world now we want more never have enough money.. things but do we ever think about time ? No too busy running having to keep up with what everyone else is doing or has whether it makes you happy or not worrying more of what you say and how . Which honestly truth is the best but that is slowly fading away in these times along with love morals values , being replace with hate , rudeness , and a lot of regrets. maybe for a bit all the running around being what everyone wants you to be does make us happy but then eventually something hits us in the face with a dose of reality and you then realize what matters . . Ahh yes the simple things .. family, your special close friends you can count on your fingers . That’s what matters .

Good morning!

Good morning everyone hope everyone’s having a good week . I can’t believe it’s Wed already . Been a less running around week then lasts . Last week I felt I needed to keep running around to keep my mind from thinking , wondering. And when that only helped a bit I just gave in and decided …. it’s okay to just stop and if my mind started thinking and wondering fine . Running from it was not going stop it. Things are different .. quieter .. less busy and yes I miss my son so much and it’s fine to feel that . And shed a tear or two or three ..(hahaha) so this week I realize after giving in to my feelings I’ve had a calmer week , I’ve kept busy no chance in that not happening house still needs to be kept up errands still need to be run and suppers still need to be made . But my mind as let me concentrate on reading and coloring . My husband and I are enjoying are shows together and we are joking more learning to be us again . Always have been but now it’s more joking just laughing to our own little things. . My daughter is still at home but has been out with friends and boyfriend and work so haven’t seen her much . I know soon enough my son will be home but I know this experience of his has started a shift in a change of how things will be .around here for all of us.

Opinions ..

As I did things around the house ..the little bit of laundry I decided I should do , start the dishwasher , my daughter asked if I would like to go with her and grab Starbucks as I stated in my post this morning. Her car had its oil change it needed and then we enjoyed Starbuck lattes a perfect crisp cold fall day for a pumpkin spiced latte and some special time spent with my daughter it was nice hadn’t done this in awhile with her. Even though my daughter lives at home in the furnished basement she has her life to live too . So spending time with her ,moments I take advantage of whenever possible. So about the title of this post .. Opinions well I posted it on Facebook I haven’t been posting much on there lately plus I usually only post when something new or a special .. or a serious moment .. I posted about my son heading off to Basic Training if you read my recent posts .. I wrote about it on my blog , so I posted how my daughter and I enjoyed our day and enjoyed Starbucks and fine people have their opinions and Everyday people voice them whether on Facebook or many other social networks but for sometime I have had issues with Facebook friends … followers whatever you want to call them, I say it this way because I can’t say FB followers are all my friends I’ve had moments of some not nice opinions stated on my posts ” opinions “๐Ÿ™„ if you want to call it that I believe just plain rude people who are not happy with their own lives so they like to state rude sarcastic remarks . Call it freedom of speech if you may.. but I call it just plain immature and mean I said I posted about Starbucks with my daughter and this follower had to comment something mean and sarcastic because they didn’t like Starbucks but why not just keep your opinion to yourself if you didn’t like it ..ignore it move on read something else .. no couldn’t do that . I could of commented back but knew this would only give this person what they wanted start something I’m going to just delete their comment and eventually delete them. Tired of people who are just mean, I know the world is made up of all kinds of people .. sadly … but doesn’t mean we have to listen to them. Deal with them .I wonder why our younger generation has become what they have when the adults in their life are acting like rude despiteful animals. What have we become ? I believe it getting worse everyday the hate in this so unbelievable. I will not let anyone stop me from posting things that I find and know respectful and cherish moments with my family I will just delete them . To me it’s not about how many followers . It’s about writing .. writing about what is important to me . And the people that respect me and follow me and those who do not like what I write or post respect me enough not to like my posts or comment rude remarks I respect . Not everyone has to like or agree what all of us do on social media but we can be mature and respectful . I do not think that is too much to ask. Sad a beautiful moment post with my daughter had to be tarnished by a rude comment for everyone to see .

Back to business ..

Hubby and daughter back to work . Son back to his daily routine of gym , running , and for myself taking a break while the humming of the washing machine is doing its thing. Then there’s Miss Abigail sleeping the afternoon away in the old rocking chair she has seemed to take over . Anyone who sits in it while she isn’t she will walk around you until you get up. Today is a good day for her to be lazy since the temps are in the 90’s and humid you wouldn’t believe it was September …. so supper will be bacon burgers and chips nice and simple and it will keep the house cool not having to run the oven. It was a nice three day weekend sitting around the bonfire , laughing with family nice way to finish the summer days off . Now the town seems quieter as well as my son with all his friends gone off to college close and far he is having some quieter days that he is not use to. Soon enough he will be away to Basic Training so the quiet time is a good thing for now . The humming of the washer has stopped so that is my cue to throw it in the dryer …. once again busy with something.

Theyโ€™re back!

Sitting our on my deck earlier and next think I know my feathered friends are back! It’s been a couple of days if not seeing them , with all the noise my neighbor is doing in his woods I’m sure have kept them away…. the noise is is getting a bit much for us as well . Sadly he is cutting down many trees we cannot figure if he’s clearing a path to build more on or just bored …it’s just wrong if he’s killing trees out of boredom .๐Ÿ™„ I’m happy that some of our feather friends came back. Hopefully the rest will follow , love seeing them. For now I have moved on to the back deck to rid myself of some of the neighbors chaotic noise.

Letting my swing sway me into a peaceful mode. Taking in what nature I do hear the birds singing and the random noise of acorns dropping in our woods. Such a Fall kind of noise. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t had much coffee out so my daughter is bringing me home an spiced pumpkin ice coffee when she gets out soon. Pumpkin sounds so good defiantly cannot day no to that.i guess back to my peaceful swinging before it’s time to get a couple more things done around here.