Give me some time…

Hi everyone ! I have not posted on here in about 5 days which for me is a long time. My mind has been too preoccupied to write and not something I cannot really put into words … ( hahaha) it’s a matter of over thinking and being a mom who yes over thinks. šŸ™„ I will keep reading yours tho and commenting on your posts . I will be posting soon I Just need to learn the art of letting things go and learn worrying and overthinking does no good for anyone. Sadly being a mom we are all very good at that. Unless your one of the lucky ones who have masterc this art of letting go and letting things just be. I know eventually I will exhaust myself in doing so and then may be able to conquer this new chapter in my life. I will be posting soon . Please just be patient with me šŸ™‚

Just a Mom….

A Mom’s job is 24 ours… never alone in her thoughts ,always thinking of their kid’s well being. I would do anything and everything for my two kid’s and I think I do. If you were to ask my Son that would be a no. … well in his opinion, my Daughter would say other wise she seems to have my back . even when us Mother’s are not feeling well…having an off day etc. we do we always do we get up we pull ourselvesĀ  together and we get things done. yes its crazy but we are moms right??? hmmm tonight I am thinking okay have I done to much am IĀ  to easy do I say yes more thenĀ  the word no? YES!! I think I do and tonight I am finding this out. My teenager can make me want to pull my hair out. but then he says one thing and My paternal instincts kicks back in andĀ  I am taking care of every need which I know he is capable of ughhhh I am trying to get tougher this isĀ  going to take some time to learn yes and this is with my youngest child. my two kids are like night and day literally My daughter first born was bornĀ  at night my Son born at day time. Oldest has dark hair youngest blondĀ  shall I go on they think the total opposite some people wouldn’t believe their siblings. lol….my Son is so good at testing me. then he breaks me when he does this side smile and triesĀ  to make amends and I just want to hug him lol..crazy right?Ā  No…just part of being a mom. Has I read back of what I wrote I wonder 1095c2f31360a8653d70c70116f7f18d om qoutes 1where I am going with this I guess I just needed to vent. right???Ā  Yes because I am a Mom.c1279d3ec458a1321a182fe8000d3743 momqoute2


Aahhhh!!! thats how I feel. why raising a teenager feels like a balancing act or a seesaw or a tug a war should I go on….which way will he tilt today? Oh my it’s tiring I know I’m not the only parent who feels this way but it seems that way and especially when I see other parents on Facebook bragging about their child and the child liking it , I use to do that not brag but just put credit where credit was due and a photo if I was proud of him with a sport win ,but then one day my Son said Mom please stop talking about me its embarrassing ..and people are telling me what you write ,yes that hurt me and I went on the defenseĀ  and deleted his friends That I will tell you befriended me first on FB so now nothing is said no photos…and do you think it makes my life easier with him ?? NO!! hahahaĀ  like I said a balancing act . I love how he tells me just be my mom…hmmmĀ  okay you said it. but then they think they have all the answers… oh boy this phase can’t end fast enough .my daughter was so much easier she didn’t go through this she was more quiet laid back more cautious so she would bring her friends home and had more sleepovers at the house ,my Son use to bring his friends around and have them over for sleepovers well okay that was elementary school now he is in High school he can’t leave this house fast enough and he stays over their house . I was told by one Mom who said their suppose to do this to separate to function in life, has anyone ever heard this? could someone give me some answers ..hahahaĀ Ā  I will say one thing I am on Facebook less and I am not missing it. šŸ™‚Ā  but that is just me.