Night… noises

It’s a cool Monday night . Outside the sky is speckled in stars and the crescent moon bright enough to cast shadows along the edges of our woods. The frogs you can hear in the distance and firefly’s are out and about making it look magical as they light up the ground and the trees . Inside the house is quiet and dark as everyone including Miss Abigails is tucked away in their rooms for the night. I thought I would take advantage and cozy up on the couch and enjoy my next new book.

My mind changed quickly as I saw the front outside light turn on . It’s probably just an animal running through the yard… but no I couldn’t leave it at that , my imagination got the best of me. Earlier on Facebook there was a post that someone escaped from the jail around 2pm and they still hadn’t found him. To keep a look out. Now it’s about an hour and a half away from where he escaped and honestly I do not think he would come our way it would be too easy to get caught. But sadly my imagination wouldn’t let it go so I shut the light off checked the doors again . And ran down the hall to our bedroom ( hahaha) now I’ve tucked myself in bed . This is the girl who just received a stack of Stephen King books from my sister to read … hmm will see how that goes . Ridiculous … right? It’s been a strange day so why not top it off with a strange night. ..Spooking myself I really good at. 🙄


And there was sun!

  • Ahhh woke to the sun shining into my bedroom . Late night had a hard time falling asleep .was too warm then cold ..oh I hate when the weather seesaws with its temps .. cool all day then the night seem to warm up and I guess it did as waking to 58 out and yes the sun ! I decided to get up and enjoy it then trying to catch up on sleep. My hubby and son at work . My daughter still down in her place but miss Abigail roaming the house , going from one room to another. Looking out the windows . Trying to find the most exposure to the suns rays. I went to the coffee pot and as I’m pouring my coffee Miss Abigail can hear me at it and now waiting for her morning treat. So coffee for me and treat for her. Went to sit out on the deck with my coffee but I need to wipe down the chairs.. still soaking wet . So I leaned on the railing for a bit to just feel the sun on my face . I pray Mother Nature has decided it’s time to let us enjoy Spring.
  • Time to finish my coffee and breakfast… do somethings inside then get outside and enjoy the sun . 🙂
  • Monday ( burr)

    It’s 10:00 at night and just posting for the day. Laying in bed with my electric blanket on low .. yes you read right….. my electric blanket. Woke to 61 out all the windows open and at 1 in the afternoon the winds picked up and some rain then sunshine the rest of the day but temps dropping to the 40’s by 3 in the late afternoon. Walked around shutting windows and cursing to myself why .. I was already in a mood so the cold temps hitting my body was another shock to my system …not helping my body feel any better.

    Anyways this was my Monday. Waking up at 7:30 jumping into the shower. After already being woken up at 5 in the morning to a sound of a bang like something crashing down onto the floor. But not realizing it until I woke back up at 7:30 finding that it was a photo in a frame that fell off the window sill and I really do not know why there was no wind at the time unless Miss Abigail found her way in to my bedroom. After my shower my son had woke too as my daughter was getting ready for work . Hubby already out the door . My son and I had coffee and waited for the starting of the Boston Marathon. We chatted as we watched . Then towards the end of the race he headed to the gym and I put a ham in to cook for supper. Well the clouds came in and it got dark the wind started to roar I looked at Miss Abigail who was laying on the floor in front of me as I prepared the ham to cook . She kept meowing at me when I told her we were not in Kansas anymore .. being silly with her since the looks of the outside scared me a bit 🙄I think it unsettled her a bit too because she kept randomly meowing. . After my daytime show came on I grabbed another cup of coffee to warm my hands… I think tea would have been a better choice but there was still some coffee left so why not. Half way through my show breaking news cut in . The Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire . I watched in horror . How ? Why? Oh my it’s Holy Week … yes my mind works in mysterious ways. My son came home from the gym and saw I was watching it and said he had heard and sat watching it with me . Such a beautiful place .. gone . It was sad watching. So my heart breaks for France tonight. So many people watching it and their reactions were so sad. The news ended my son napped on the couch and I did a few things to keep my body from stiffening up from the change in temps. My son will start a job on Thurs at a local restaurant delivering takeouts and waiting on tables this will be Thurs through Sunday .mid afternoon till 10 at night until he finds something else . Unless he likes it and it’s worth the pay . Will see. My ham turned out good everyone was home to enjoy it. And now my son is out for a bit and my daughter relaxing down in her place. It was a strange kind of day the frame randomly falling, the sad news in France . everyone home to eat my supper yes strange and then this cold weather .. ahh what a Monday it was .. well time to get some sleep , hopefully my son isn’t too late. Good night.


    Once again here we are Monday again . And late afternoon at that .Had a Dr.’s appointment . Routine blood work followup. Then back home to cleanup the house and chatted with my daughter while we did our things.. It’s a rainy cold day … a rude awakening after a beautiful warm sunny weekend. Sitting on the deck with my book or just with my daughter chatting and enjoying the sounds around us was nice. My son went for his interview he said it went well but will see if they call him. Crazy transitioning time for him . All of us … when I think about how busy I was .. we were with little kids running around and having to be some place or another, every minute of the day play dates , school open houses , sport events. ..seems like only yesterday. Busy was nice . I miss it at times.. maybe not the running part I guess I will admit.. but the chaotic parts of friends running in and out of the house . Sleepovers, loud music .. I know all the things I’ve mentioned before on my blog. I guess seeing the transitioning my son is going through brings it all back to me . It was more fun is what I think he is thinking . (hahaha) he was always rushing to grow up and now he is and I think he love to take it back .. well maybe somethings. 🙂 life is not easy it has its up and down moments .. it’s struggles and rewards . But it’s defiantly worth it. The key is just keep moving forward and having faith . I try to tell both my adult kids this . I know they agree but do not want to hear it. When things are on the downside . They will learn . I think we all keep learning no mater how old we are . I know I have had a year of my own transitioning and learning. But like I’ve told my kids keep moving forward that’s what I tell myself . At times it’s slower then it would be fore them but it’s still moving forward..

    Monday ..

    The weekend as come and gone .. and now it’s already 9:00 at night I’m just finding the moment to get on here today. After a night of trying to sleep both my son and I . Talking at midnight about life. Him worried with finding a job which he is having a hard time with that. He has applied at many places and I told him wait but check in with them after a couple of day to make sure they received it. Plus he’s having a time acclimating from Army time to now being home. His sleep pattern is off so that’s why we were up at midnight talking. I’m such a person who feels way too much and when someone in my family is having a rough time I can’t help to feel that pain so deeply , probably too much . I take in so much of someone’s energy it can make or break my day. Probably sounds strange but that’s how I feel. I have been known to be called too sensitive and I guess it shows more when my family is hurting … I think being too sensitive makes me think to much as well .. not a good thing It’s so hard being this way.

    On another note today is my hubby’s bday so the kids and I gave him a new coffee maker . The other one needs to go. And a Fitbit will be on its way soon ordering it this week ,he wanted one and I left that up to my son to find him a good one. We had a small cake As he requested if I had it my way it would of been a bigger cake but the smaller cake my daughter picked was perfect a chocolate cake with a truffle topping frosting, it was so rich that a small piece was really filling especially right after eating supper. . So he could make a wish and blow out his candles which I’m very adamant about. My hubby open his other present from his mom and close aunts that he received on Sunday at our nieces 16 bday party . I think he enjoyed his Birthday tonight. Now the presents are open some cake eaten my hubby off to bed and my kids and I sitting in the living room watching The Voice and on our devices annnnd .. awake🙄 yeah hopefully we get tired soon. I have appointments in the morning so my daughter is going to take me so I do not have to drive her car . My son has some appointments as well so he will have my car. Yes we need to have some decent sleep tonight. Ive started another book it’s one of my daughters books she has had . I read it way back when she had bought it. Its a young adult read Looking for Alaska by John Green.. once in awhile their fun to read . I do not totally remember it so I’m enjoying it. I finish my last book finally and just couldn’t think of what to read next so it’s an in between read . I’m thinking I will have it read pretty quick . I guess I should be looking for my next book very soon. For now it’s time to try to settle . Have a good night everyone.

    Long day of nothing..

    It’s midnight so I’m posting late and very short … it was a beautiful relaxing weekend . Saturday spent with our family at their house enjoying good food , drinks and card games. And a lot of laughs. Sunday was a day of hanging around the house .. lazy is good. So that’s how it was spent . It’s Monday and a day of nothing . Except an enjoyable ride to Starbucks with my daughter then a quiet evening chatting away with her while hubby slept after work .. not felling that great. My son had a class he took tonight two hours away so staying with a friend in his college dorm that is near by so he didn’t have to travel home at 10 tonight . Yes so I should be sleeping. I think the full moon is keeping me awake …But time to try . Hope everyone had a great Monday. Goodnight. Oh and the sunset was so beautiful this evening had to post! Okay now going to bed🙂