Monday ( burr)

It’s 10:00 at night and just posting for the day. Laying in bed with my electric blanket on low .. yes you read right….. my electric blanket. Woke to 61 out all the windows open and at 1 in the afternoon the winds picked up and some rain then sunshine the rest of the day but temps dropping to the 40’s by 3 in the late afternoon. Walked around shutting windows and cursing to myself why .. I was already in a mood so the cold temps hitting my body was another shock to my system …not helping my body feel any better.

Anyways this was my Monday. Waking up at 7:30 jumping into the shower. After already being woken up at 5 in the morning to a sound of a bang like something crashing down onto the floor. But not realizing it until I woke back up at 7:30 finding that it was a photo in a frame that fell off the window sill and I really do not know why there was no wind at the time unless Miss Abigail found her way in to my bedroom. After my shower my son had woke too as my daughter was getting ready for work . Hubby already out the door . My son and I had coffee and waited for the starting of the Boston Marathon. We chatted as we watched . Then towards the end of the race he headed to the gym and I put a ham in to cook for supper. Well the clouds came in and it got dark the wind started to roar I looked at Miss Abigail who was laying on the floor in front of me as I prepared the ham to cook . She kept meowing at me when I told her we were not in Kansas anymore .. being silly with her since the looks of the outside scared me a bit 🙄I think it unsettled her a bit too because she kept randomly meowing. . After my daytime show came on I grabbed another cup of coffee to warm my hands… I think tea would have been a better choice but there was still some coffee left so why not. Half way through my show breaking news cut in . The Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire . I watched in horror . How ? Why? Oh my it’s Holy Week … yes my mind works in mysterious ways. My son came home from the gym and saw I was watching it and said he had heard and sat watching it with me . Such a beautiful place .. gone . It was sad watching. So my heart breaks for France tonight. So many people watching it and their reactions were so sad. The news ended my son napped on the couch and I did a few things to keep my body from stiffening up from the change in temps. My son will start a job on Thurs at a local restaurant delivering takeouts and waiting on tables this will be Thurs through Sunday .mid afternoon till 10 at night until he finds something else . Unless he likes it and it’s worth the pay . Will see. My ham turned out good everyone was home to enjoy it. And now my son is out for a bit and my daughter relaxing down in her place. It was a strange kind of day the frame randomly falling, the sad news in France . everyone home to eat my supper yes strange and then this cold weather .. ahh what a Monday it was .. well time to get some sleep , hopefully my son isn’t too late. Good night.

Quietness …

Quietness surrounds me and Miss Abigail this morning. Okay except for the humming of the washing machine .. nothing new. The skies are giving away to clouds coming in But the sun is getting through it’s nice having the windows open today . Ahh kitchen is even clean thankfully, everyone’s out and I can just be for awhile. Miss Abigail sleeping away in her chair. As I wait for the washer to finish thankfully a small load , I sit and enjoy my coffee and catch up on the morning news. Cannot believe it’s Wed already the week is flying by. I guess running around at the beginning of the week so much can do that . I keep saying I need to find a new routine but as I sit here I think , I have 🙄 I wake in the morning shower throw a load of wash in clean the kitchen up from the morning breakfast chaos in which case hasn’t been too bad lately then grab my coffee enjoy it while catching up on the morning news ..write in my blog and check out my blog friends posts . Then after start my errands if needed in town and so on . Not much when you are a stay at home mom with kids that now are adults and one living at home but in her own place downstairs and works has her friends ..boyfriend and on occasion we go out for coffee and chat . My son leaving next week for Basic for 6months . Leaves me with time to catch up with friends . Read blog , write, weekends spend with the hubby doing more things out , which usually lessens during the winter so it will be takeout and movie night at home . So I guess I found my routine . But why do I feel like something is missing or it’s not enough …. why has been my question since my son graduated in June . My need to take care of him is not needed. I’ve connected with old friends again gone out a bit more found the love of books again . Spending time with hubby has not change we are alway connected. Hmm just don’t know. See same questions I keep rolling around in my head. It’s not that I don’t feel content I do . Hmm anyone have an answer? Would love to hear it . 🙂 let me know . For now it’s grab sm load out of washer .