Writing,… Random thoughts.

The dark is upon us; the moon fights to show its appearance. The clouds glaze over it stealing its light. The winds blow swaying the trees, a branch gently taps against the window. My heart feels as dark and yet alive as the trees. My thoughts roll through my mind like they roll through the dark sky. Just need to feel you near. Hear your voice to bring my heart out of this darkness. And set it on fire. Then the clouds in my head will fade away. And my mind and body will feel at ease. I whisper your name, hoping the wind will gently carry it to you. And you will return to me .

This is by John, The Eclectic. Contrarian

Inspired by my post.

She sits and watches the moon .

And thinks thoughts

Darker than her coffee.

Maybe she’s in tune with the dark

Or it’s lunacy.

Love Johns’s writing. Need to check it out.

Sun and the moon..

Today the sun came out beautiful and bright after the day before wet and dreary. Then the sunset was followed by a full moon. I had to get. So I took a ride to find the perfect places to get the best photos. My photos will not do them justice. Here it goes, enjoy!

Full moon

  • (Hope you don’t mind the music in the video .. )The moon is full and bright tonight. The light radiating from it has my yard filled with shadows. It’s creepy how the woods look when there’s a full moon. I would doubt the animals are roaming around tonight it’s so cold . I was just talking with a friend tonight on FB who said they were working a 6 to 6 shift tonight making snow at out local ski resort. Soon skiers and snowboarders will be enjoying the slopes. My son loves to snowboard . Did so much of it throughout his elementary and high school yrs . Then the first yr after graduating . Now I think he will be too busy to enjoy. I use to love going and watching him when he was younger flying down the slopes . Yes at time I closed my eyes . ( hahaha) we did have a moment of some snow flakes but then the sun came out nice and bright. Not that I minded. I was even shocked that I enjoyed the cold . I actually found it refreshing. People have laughed at this when I told them this. Just trying to stay positive about it . I need to I dread winter. I’m a fire sign I need the sun. No sun is not good. My friend keeps telling me to go to a tanning salon and It would make me happy . I’m not sure if I dare. I’ve heard so many different things on this .
  • It’s midnight and at the moment I’m wide awake. I’m watching Long Island Medium . My friend thinks I should go onto her website and try to see her. I don’t know . I love Theresa I’m just afraid what she may come up with. I feel deeply . So it scares me a bit. Before my mom had passed she asked for me . I was home taking care of my newborn. She told my sisters who were with her she needed to talk to me then she passed. This has had me wondering for yrs. maybe it was nothing… but what if it was something ..do I want to know or will it just cause me anguish? Once you open that door it will be hard to close. Oh how we wonder. Well time to think of getting some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

Night life!

Tonight was beautiful the sounds of the night was peaceful but eerie with the trains whistle echoing along the mountains and river that Is home to the tracks ,the moon shined above, the photo made it look like a fool moon almost there. The little colored lights are my solar power Lilly pads floating in our fountain . I’m shocked they still worked. We have had them for a couple of yrs the peepers where out in full force they have very vocal lately . I hope you enjoyed the photos and video , yes this is a part of my world . I love spending the evening and nights out on my deck it’s very soothing and it gives my overthinking mind a break 🙄

Good Morning!

Good Morning ! Just 3 days ago it was brutally cold in the 40″s and electric blanket was on. As of yesterday and this morning the temps are in the 70″s and it’s a bit humid.. this tree of mine has bloomed within these two days unbelievable , it’s a bit straggly it needs a trim and to fill in just a bit more . The grass is still needing to green up more . My tulips are beginning to bloom as well , Spring is here!

If you read my last post I wrote how I was wide awake at 10! well that turned into looking at the clock at 1:30 and frustrated .. the house hadn’t cooled down so it was warm . I finally gave up got out of bed and went into our spare room that over looks our front yard . I sat there looking out the window the stars where out, the moon lit up the yard and peepers where as awake as I . In the distant I heard the trains whistle and a dog barking from the near by farm. The house was quiet but the outside was not . It was serene . I let my mind absorb the outside noise and clear my thinking mind for a while it was beautiful,,, especially when I’m such a thinker. After I went back to bed and finally drifted off to sleep.