Beautiful Day!

Aww the sun has been shining since I woke this morning so nice. Today was a different start usually it’s my daughter and I enjoying our morning coffee and a nice chat . Today it was spent with my son . It was a nice moment with him . I do not get many moments like this with just him and I , so with every minute I could grab I took it.I’m so amazed what a man he is growing into. He is so active and outgoing and such a jokester around his friends but then there’s this side to him a sense of protectiveness and loyalty that is so calming ,warm that shows his big heart only the lucky few get to see . I’m happy I’m one of those lucky few . I know when he gets home after school and practice is tired side will show then that’s the side we all know to well to let him be ..feed him and let him shower and go to bed . I’m just happy I had the moments I did with him this morning because I know there few and far between❤️

Just Had to post!!!

I woke up this morning went to my kitchen poured a cup of coffee and strolled threw my phone at the table when out of the corner of my eye I noticed My daughter’s cat sitting like this. I just had to get a photo of this. Then this came to mind so I put this on my Twitter with the caption Just doing my morning yoga! My daughter woke up came up from her basement apartment laughing . I knew she saw it on twitter she was like omg  let’s just say it was a humorous morning .