Outside my window..

Woke to this , this morning.. outside my window . More then they predicted but it’s doable . The first snow of the season is beautiful .. after that I’ve had enough of it (hahaha) enjoy my photos .. need to grab one more cup of coffee to be able to get this day going.


Morning photo..

It’s a sunny too warm morning for September .. Air is running constantly . Ready for the cool weather we had a week ago. I happened to get a photo of the last sunflower blooming. The last remains of the summer. Its beautiful and cheerful looking. Enjoy everyone.

Good Morning!

Woke to the sun shining bright into my room did my usual scroll through Twitter , Instagram , email before dragging myself to a shower . When I walked out to the kitchen to get my morning cup of coffee I am greeted by Miss Abigail who was staring at me from the chair it seems she has slept in all night . I think my daughter came in late and Miss Abigail settled herself upstairs. Now I have a coffee buddy. My son has just headed out the door for to the gym. Then a run and swim then back home for food and rest then who knows . I see he has marked targets in our woods using plastic milk cartons paper targets to practice his shooting for his Army drills .. he has an air soft gun that shoots pellets . To practice with. Every day it get a bit closer to him leaving and him all business . He is so focused and ready. It throws me how fast he grew into a man . I guess it’s true the youngest grow up so much faster . My daughter seemed stay so young much longer then him. ..

Last night I decided to read out in the living room so the light wouldn’t bother my hubby since he is back to work this week and having a hard time falling asleep early since he stayed up late with me watching movies sitting outside late and just chatting. I read more of Sharp Objects. yes it is a bit different then the mini series. Still very bizarre is the word I am going to use to describe it, ( hahaha) I got into but not so I’m thinking it’s going to be one of those books where I do read it but put it down take a break then pick it up again . There is not many books that I do not finish once I start . It makes you want to keep picking it back up .well time to get this day started.. have a good day everyone .

Late coffee on the deck..

It’s late morning enjoying my coffee outside , it’s beautiful out , a fresh breeze blowing through the trees the humidity has passed . Birthdays are finished this summer and less then a week school and colleges will start up again . My daughter still sleeping enjoying her days off . My son just getting home from a early mountain race with a buddy of his and now showered and taking in a nap. Hubby is happily puttering around the yard for once, since all the rain has put things on hold so everything is over grown. It feels like a calm and peaceful day after a nice but busy weekend. My hubby is off for the week . Not doing anything special maybe some day trips and my hubby and son may take hike together. In Oct we are thinking of going to Maine after my son leaves for Basic Training and my daughter will stay and watch the house with Miss Abigail and a friend for a couple of days. So for now It’s a nice mental and physical break for him with all the long hours of work he has put in this summer . The leaves are slowly turning but not very pretty all the rain has made the spotty and discolored in an unpleasant way… hopefully this will change and will have a good foliage this Fall. Time to get off here and enjoy my swing a bit and enjoy the sound of the wind and the birds .🙂

Inside my window ..

Good morning the sun is shining today ! So happy . Enjoying my coffee and The Today Show with Miss Abigail. I guess she decided she would come upstairs and watch the show with me . Well I just learn some new words or should say language people say and use on social media.. let’s see if I remember them. There was the word Lit that I’ve heard my kids say and their friends say. I believe that would be like awesome and cool was in my day (hahaha) then the next word was Gucci .. which people use as good ( their good) hmm okay .. then dime meaning your a 10 🙄 oh and the last word smash . Hooking up with someone. Well times have change (hahaha) that was fun tho how they talked about them. So when my daughter comes up from her place later and says hi mom how are you I’m going to say Gucci and see if she has heard that word or laughs when she here it coming from me. ( hahaha) it’s fun to do that with her then my son ..my daughter will laugh . My son will roll his eyes .. ..Not much to do today so if the sun stays out I may get outside and enjoy some reading on my swing . Well for now time for some breakfast . And finish my coffee .


Good Morning it’s gong on 3 weeks of raining off and on throughout the day so when it’s not raining it’s just plain cloudy and blah …sorry couldn’t find another way to describe it (hahaha) I did have a nice Monday . I went and did some errands with my daughter and she heard that our local chain coffee shop had Pumpkin flavor coffee out yes already .. so I broke down and had a pumpkin ice coffee with her it was nice to do our thing.. get coffee together and drive around , chat laugh, it’s been awhile so I do not feel bad on breaking down on my streak ,So worth it being with my girl .last night was spent settle in bed with another book , yes started another one . Also my husband had a great movie on Tombstone ! One of our favorite westerns . So a rainy night was okay …. now enjoying my morning coffee and breakfast then soon need to order a Birthday cake for my daughter for Saturday. I cannot believe our girl will be 23 , it’s so unbelievable .. my daughter is such a simple, quiet, sensitive warm person. She also is very strong in her believes and stubborn . She does not want a big celebration just a quiet day with a lunch out or ordered in and a cake with family then she will spend the rest of her day with her boyfriend . She is so different then my son..she doesn’t like attention on her unlike him . My kids are such opposites and I love that about them they are who they are. I have the best of both worlds .. it would be boring if they were alike . 🙂 always something new going on between them. Yes over the years I have felt like I have been running in two different directions raising them and yes I actually have. But wouldn’t change it for the world. I guess it’s time to get this day going do what needs to be done. Have a good day everyone.


Thinking to call it an earlier night would be good .. to no avail it hadn’t. I settled in with my sleeping other half , closed my eyes and to have them open to the sound of thunder that shook the house and felt the like it was rumbling beneath us , then the lightening followed that was so blinding it woke my other half up ..he looked at me and even though it was dark I know he saw the disgust on my face. So we laid there watching, listening and chatting . Miss Abigail did not like it she jumped onto the bed and cuddled next to my other half. It’s now morning and the coffee is helping my tiredness. Sadly Miss Abigail is being a terror . If you can see in the picture she is not liking me watching the news she is all over the house this morning as well.maybe she doesn’t like news( hahaha) this is becoming a very bad habit of hers… I see that both kids made it home , when who knows but them still in bed at 11 gives me a good idea.🙄 thankfully the sun is shining and it’s windy I’m hoping the temps stay cooler , one could only hope. My coffee is finished and news is not pretty I guess Miss Abigail was trying to tell me something . Time to get my errands done for the day . Have a good day everyone.