Embarrassing MorningūüôĄ

I slept in just a bit and finally pulled myself out of bed  heard people laughing in the kitchen dishes clanging so showered the night before  Ifreshened up ,brushed  my tenth tosseled my  curly mess of hair and figured ahh I‚Äôm presentable enough  so I go bobbing out to the kitchen in my comfy BAGGy night shirt thank god ..you will know why I emphasized  baggy hahaha and to add night  shirt has written on it coffee saves everything  and leggings  .  To find that it‚Äôs not my daughter and her friend but three boys…….ahhhh !!! My son and his two friends they look at me one friend who is always here is like hi Kim but the other friend looks as uncomfortable as I felt omg if I could of just push a back button I would not have walked out like that, so I grab a cup of coffee and walk into the living room ,my son comes in gives me his big smile knowing how embarrassed I am says in a whisper your fine  and says bye heading back to school now …ugh Senior yr means senior privileges so when he has a free block they can leave for it so they  decided to raid my kitchen …. so now enjoying my coffee in my big baggy night shirtūüôĄ


Good Morning

Good Morning woke up to sunny and 80 degrees ¬†and muggy. No happy medium ¬†just two days ago we had the heat on and now we should ¬†have air conditioning on but not ready to run that yet so it will be Windows close and shades half down untill the sun moves away from our house …so crazy. If you read my last post well I think I am going stop ¬†obsessing over everything being the way it use to be and follow my family’s way ¬†and if they do not like it or wonder what’s going on hmm well then I guess they will have to step up. I think I need to be able to have my own way as well..this is so hard for me because ¬†then i always feel guilty ¬†or selfish so I have to push through these feelings and do this so we can ALL be happy. .. will see .

That time again!!


Tonight we change our clocks back so now we will gain an extra hour of sleep which I believe is nice¬† who doesn’t enjoy an extra hour of sleep,¬† it will make the days shorter as it will get dark around 4:30 so the the evenings will seem endless¬† it’s nice when its cold out but when the weather is still a bit warm it makes it a little bit¬† harder to settle¬† in¬† and I believe¬† heading to work and school in the morning it will be still¬† dark so adapting to that once again will be hard. I¬† so dislike¬† mornings I am not a morning person so darker morning will be hard . So don’t for get everyone if you live where there is daylight savings time turn your clocks back and good time to check your batteries in your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors .

The right time….

Hello Everyone! busy day so getting on here finally¬† today. Have to tell all of you it’s been such a long sad chaotic week my heart has been so heavy with all the sad happenings but this morning was uplifting ,the sun was up and shining some dark clouds and fluffy¬† clouds decorated the sky¬† as my Son and I were driving to school ,but there was this one set of clouds that had this pink tint to them¬† and just looked out of place it’s hard to describe you really had to see for yourself… and then there it was a beautiful rainbow it was all about the timing because as my son was driving I tried to snap a picture of it,¬† it faded and was gone ….I was a little disappointed I wasn’t able to capture it but I guess it was only for the eyes to see at those moments.


Good Morning!


Good Morning on this cloudy warm morning, siting enjoying my cup of coffee before I start my day of some laundry¬† ,dusting and then setting up my faithful crock pot¬† up with some stuff shells for dinner tonight . The weatherman says there will be some rain coming in so after I finish what¬† needs to be done it will be a quiet day of¬† an hr of my favorite soapy and some adult coloring then some time of reflection if you read my last posts you will understand¬† if¬† you haven’t then I will just say a lot of very sad unfair losses in my community.and this is a good day to reflect.. well friends time to get started have a great day everyone.

Good Morning!!!

It’s Tuesday a quiet morning as I¬† sit and write and enjoy my cup of coffee.¬† My husbands back to work¬†¬† my daughter headed to work and my son still sleeping after is adventurous¬† weekend in Boston, then off to practice this afternoon for him even though it’s vacation So things are back to a normal routine day, sad how the weekends no matter how long they are , go by so fast. what can we do …it’s¬† interesting how when my son was gone for those 3 days I slept not good but slept felt so tired like I said in my last post I checked up on him not overly but enough worried a bit but then when he came home yes tired …. and I went to bed knowing everyone was home I could not sleep I was wide awake still¬† at 1 and tossing and turning. why? it’s so strange how that happens.being a mom is never easy ūüôā well must get things done around my house have great morning everyone and enjoy your coffee.