Good Morning!

Good Morning it’s 6:30 and I’m up and enjoying my cup of coffee already yes I do realize it’s the weekend 🙂 falling asleep around 11:00 on a Friday night is absolutely remarkable .. well for me. After chatting with my son for a bit ..yes ! He is home from college for the holiday weekend . It was nice catching up with him until he yawned and that was the end of that ( hahaha) I followed after him and got sleep too. The day was quiet but busy with the Physical Therapist coming . Yes 2nd visit but 1st visits with her actually working on getting my leg better. Soon I will be back to 3 days a week at the gyms pool . … my goal. But taking it one day at a time. After her visit the furnace service guy came to check why the basement wasn’t getting heat in one of the rooms . Thankfully that wasn’t too much of an issue. With that done my PT said it wouldn’t hurt to rest my leg. I sat for a bit and worked on cleaning my email up . It’s amazing how many emails I have and what I really did not need so I turned on my chrome book and listen to music as I sat there deleting. An hour went by and I knew it was time to stretch my legs so I walked around and busied myself with making a smoothie for a quick pick me up. The day was quiet so it’s amazing I fell asleep so early . We know what that means . I us wide awake at 5 yes 6 hours is enough for me. And a long day now as well . The PT said not to over do it for the weekend but needed to stay moving . My energy level is high so I have no problem with that🤷🏻‍♀️but I pretty much know what I’ll do to stay busy . I have books to catch up on , organizing passwords in a new notebook I have . Horrible with remembering and updating the book . Plus I can catchup on some Netflix shows. It’s 7:40 coffee is done time for some breakfast and one more cup of coffee . I hope everyone has a good day enjoy and keep smiling🙂

Good morning!

    Good morning ! Enjoying my coffee on this sunny cold Fall morning. It’s been awhile since I have posted in the morning. I was sitting here and thought why not . Coffee and writing go great together. I’m feeling better each day . Physical therapy will start tomorrow. There thinking twice a week. But so happy I will be able to still go to Maine with one of my besties for 3 days. It will be cold but like my friend Renee on here puts it it will be cozy. Love that . My bestie and I will get a room looking toward the ocean and we will enjoy some eating out . Lots of hot drinks .. yes coffee for me (hahaha) and hot chocolate for her. And great conversation and a lot of laughs . It will be nice and so needed. Until then I will stay positive do what I need to do to get my leg feeling better. Yes like I tell everyone … one day at a time. Keep moving forward. Time for one more cup of coffee and then start my day doing what I’m able to do.


Woke to a chilly sunny morning , chilly morning means a big steamy cup of coffee. So grabbing a quick shower and then heading to the kitchen for my coffee passing by my son who was doing stretches on our living room floor . We said good morning and I went about my business as he did . A beautiful morning to sit on the deck and enjoy my steamy cup of coffee surrounded by a gorgeous blue sky and the rays of sun coming through the trees . A great start to my week . 🙂a beautiful sight…

Relaxing Sunday…

After a busy Sunday morning with a family gathering . It’s now mid afternoon and sitting out on my deck with my book in hand. Nice to have some cooler weather to sit out side and enjoy some reading .Let’s see how much I can get read today🙂 The weather is perfect there is a nice breeze. The humidity has vanished … So I am taken advantage of it. Late night on my phone with a friend who has recently lost their wife . He has has been finding comfort in talking to me about her. I let him just talk on and reassure him he will get through this. It’s been a strange summer. I know I have said this in past posts but now it’s even more strange… people are talking to me about things . I guess they think of me as a good listener. I do not mind . I alway like to help people . Just sad what he’s going through. He will start back up on his work routine this week so I think the chats will calm down. Which I think being busy will be a good thing. As I sit here reading I can here noises in our woods I believe it’s acorns falling . It’s the strangest sound. I’m sure the squirrels are gathering them up already . It’s been a very hot humid summer on the days it’s felt like it but a short one with it being the first week in August and the temps are now cooling down. The weekend nights have been really cool and so the windows have been able to stay open . I laugh because I have been wanting to have the windows open at night and now I can and there is this annoying cricket outside mine and my daughters bedroom window that chirps all night 🙄 can’t win (hahaha) it’s keeping my daughter up as well. Okay time to get back to my book. Have great rest of the day or night depending where you are.

Ahh Coffee .. mornings

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning the sun is shining the sky is so blue not a cloud in sight…the slight breeze keeps it cool a perfect morning enjoying my coffee outside . The birds are happily making their way from one tree to another.

My hubby and I enjoyed dinner out last night. Since my son was working and asked if we were going into town because at first we were thinking of just grabbing a pizza, we brought him his food he had made then just decided to stay and eat . Happy we did….We both ordered the baked Macaroni and cheese Mine had barque pulled pork on top and my hubby had the honey mustard chicken on top of his . We could not finish it the portion was such a good size and it was filling at that. I have come to like it there because you can sit in a booth or table or at the bar which in my case I cannot because being that I’m 4’11 the bar stools are so high I am not climbing up on them I would look like a little kid at an ice cream shop climbing up on one (hahaha) yes my kids agree. Any way we can sit at the booth as long as we want my hubby enjoying his beer and I a lemonade . I’m not much of a drinker anymore . Coffee is my poison🙂 we can chat watch tv since there is many all around . Just enjoy. On our way home my hubby wanted a coffee so we went thru the drive- thru and grabbed coffee it was 6:30 way past my time of having a coffee that I knew would keep me up I figured why not it’s the weekend. So we enjoyed . Once home we settled and watched tv until my daughter arrived home from her day at work and left with her boyfriend , my son worked till 10:30 and arriving home at 11 to tell us as we now were settled in bed yes my hubby with the tv on and I grabbing my neglected book . Was letting us know a friend was in town so a bunch of them were going to get together for a bit . When I put my book down at 12:30 he was still out . I woke at 7 to this beautiful day . Amazed even with that coffee I had I fell asleep pretty easy and did get through a lot of my book. My son came home couldn’t say what time as when we woke at 7 he had just headed out the door to take a long run with a friend . And then work for him this afternoon. My daughter is still down in her place Miss Abigail must be sleeping with her . Since she has disappeared once again after coming up for her treat .. she could hear me getting my coffee, this cat doesn’t miss a thing. I guess it’s time to finish my coffee and get off the deck so my hubby can start working on painting them . I will eventually settle under a tree in the shade with my book🙂.

Bracing myself…

Oh what to do… woke to a quiet house . Everyone at work earlier today . So I just laid in bed for a bit just taking in the sound of the birds outside my window . After a bit I decided it was time to lazily grab a shower . Then out to the kitchen straight to the coffee pot. Hmm coffee for me but no treat for Miss Abigail … still sleeping in down in her place. I guess she’s having a lazy day too. Coffee in hand I looked around the kitchen .. ahh clean so I went to catch up on the news. The sun is shining but clouds are moving in … rain tomorrow , what’s new right? Today will be a good day to sit outside and read .. when I decided to yesterday I got outside settled in a chair , sun shining down on me supper about done and grabbed my book and then my cell rang my sons photo lightening up my screen . Well no reading at that moment . My son needed a ride home from a friends house since I got my car back from the garage earlier in the day then expected . I drove to get him . As I was driving I’m thinking wait he has his bike … hmm. At his friends house about 10 mins away if your driving I grabbed him his bike and his friend. Friend has no car neither.. the kids that went off to college or like my son Basic Training sold their cars or they just didn’t run any longer . Getting back to the house my son went to put his bike away and his friend chatted with my hubby and I . He told us about his first yr of college the likes and dislikes of it  and then realized our kitchen was repainted he was amazed at the color in our kitchen last he had seen it it was yellow . He loved the red . My son came in to the house walking slowly his friend says did Seth tell you he crashed today on his bike ? No of course he didn’t …growing up he never told us always tried to self care for himself he was always patching himself or ace bandaging until I finally found out . I asked him what happened and he showed us his back … ugh his back was like a huge rug burn but from spilling it into the dirt. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet . And him and his friend cleaned it. I’m sure he’s feeling it at work today . With all the shots he had at Basic he said he didn’t need a tetanus shot had one. So off he went to change and head out with his friend.

My daughter coming home from work and enjoying my meatloaf and then settling in down in her place . Hubby and I decided to go to bed it was hitting 10 my son still out . I laid  in the darkness as my hubby snored away . I was finishing a conversation with my friend on my fb when I went to Instagram and there in a story what they do on insta its a video or photo you can put up and it stays up for 24 hrs. One of my sons friends I follow put up a story. I went to it and there on the screen was my son and two more of his friends  are sitting in a row on the side of a tub and their scrubbing their feet and laughing as his friend videoing it is narrating it ..which I couldn’t make out what he was saying because the guys were laughing so loud . I just rolled my eyes , my hubby waking whoops too loud (hahaha) to the sound looked up and was like Seth home with friends ? I showed him the phone . I’m sure he rolled his eyes too. Just as my son walked into the house. Oh it’s going to be a long summer 🙄

Still sitting here with an empty cup in hand . No supper prep end of the week no food . So takeout night . Simple grinders , Salads will do . So I guess I’ll fix my shower dry hair now and find something to do.

Wednesday half way through ..

Photo by Pexel t’s a quiet early morning my daughter off to work early so it will be a quiet day for Miss Abigail and I . After another restless night but still getting sleep , I woke early and thoughts flooded my mind… so shaking or trying get rid of the thoughts . I jumped in the shower letting the warm water run over me relaxing my stiff joints ..after I realize it was time to get out and grab some coffee. Miss Abigail appeared from her favorite chair to sit in her spot in the middle of the kitchen floor staring at me waiting for her morning treat .. that I have started and my daughter shakes her head when she see this 🙂..grabbing my coffee and giving out the treat I notice it felt good to be up earlier . To Memories For Tomorrow thank you for the post you wrote thinking of you as I say it felt good to be up earlier ❤️ if you haven’t visited her blog you need to 🙂

Now sitting enjoying my coffee as I watch the news and say a prayer to the reason my thoughts are wandering. Chatting with my son last night he talked about how ready he was how they all were to come home Saturday but stated he was nervous and I was afraid to ask … he said he had one last test which is today and he needed to pass it or he’s there another week …. ughh I wondered why I felt a vibe when we chatted but couldn’t understand why . So I’m waiting and hoping and praying he passes so he can come home Saturday . He said he would let me know as soon as he could.. I’ll keep you posted . For now I have to keep myself busy and that is a challenge .. I won’t settle until I hear. And a quiet house does not help. Happy the sun is out and the blue sky is beautiful. Miss Abigail settled in her chair nice and content I’ll try to absorb her contentment . Now it’s time to find some breakfast and slowly do a few things . Since my body is still recovering from the sciatic pain. I don’t want to push it just yet. Have a good day everyone.