Mother Nature.

Friday brought in the rain. With the temps below freezing and dry, it was like something out of the movie Frozen in my world. My photos do not do it justice but they will have to do.

Snow Day…

After all the wishing, praying sending out good vibes. The snow still came. It was worth the try. Mother Nature dumped 17 inches on us. And I’m sure she heard my cry. I looked out and pulled the blankets over my head. The smell of coffee did not even tempt me to get up and start the day. After about an hour, I knew it was time to face the day. And jump in the shower and grab my big mug of coffee. After only a bowl of oatmeal for dinner the night before ( couldn’t eat ), my stomach growled, so I decided to follow suit with my son and make a spinach omelet. Let’s see the day was a bit of an accident kind of day. I went to make more coffee, and I think because the coffee maker had been on and I added water, it blew up yes literally. And the water was everywhere as I’m.trying to stop the water the pot was on and I was covered in water. I’m shocked I did not get electrocuted, so a new coffee pot it is. I think someone is trying to tell me something😂. Then in the afternoon, I blew a fuse while shutting a light off. Yes, all true. Now I am sitting on the couch cozy with a blanket, Chromebook, books, and a list of movies in my head I will watch in a bit, and if I fall asleep here, so be it. I’m done. Need my alone space. Yes, I’m sulking lol. This vigorous, happy lady is not here at the moment. But she will be back when Mother Nature decides to stop the snow from falling and bring me some sun. Sadly I’m in the wrong state . (Hahaha)

I did get some pictures of before and after, and some will love this snow for you who do. I hope you enjoy them.

And the wind blows…

It’s a Tuesday windy cool morning and yes a quiet one if you would call it that ..with the sound of the wind banging against the house.. Miss Abigail running around the house non stop. And I actually having to raise my voice at her for trying to get under the couch covers to scratch it. We were doing so good with that 🙄 now I think she is mad at me.

The wind blew all night after several times of our bedroom door slamming shut from it, my hubby propped the door open a bit . If we keep it shut it gets either too cold or too hot . After it being in the 80’s and humid it became really chilly and even though the sun is out it’s cold . Ahh Miss Abigail has calmed down and laying in her chair . I know she needs to have the time to run and act crazy but not on the couch.. Everyone has gone to work early . And I will just do things around here and that needs to be done. I have finally finished the book The Road . Hmm ..after all that and this is the ending ? Was my thought last night ,then I woke up saw the book sitting on my bedside table and then realized the ending and why what happens did. Still yes thinking and why after all that ? But then realizing the moral of the story made sense. Now I wait for my next book to come in the mail . It says delivery is today so I’m crossing my fingers. As the wind blows my day needs to the pedal from my tree decorating my deck actually pretty🙂 get started .

Mother Nature…

The wind roared like a temper tantrum last night . It’s calmed down now but the wind has been replaced with cold temps and rain and snow coming in tomorrow then back to 60’s for the weekend . Mother Nature is being temperamental . And my body is feeling it. Going back and forth with the temps is not good. At least there was a beautiful sunset tonight . I hope you enjoy it. Happy I captured it. Haven’t been capturing them in time.

Snow and more snow…

The snow came … we started to have our doubts .. then woke to this . A foot of this lovely white stuff. 🙄 it’s cold , temps are reading 16 I’m warm tho cozy in my chair with a blanket and enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee . .. now that I’m done with taking pictures to share. I sent them to Missouri to my son, Ireland to a friend of my son ,she is there for College lucky girl, she has family there so that’s a plus for her. And now I’m going to share the pics with all of you . The photos do not do it justice. .the first photo was afternoon

Good Morning ..yawn

Good Morning .. crazy how Morning comes so quick.. ughh my son and I having such issue with sleep it doesn’t help for myself watching that show my daughter gets into ( read my last post it explains) and of course I did have a dream with the people from it , thankfully not a nightmare. I see my son is sleeping I wonder what time he fell asleep.?

Another day of grey clouds and humidity gave in and turn the air on when I woke . It got so unbearable last night . This weather is as crazy as my son and I’s sleepless nights . Last week it was so humid then the weekend came and it was only in the 50″s which felt so nice. Then Monday it just kept getting warmer and now humid. Mother Nature is in her own nasty pattern. Miss Abigail doesn’t seem to mind she just sleeps the day away. Oh to be a cat. Thankfully the house is pretty clean . Leftovers for supper tonight. One load of laundry going now so easy day and no more episodes of my daughters show she is all caught up (hahah) something pleasant before bed or I will read . I watched because she wanted me to and was upstairs so I said okay and warned her I would probably close my eyes a lot … I did. Well the washing machine is still humming so I guess until it stops I will catch up on The hurricane status . Hope all stay safe that are in her path.

Mother Nature …why

Since Sunday it’s been a crazy ride with Mother Nature… to begin it’s endlessly humid , then one moment the sun is shining and the humidity doesn’t matter it’s bright and beautiful .. then you turn your back for one second and it’s down pouring , so you go in , I then think okay now to find something inside to do well once again the sun is out . Ok Mother Nature why? It’s been no fun , this is predicted for the whole week, nothing like cabin fever in the summer. 🙄 on Monday it was spent with back and forth being in the car , my daughter needed rides to the garage then back to it after her brakes were fixed then I had errands to run . Let’s say my curls went to frizz every time I ran out in the rain. I will be happy when Mother Nature decides to make up her mind.

My last post I wrote was about getting ready for my Sons Birthday get together with his friends . Let’s say 12 newly graduated kids showed up his “friend group” as he calls it. They ate pizza , burgers , chips made endless s’mores and roasted marshmallows over the bonfire ,they played corn hole , at one point as my other half and I sat inside watching a movie we could hear the endless chatter , laughing , then it got quiet so my other half and I looked at one another and decided to look out …. there they sat all around the fire, talking quietly serious faces on some and some looking around at one another. I think this bunch was realizing how life had turned a new corner .. new chapter whatever you want to call it but it was now going to be different them all on new a paths not all following one another into another school year as they where so used to for so many years. Around 11 the gathering came to an end one by one kids left and 4 stayed over, after cleaning up what was left of food outside they came in and settled in his room paying Xbox , my other and I picked up a bit more then we shut everything off and went to bed …as I laid there in the the darken room I absorbed the laughter and the chatting sound echoing through the walls a bites well as the sound of friendly wrestling . I smiled but felt in my heart how I will miss these moments.