Movie night…

It was another quiet Saturday . My hubby not feeling good and I did not want to food shop without him , we just let it go and ordered a pizza for supper with fries . And then after found a movie to watch . We settled with Deadpool 2 … okay that was interesting… the dreams I may have tonight. It was comical but strange at the same time , I wouldn’t say it’s at the top of my movie list. I hadn’t heard from my son for most of the day since he had some down time there this weekend so I sent him a quick text . He replied back saying he was ..has been sleeping trying to recover . That he felt horrible. I feel so bad he’s many miles away and if he has what my daughter and I had I wish I was able to take care of him. I tried to tell him to go to the base infirmary to get checked out and get some Advil or Tylenol because I believe he may be running a fever . When I asked if he was he said probably .. do you think he responded ? No he didn’t. I hope his roommates can get him to go. He is so stubborn. I spent sometime coloring , got a bit more done on the page I have been working on. Tomorrow with out fail I will need to food shop. Oh the task that I hate to do. Now watching movies are done for the night and I think I will try to get some sleep . Goodnight everyone.

Movie night …nightmares

It’s midnight and I’m trying to think of something else while I settle …hmm talking about horror movies is probably not going to help. Just finish watching two of the Halloween movies the 1978 and 1998 ones I believe that was the only two ? My hubby slept through some parts as I had to look away at times. Okay not a smart idea before bed .. hopefully I do not have to get up during the night ( hahaha) so good at scarring myself …. Why do we love to scare ourselves? . Well it didn’t take my hubby long to fall asleep … ugh ! Well I guess I better try to get some sleep . It’s only going to get later and I’ll be miserable with less sleep . Will see how this goes . πŸ™„

Low Key Sunday…

The weekend started off nice , on Saturday my Son and I took a ride to the mall he wanted to go to the bookstore to buy a few books that interested him and he asked if I would like to go , of course I would not to often I pass up going to a book store … even though I felt like I had a cold coming on but it was quick he found his books and I found one . Then we headed home . By night time yeah I was getting sick …ughh the cold weather that came in after being so warm and humid the past week didn’t help . Sadly illnesses are beginning to go around.too .My hubby and I settled in with a good movie The Greatest Showman basically a musical we found out but so enjoyed it . Today was a low key day so did a few tiny things around the house as my hubby was telling me to relax finish my book I’m reading now so you can start your new one. He knows me well. So as Football season has started he settled in this afternoon and watched the games as I read more of my book and yes watched some football. Now supper is done and I will stay put in my chair with some hot chocolate, wish I had a warm cup of tea but need to stock up for winter. It sounds so good right now with my blanket and book. So it’s on my list of things to grab this week. My daughter is working and my son is visiting a friend. So Miss Abigail is settled in with us curled up in her chair .. she’s not spoiledπŸ™„ another cold night ahead .Fall is upon us for now. The middle of the week will warm up for a couple days ,summer is trying to hang on. Well time to get off here and read some more of my book. Then an early night for sleep.

Movie Night!

It was another scorcher of a day and looking the same for tomorrow… hubby went to work and the kids and I slept in a bit longer then usual .. then dragging ourself out of of bed one by one we proceeded with our day. As the day drifted into evening my daughter at work still and the nightly news depressing as usual .. my son decided he wanted to watch a movie so he found Marvel Guardians of the galaxy . I’m not usually fond of those kind of movies but this one was really good it was funny , suspense, action and it was a good change . This was fun and a different pace . So happy he suggested it . Now it’s late and my hubby and son are sleeping, my daughter is with her boyfriend now and I am thinking I will get some sleep a bit earlier tonight. So goodnight everyone. If you get a chance to watch it. I recommend it.

Late night movie night with myself..

When your other half needed to go to bed early for work and it’s just too early to settle what do you do ? Hmm .. you have yourself a movie night so sitting in my cozy chair one light dimming in the room and enjoying an olde but goodie but is just a comforting movie well it always has been for me , it’s simple funny , happy , You Got Mail a 1995 movie staring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks … the best.

Movie kind of night!

It’s been a pleasant Saturday ,took advantage of the nice weather and did some outside cleanup before a raining Sunday.the day got away from us and so the thought of food shopping was not appealing , and not much in the house for supper makings we decided it could wait we would order some wraps for my hubby and I and my son , my son went on a mid morning run by himself then was home the rest of the day . So after taking a nap he got up and we went and grabbed the wraps for supper and we settled inside tonight with a movie after enough fresh air all day it was good night for a movie night ,An oldie but goodie was playing on tv … Ferris Buellers day off we must of seen it over a hundred times but it never gets old our 80″s ,laughing so hard my son just sat there shaking his head at us with a smirk on his face. Nothing like a good movie to make you laugh. It was a great feeling.its amazing how simple the 80″s seemed . So much has change well yes things do change but thing have really changed but that’s for another day πŸ™‚…. so now we are ready to get some sleep. My hubby and my son are already sleeping . My daughter worked late tonight and now is at a late movie with a friend . So I will say my nightly prayers and get some sleep ,oh good my daughter has arrived home earlier so now I can get some sleep knowing she is safely home .Good Nught Everyone.πŸ™‚