weekends why do they have to go by so fast.  It was nice not having any set plans just whatever came up or didn’t was nice most of the weekend was pretty much spent inside keeping warm and  for the most part we all where at home,my daughter is sick and has a notice to stay out of work for several days so she laid around and read and watched movies with me and slept my poor daughter winter is not her friend she gets sick so much during this time ,we both believe she should of had her tonsils out but everyone she saw said no there fine and now she gets the worst sore throats   .I think this time around we may have to push it more but now she is older and risk factor is not good . We will  have to talk to the doctors about this more. My son was in and out when he was out he came home earlier and then spent it in his room .life of a teenager. No work for him on saturday  was scheduled for night skiing instructor but they closed due of the wind chill then today he was not schedule , now he is at his girlfriends and I’m trying to not worry and check in with him there is school tomorrow so he will be home at a decent time. It’s just where his girlfriend lives is not an easy drive . But can’t think about it. Nope ….not coloring watching The Golden Globe Awards  with my hubby and my daughter . All in black tonight the actresses and actors for sexual harassment awareness . A topic I won’t get started with but yes applauding them wearing their black. Im hoping he is home soon… Okay I know don’t think about it 😞 One track mind sorry…. .


Long weekend.. 

It’s Monday night settled in bed it’s such a dark night no moon to light up the room .. sadly this three day weekend went by too fast but doesn’t alway..What a simple calm weekend it was , Started off with a Friday night  football game under the lights  and my son played . He did amazing for someone who has not played since middle school . They didn’t win but they had fun and they played hard ..yes mom looked away a couple of times sorry couldn’t help  it . . Looking forward to this Friday . So the weather wasn’t the best , these three days rainy off and on and very humid, air conditioner is still running . Ready for son fall weather. Saturday night we had takeout  and then the kids left with friends for awhile and my hubby and I just read and watched tv with Miss Abigail by our side Thankfully the kids came home early so we settled in early it was a early morning my son with SAT’s  at 8 and my daughter for work at 8 and my husband putting the roof on his yes I say his new barn hahaha it started out as a  shed and turned into a barn everyone laughs and says is  this when your wife gets sick of you and kicks you out we laugh I tell them both the guys (my son) they laugh so yes we have a barn. So after that work my hubby was ready to relax good thing it rained the rest of the day. Then Sunday was food shopping day and a dump run then movie night at home with our daughter . Watched Gold with Matthew Maconoly so good a must see. Then now to the last day of our weekend and was  it a washout so we just took a ride and grabbed some coffee to enjoy on it . Must say even in the rain it was very pleasant love simple ..need simple this world is just too crazy and  it’s not looking like it will change  anytime  soon so simple it is for us safe way to be . I have aways prefer the simple path  doesn’t always work but for the most part  it does it’s just how you manage to do it.  Tomorrow will. be back to the norm,  hubby and daughter at work and son at school and practice  and I cleaning the house up from some neglected chores.  While Miss Abigail keeps me company 🙂 so for now off to bed hope everyone has a goodnight or day wherever you are in the this part of the globe🙂


So it’s Saturday night after a busy afternoon running around doing errands oh the fun ones at that. Grocery shopping  then the trip to the dump yes the fun things …not. Any how it’s done and my hubby and I and my daughter decided to watch the new movie Skull Island Kong , oh my so good a lot of action the movie was an hr an 45 mins but felt so much less then that because you where just so mesmerized by Kong and the other creatures . A definite watch . My son stayed at a friends tonight so hopes to watch it tomorrow . He doesn’t say that often . When we watch something it’s like oh yeah okay have fun but I think this one he wants to see and I do not think he will be disapointed. So if you get a chance to watch it enjoy. 

Friday !

Its Friday ! bills are paid house is clean laundry’s done and put away and stuff shells baking for dinner..a well productive day and I even fit in an hr to watch my favorite soap opera. Now I just relax and wait for whoever comes home for dinner oh I know my husband will it’s my kids that I’m thinking of, our  front door swings open so many times a day now with their comings and goings I stop counting.  Ahh the life with grown kids.   I think being a Friday  night it will be a quiet one for my husband and I  no sitting out under the stars the rain came in has they predicted so I think will settle in and watch a movie , movies we have that we have been wanting to watch. Okay everyone have a great  rest of the day in my part of the globe.

Free time… what to do?

So another quiet weekend ..yes this is probably now going to be the new norm. I should be enjoying it , okay I was but now with each passing weekend even some week days it’s sadly out of my comfort zone. Yes I said that. I am just so use to doors slamming shut music blasting through walls running around cleaning up after everyone and now the house is always clean doors and walls quiet just the sound of the house creaking or my husband snoring hahaha well with the cold temps at the moments movies have been our new thing snuggle under the warm blankets in the comfort of our bedroom , going  for rides again for a coffee or just riding I know ….why am I finding issue with this? a lot of people would love this free time.  I’m just such a take care of someone or something kind of person. It’s just what I do . but now I need to rewire my brain hahaha and try to get use to this so I am going to get back into reading books again I use to love reading but it took me forever to get through one . I am thinking of summer with my husband at the drive in movies and sites to check out that my hip will allow. More summer evening at our favorite eatery sitting on their patio. Okay I can do this hahaha can anyone give me some suggestions like good reads , movies,  activities? would love some ideas .


BRR….baby it’s cold.

House is clean, dinner is cooking and a quiet moment keeping warm on my couch with a hot cup of tea and my pup laying by my legs .The weather is so cold here the temps are reading 19 but feels like 3 with the wind chill. This coldness does not do much for my body ..I do not have RA but a nerve disorder that was a birth defect so I can’t do things in repetition so I have to go day by day of what I do and take breaks or my pain is worse,I only take advil or tylenol for the pain because pain medicines do not agree with me and I will not take them especially when my kid’s were younger and I am taking care of them.I just mange the pain with what I do.  some days are better then others it’s all about not over doing it that is one of the reasons of being a stay at home mom. I use to work before I had my two kids and I was younger so my body was more capable of doing things I didn’t suffer from pain. I thank God everyday that I have my family to help me with things like lifting reaching things etc…and I am so grateful that I was able to have kids two at that . Then was told no more . I think that is why I try not to take anything for granted and I take life one day at a time like I said in my past posts it’s my motto , oh don’t get me wrong I have days where I wish I didn’t have this and I didn’t have pain. but what  can you do somethings are out of our control.  I am grateful for what I can do . This is why I decided to start this blog because now my daughter is an adult my son a teenager I am not as busy of a mom and that was hard getting use to because  that is all I have known for years was just being a mom.  At the same time it’s nice because my body is tired…and I am happy I had them young enough to go trick or treating with them walk with them in school events I do still go to some meets with my husband for my son who runs for his school where there isn’t a lot of walking and where I can sit when my legs get tired.   so making meals and keeping the house tidy and picking up my son from sport practice’s going out to lunch and having  coffee and a nice conversation  with my daughter , and dinner dates with my husband some weekends, mostly in the summer  we do that but for the most part we are are home bodies him and I so at night on a cold weekend night it  would be takeout dinner  and a movie at home . I don’t do much in the winters but now it’s more quiet so it’s nice to have this blog  I have always wanted to do something  like this but the time never felt right and now I believe this is the right time.