Quiet night of reading ..

I am once again wrapped in my blanket cozy under the softness and warmth of it. Lights are low and no train sounds tonight but country music playing softly from the tv echoing peacefully through living room while I read . .. okay listen to an audiobook my friend has introduced me to . It’s nice especially when I do not want to focus on looking at the words I can close my eyes and just listen . Who knows maybe I’ll fall asleep . I haven’t had as much coffee in me as I usually do so it could happen. For now I will enjoy this simple pleasure. Anyone else listen to audiobooks?


I lay covered up in a cozy blanket upon the couch it’s 10 at night but my thoughts are not ready yet to settle for the night . So upon this couch with only the shadow of light from the TV as music plays quietly relaxing me . It’s country music tonight. As I close my eyes and let the music take me away I can hear in the distance the sound of a train whistle blowing and the rumbling of its engine. Rolling along the endless tracks to its destination . It’s a comforting sound in the darkness . I pull the blanket closer to my face the softness of the blanket rests against my cheek. Something about the night. It’s quietness and peacefulness relaxes me but then there’s those nights it makes me feel alive. And the world is not what it is . All societies woes disappear for a bit and life seems as simple as it once was. And I take in this moment and hold on tight this beautiful feeling as I know it’s as ever changing as the oceans tides.


Happy Halloween everyone . I hope all of you have a fun and safe one. Not much happening my way . Adult kids and too far out for trick or treaters just another day here. I have a food service truck that comes out every other Thursday . They sell all kinds of food .The guy comes to your door and asks what you would like . I usually do frozen yogurt some veggies, some meat products .. etc well the man that has our route has been coming here for yrs. and we chit chat for a bit . Today thorough me a bit off balance . Actually let me go back a bit … sense this past summer I have been really getting back into my music. I love to sing and yes as loud as I can when I’m home alone doing things around the house and in my car as well. . It’s a stress reliever . I have always loved music . Well I’ve been enjoying it more and more everyday. I have a pretty good playlist going . On my chrome book and phone. This is where now I come back to my food service man. As he was leaving he turned back towards me and asked if I had an iPhone and asked if I ever go on Apple play. I said yes I did but no I have Spotify . He chuckled and told me his son did too. And that I needed to try the free trial on Apple because the music you can download is out of this world. He went on explaining to me how he downloaded so many songs that he was so happy and enjoys so much all his type of music from his era. I just stood there looking at him in shock. I believe he didn’t notice because he just kept on talking. He kept saying you have to try it and it wasn’t like he was promoting it he just was amazed at the variety . After he left I just stood at the counter in awe for a bit . Music has been such a part of my life lately and for him to just randomly talk about music with me was unusual . I know your probably thinking oh it was just random he brought this up. Honestly I felt like he was tapping into some kind of vibe off me. I wondered if he brought it up to other customers. And no there was no music or has been when he has been here. This is why I am a bit amazed I guess is the word. My life lately has been surrounded by a lot of signs so this just felt like another one but the food service man . 🙄 trying to figure this one out . Such a strange conversation to have with him.

And I’m back…

It’s 10:00 at night I’m comfy on my couch wrapped in a cozy blanket in the darken living room have the tv playing country music .. yes I like country music. I like all kinds of music as long as it speaks to me. And country does. As I sit here listening to it . I’m thinking wishing I was still at the beach . Two days was not enough but then again how much would have been .. I literally had to be dragged by my friend out of the hotel. 😂 at least I went. Even though it was a rainy day there I still thought the ocean looked beautiful .But oh it was hard to leave .. it was just so relaxing and we just couldn’t get enough of the sound and the sight and smell of it . Laying in the sun on Saturday with the sun warming us and just letting the sound of the waves take us away in our own thoughts was just such a comforting sound. I’m already missing it. We didn’t do no shopping we had it planned that it would be just soaking up the sun and take in the ocean and enjoying some meals out. And that is what we did . Yes I did have my coffee as well ( haha) a need . I haven’t been relaxed like I was in a very long time. And going with just my bestie I have never done . We always went with our families. So going with just her was really strange at first . I believe when we arrived in Maine I was numb . I just couldn’t believe I was there at the ocean and all I had to worry about was me. Oh what a freeing experience . I have never felt in such a long time actually if ever . All about finding me. And learning there is life after your kids grow up and start their life.well I must cut this short I believe the country music is making my eyes heavy so I’m going to close my eyes and relax and listen to the music. Who know I may just drift off to sleep…This was what we saw from our room and the chairs we spent our Saturday in.

Mother Daughter day..

bThe day was spent with my daughter. Taking a ride to get coffee listening to loud music in the car as we sang and laughed . It was beautiful! We drove through the drive thru at Starbucks and we both ordered a Salted Carmel Mocha hot coffee it was so delicious .and sat in their parking lot enjoying our coffees not wanting to go inside. That’s okay this is our thing we have the best talks in the car . I honestly cannot remember when this started…. it just happened one day after being out together we drove home and sat in the driveway and just kept talking and listening to music . And then we ended up sitting in the cemetery where honestly we found it peaceful. Then it was parking lots like today . We just find It calm and peaceful and just the two of us . We could talk about anything and everything and it stayed right there in the car between the two of us. I believe it’s given us a bond that will never break. And for that it’s something I will always cherish.

2nd laid back day..

Another laid back day. Waking to a foggy head from the medication, I knew I had no choice but to listen to my Dr. and take several days for just me. And that I did.. fell back to sleep waking at 11:30 I have not slept that late since I was a teenager. Finally heading for a shower and then to a bottle of water and my medication. No coffee …. then a protein smoothie for breakfast and sat and enjoyed my daughters company. She added some songs onto my playlist she thought I would enjoy and I did. The house filled with music. We pretty much like the same music. After when she was down in her place I went and grabbed some fresh air before the the sky decided to open up and send some rain down. Well I shouldn’t say some it’s been raining ever since. Tonight I will start some episode of Orange is a new black . Love these girls! I ended up missing these as well. So I’m happy I can catchup finally. And good time when you need to lay low.

End of a long week..

This week of endless humidity has finally came to an end for now at least , until Wed when their forecasting an even warmer and humid rest of next week. Happy as well to see last week end … was in a bit of a funk… it is time to face the new paths that life is throwing at me from every direction. Time to do what is right for me . I quote a few special friends on here that have told me this. It’s heard but time. Need to be happy finding my way in this next chapter of life. I guess it’s not so bad to just be…. have I excepted the age I’m turning…. hmm NO! (Hahaha) for now I’ll work on those new paths .With that said and done . I’ve had a quiet nice start of a weekend. Let’s see On Friday night hubby and I enjoyed watching the movie Bohemian Rhapsody . I was hesitant but watched it because my hubby loves the band and I remember when we first started dating he had a phase where he played their cassettes , yes I said cassettes , 🙂constantly.. I do like some of their songs . It was interesting I must say … a good interesting. That filled our night. Once settling I received a text that my son would be out with friends after his late shift at work , my daughter out as well. So we decided to get some sleep . A light sleep at that … our front door swung open and shut several times as each came home and I heard them , then my daughter texting me from her place are you awake hmm ..!of course I was this was about 1 in the morning she loves night time chats as I do . They are the best. We talked for a bit then we decided to get some sleep.

I woke to the sound of my hubby and son banging around in the kitchen figuring it was time to get up myself grab a quick shower and coffee. My hubby and son where heading out the door to drop off my sons motorcycle for some work on it. Yes he has a motorcycle . Had me a bit frazzled for a couple of weeks I’m not frazzled now but it still makes me say a little prayer when he drives out of the driveway and second one at that within two months first one he decided wasn’t big enough🙄 Ive come to except this one as well . I really have no choice not to ..he is an adult.

Enjoying this mornings coffee with my daughter and a good conversation was a nice start to this day. She laughed as she saw me and hearing me sing as I added some songs from Queen in my playlist on my Chromebook that had stuck in my head after the movie. She made me laugh when she said I looked so happy as I was singing when she came up from her place. 🤷🏻‍♀️ after that the guys arrived home and I left with my hubby to do some Saturday errands and of course a coffee …. love my coffee. No errands or ride is complete with out a coffee stop . Once home hubby went for a run and I caught up with a friend Ive known since Elementary School. She is a nurse and works at night so we try to catchup as often as we can . Even though she’s busy she makes a point to always check in and see how things are going as I do with her. That pretty much filled the rest of my afternoon so now supper is done and cleaned up. Both kids out son working daughter with a friend. I’m going to start a new book . I had posted one recently but just could not get into it. My sister is a huge Stephen King fan and has all of them plus waiting for his newest one she preordered . I have read several and enjoyed them . They have spooked me at times but a good spook this one is called Lisey’s Story 509 pages ..this may take me till Fall to finish. I can’t remember if I posted this but here it is anyways…. so far it’s really good . I’ll keep you posted how it is . It’s 8:30 hubby is watching the Baseball game and I think I will get some reading done. Have a great night everyone.