And the wind blows…

It’s a Tuesday windy cool morning and yes a quiet one if you would call it that ..with the sound of the wind banging against the house.. Miss Abigail running around the house non stop. And I actually having to raise my voice at her for trying to get under the couch covers to scratch it. We were doing so good with that 🙄 now I think she is mad at me.

The wind blew all night after several times of our bedroom door slamming shut from it, my hubby propped the door open a bit . If we keep it shut it gets either too cold or too hot . After it being in the 80’s and humid it became really chilly and even though the sun is out it’s cold . Ahh Miss Abigail has calmed down and laying in her chair . I know she needs to have the time to run and act crazy but not on the couch.. Everyone has gone to work early . And I will just do things around here and that needs to be done. I have finally finished the book The Road . Hmm ..after all that and this is the ending ? Was my thought last night ,then I woke up saw the book sitting on my bedside table and then realized the ending and why what happens did. Still yes thinking and why after all that ? But then realizing the moral of the story made sense. Now I wait for my next book to come in the mail . It says delivery is today so I’m crossing my fingers. As the wind blows my day needs to the pedal from my tree decorating my deck actually pretty🙂 get started .

A productive day, my way..

Today I slept in and then just stayed under the covers a bit longer since the temps on my phone were reading 19.. so I browse through my Twitter then WordPress and FB then my horoscope .. after did a a crossword puzzle on a crossword game. Then decided it was time to drag myself to a shower and then find myself to a nice cup of a hot cup of coffee. My other half commented well this is a morning of leisure .. this is the guy who gets up as soon as his eyes open and has many cups of coffee before my first. I just smiled …After we chatted as my daughter came up from her place and enjoyed coffee with us. The rest of the day has been chatting with my daughter while she did some laundry before work and I making a cake for dessert later . And then some decluttering a bit throughout the house which didn’t consist of much just here and there of throwing some things away . For Christmas my daughter bought me some black nail polish so settling I decided to do my nails while watching the football game with my other half . My nails didn’t come out too bad .. black is a bit harder to do because it shows every in perfection . I guess not bad for the first time though. Now I’m finding that it’s going on 4:00 in the afternoon ..and wondering where did this day go?I guess I kept busy or Sundays just fly bye to get to Monday… that’s okay I’m looking forward to Tuesday to come , my son will hopefully be getting his phone back so will be able to at least chat off and on. I’m still going to send letters until he says stop (hahaha) because it’s just what I want to do. ☺️I guess it’s time to think about what to do for supper.