Beautiful Day!

Aww the sun has been shining since I woke this morning so nice. Today was a different start usually it’s my daughter and I enjoying our morning coffee and a nice chat . Today it was spent with my son . It was a nice moment with him . I do not get many moments like this with just him and I , so with every minute I could grab I took it.I’m so amazed what a man he is growing into. He is so active and outgoing and such a jokester around his friends but then there’s this side to him a sense of protectiveness and loyalty that is so calming ,warm that shows his big heart only the lucky few get to see . I’m happy I’m one of those lucky few . I know when he gets home after school and practice is tired side will show then that’s the side we all know to well to let him be ..feed him and let him shower and go to bed . I’m just happy I had the moments I did with him this morning because I know there few and far between❤️


It’s Friday night still brutally cold out .this vacation has been a simple quiet one my son has worked all week so far except for the day before which ended  up  happily spent with a friend and shopping with his gift cards and getting what he wanted for his room. He came home tonight from work and sport practice and now is at a basketball game at his school with friends  I am proud of him he is doing so well with this job he loves it.. My daughter had today off thankfully so she could catch up on some well needed  rest and now is having a friend over.

On Chrisrmas I received this beautiful-adult colorimg book from my  beautiful daughter ,the pictures are amazing ! I’m starting it tonight so I’m so excited . These books have been such a  blessing to me  helps keep this thinking mind of mine in a good happy place especially when my kids are out and about.hahaha yes I can’t think or worry about things as much because I am concentrating on the picture.Time to get started.❤️image

My Son!!

When I look at you I see a young man standing before me so strong and ready to conquer the world , but  then when I look in those  blue eyes I see that little boy that could melt my heart with just a tug on my leg looking up at  me to pick him  up and hold him and that smile you gave when I did just broke me I just never wanted to let you go , but I need to it’s time  now , your grown and you are letting go you crave for that freedom to be you … all the dreams you hold in  your heart there ready to explore. I must and I will let go but in my eyes you will always be that littlle boy  with the big smile looking up at me I will hold  that memory close to my heart forever.

My Son

From the first moments I held you my heart melted. My little boy looking up with those beautiful blue eyes staring at me with wonder. As I rocked you to sleep at night you held gently on to my hair with your little hands as you fell into sleep.I never wanted those moments to end but they did,  everyday as you grew and found new wonders your laugh and smile were as big and bright as the moon when you would look up at me while you played …I could never get enough of that laugh and smile.You always seemed to be by my side and I knew that the day would come and you would not need me like this anymore ,  so I held  and locked those memories deep in my heart. Now as you grow into the young man you are  and think you know all the answers  in life…the teenage years upon us . the closeness we once shared seem so far away now,  our moments are different and I know this is how it’s suppose to be and  I love the man your growing into just never let life take away that little boy with the smile and laugh as big as that moon stop shining , never let life let you forget how much I love you and if the path you take gets covered in doubt just  remember there is always a path that will lead you back home.