Super Moon!

The fullness of the moon is so strangely beautiful it’s fullness and light will not let your eyes stray from it. You try to capture its beauty from every angle . But you never feel you have captured it perfect enough…


Photo Monday .. being Monday!

The photos earlier I posted were for photo Monday but posted of my weekend . Being Monday and how this day has turned out now heading towards evening I needed to recognized …the sun is out and warm and with it shining upon the fresh fallen snow it’s beautiful ..sadly the photo isn’t doing it justice but it’s beautiful any how.. it looks like diamonds sparkling . Loving it especially the fact that it’s 4:30 and still so bright and light out ..days getting longer.❤️


When your sitting outside on your front deck over looking the yard and your enjoying a book in the warmth of the sunlight and you see and hear these guys coming for a visit .. they stop for a moment when they have spotted me looking at them but know their not going to be bothered so they enjoy my front yard and I just enjoy the beautiful sight of the wildlife that is a benefit of living in the country.

They’re back!

Sitting our on my deck earlier and next think I know my feathered friends are back! It’s been a couple of days if not seeing them , with all the noise my neighbor is doing in his woods I’m sure have kept them away…. the noise is is getting a bit much for us as well . Sadly he is cutting down many trees we cannot figure if he’s clearing a path to build more on or just bored …it’s just wrong if he’s killing trees out of boredom .🙄 I’m happy that some of our feather friends came back. Hopefully the rest will follow , love seeing them. For now I have moved on to the back deck to rid myself of some of the neighbors chaotic noise.

Letting my swing sway me into a peaceful mode. Taking in what nature I do hear the birds singing and the random noise of acorns dropping in our woods. Such a Fall kind of noise. 🙂 I haven’t had much coffee out so my daughter is bringing me home an spiced pumpkin ice coffee when she gets out soon. Pumpkin sounds so good defiantly cannot day no to that.i guess back to my peaceful swinging before it’s time to get a couple more things done around here.