Ready for Springs

It’s been a long snow day … the day was dreary watching the snow come down just is not pretty any more ready for Spring ,sunny warm days birds singing and the sound of my creaking swing swaying back and forth as I enjoy my coffee or book or family chats . Ahh sounds so beautiful .

Snow Day…

Here we are again another snow day.. My son will be going to school until July .  So here I sit spending the snow day by myself my son stayed at a friends how can he stay home and be snowed in…no not a teenager. my husband had to work and my daughter had decided to leave earlier for work before it got worse …and here I sit house is cleaned supper I’m thinking about and Miss Abigail the kitty is all snuggled up on the couch sleeping away. and did I mentioned its snowing ugh….. so ready fore  Spring , sick of this white stuff. okay I am complaining but cannot help it so bored . okay I guess I should figure out what to do for supper. because its not going to get made on it’s own. Have a great day everyone.

March Snow….again

Screenshot_2017-03-24-14-40-29-1                                So once again it snowed thankfully it’s melting well on the driveway but the ground is covered again. I am so happy it’s the end of March its been a long winter and a long  couple of weeks. I am  ready for Spring.  I am sick of feeling closed in I want to be outside in the warm sun, sitting out side on a warm night looking at the beautiful stars, .enjoy my morning coffee on the deck swing. summer rides ,  drive-ins   So tonight on this dreary now rainy Fri night going to make supper for everyone then  settle  in at home and watch the final chapter of  Grim with my husband. will see how the rest of the weekend goes looks like a rainy one.