Snowy Night!

It’s the first snowy night of the season . It started around 7 this evening and now at 11:30 it’s going strong . Everything covered in white . Usually I would be checking the tv every hour for a school cancellation . Instead it’s a new season , new chapter and instead I’m laying in bed with the house all dark and locked up for the night, my daughter is home with Miss Abigail . So quiet as I lay in bed keeping warm while writing a letter by flashlight .. yes a new one for me (hahaha) didn’t want to keep the light on as my hubby is sleeping and yes I could of went into another part of the house but preferred my warm bed. And wanted to write my son a letter while I had things to write about to him. It was actually kind of fun . Yeah doesn’t take much to make me happy . Gave me a feeling of Deja vu when I was younger and knew I should of been sleeping but was writing letters to my friends . And if my mom saw the light on she would tell me to go to bed. Good ol days… didn’t think so back then, but what we learn as we get older.well letter is done and no more worries of wondering about school cancellations. So time to get some sleep and see how much white stuff there is in the morning. Good night!

Sunday it is..

The weekend has flown by as fast as last week has … my hubby ‘s vacation week was nice and relaxing, restful ,no routine no time limits just a whatever kind of week. Today will consist of food shopping a chore my hubby and I dislike so much … people are vicious in a grocery store .. some are impatient , rude , it’s food shopping why does it have to be such a production… we get in there we go down our list and do it as fast as possible and has we are walking out we have smiles on our face that it’s done.

Earlier very early this morning my son is waking me to let me know he got invited to go to the beach with friends for the day now I am just coming out of a deep sleep probably the best I had all night since random dreams invaded my sleep pattern….. I really can’t remember them but I know I didn’t have a good sleep because of them . I think just before shutting off the tv and cell phone last night breaking news buzzed in on my phone That Senator John McCain had passed well a surprise but not since we knew he wasn’t doing well but it got my interest to go on to Twitter and yes the news was all over it. What a handsome. Man he was back in the day and hero I read post after post and it teared me up a bit how devoted he was to his country and politics yes I’m sure we all knew this but Im not one to follow the politics like I should it’s too frustrating to me but reading learning about the man and war hero he was was touching. . He gives respect to all our servicemen and the love and passion he showed for our country is worth saying. . My son will be going away soon for Basic Training and that may open a career in the service for him and I am proud of him I respect my son and and his decisions of where this may lead him and all who serve. I feel my dreams had something to do with this . So waking to my son letting me know his plans when he could have just told his father he told me. I guess he told my hubby oh if I tell you and you then tell her she will question where who and when would he be home . She is such a thinker ( hahaha) so I will let her know and answer them ….hmm he was right. Even though I was half a sleep and he was finding this humorous. Oh I will miss this while he is away…

This weekend isn’t only an end to a vacation week but a beginning to a start of a new chapter schools start back up , most of my sons friends have Or will be headed off to college and my son calming down with his running a bit , getting ready himself to leave so onward to this week the end of summer vacation on to Fall and this new chapter.

Crazy time…

Summer is coming to an end Days are getting shorter. .there is all this talk of School and college shopping and leaving in the air. My son is..was running constantly for the last two weeks trying to fit in moments with friends that are going away for college, let’s just say he has been in a mood .. and it’s understandable so much changing no more going back to high school with all his friends ,I believe all their comfort zones are disappearing and now their all going separate ways and it’s really hitting them now . So my sons mood is not easy to deal with it’s like all of us are walking on egg shells around him. I’m also thinking he’s thinking about going away himself ..but not soon enough he has about a month and two weeks so I’m sure this is weighing on his mind. and he’s thinking and thinking I’m getting a bit anxious as well as my other half … trying not to focus on it but it’s hard not too . I guess we are all facing this change with him. It’s been nice to have my other half on vacation this week to get us use to spending more time together as husband and wife then mom and dad .. did that make since? What I’m trying to say is we are doing more together just the two of us . Yes we do have are moments where we do not know what to talk about because it’s been for awhile our talks usually had something to do about the kids, Today we went out to eat for lunch with my other half’s side and it was just so strange not really talking about our kids well just about how are they doing what are they up to since the relatives are from Florida . It’s just that the whole scene was out of my comfort zone .a lot to get use too. I’m trying to take this one step one day at a time. I’ll let you know how that goes. For now I think I will let my book take my mind off of things for a bit . Good night everyone.

Days getting shorter..

The days are getting shorter , the sun is settling earlier everyday by 8 it’s dark , schools around here will be starting up in a couple of weeks kids will be going back to College or just starting their first yr… in less then 2months my son will be leaving for Army Nation Guard Basic Training for 6 months and then who knows after that college or full time Army time will tell. My new chapter has begun with the fact that now both my kids are adults and no getting ready for back to school shopping etc , it will seem very strange , I’m sure it will especially for him. Happy I have my stack of books (hahaha) to keep my mind occupied. I’ve also been thinking a lot about starting a prayer journal .. been reading about them and how to begin , I’ve meant to by a journal but have not found one that feels right to me if that makes sense? I do know I will have no problem filling it , it’s just getting started I want it to be right , even though there’s no wrong or right in how you start one . So still looking and reading up in it . Well time to read a bit of my book then get some sleep . Good night.

August already …

Good morning! It’s unbelievable that it’s August already … not that lI’m to sad it’s been a very humid and rainy one which has been a summer of many days spent indoors somewhere . Not as many bonfires as we thought we would have. I always say I love August for one reason .. it’s the month my first born was born and shocking that she is going to be 23 . Time sure does fly by. So the middle of the month we will celebrate her Birthday in any way she wants . ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say it’s been a summer of reading hat has been nice . My book is Getting pretty creepy (hahaha) but so good.. the better of the day before was spent at the Dr.s for physicals and then errands it did help the rainy day move along much easier then it was Home and relaxing in the air conditioning . My other half laying watching tv my son relaxing in his room my daughter and I reading.-a calm quiet night once again.

August use to be buckling down getting back in gear for the school routine .. this year will be so different … my son will be getting back in a routine but it will be for getting ready to leave in 2 months for Basic Training .. Oct until March. While his friends will be leaving at the end of this month for college so it will be bitter sweet for him instead of all going back to school together it will be them all going in different directions some will stay local so he will see them until Oct. for myself I will keep thinking positive and know my son is doing what makes him happy .. now my husband is going to be the one who will have a hard time adjusting .. my daughter and I are close but she has her life to lead even if she still lives here in the furnished basement . Will see as I said before … one step , one day at a time even if my mind still wanders back to thinking of all of this..


No matter how old we get ,we are always learning . I must say I’m finding that even though my Son has graduated ..the drama with my sons friends parents…not all but most still can’t let go of the drama. I could blame social media but I can’t say it’s to blame … I have met some wonderful people and am happy to call them friends it’s just what you choose to do ,for instance Facebook I have many family members from out of State many local friends and many from a afar from other parts of the world that I love to connect with on Facebook , there’s just a few (locally ) that are a thorn in my side and make me want to shut my account down , these few act like we are still dealing with high school kids and have to get involved okay become nosey and start trouble … my son and I have always had a complicated relationship he never liked me to be that mom who was involved in every school activity , or his friends this was his world and I’m his mom not his friend now we get along much better since his graduation, do we have our moments oh yeah but we are both learning , but a few are so in their kids business it’s horrible , when I get on fb just to catch up with people I enjoy ,this one lady just has 20 questions of course about my son my life what she has what she’s doing what she’s getting I want to write in all upper case I DO NOT CARE! I know karma will bite me… but come on I do not need this . But I am learning , and letting it be okay to ignore change the subject when I get a message from her . So many people have said well just get off of Facebook , no I do not believe that is the answer well not for me. I’m learning just how I want to use it . If that was the case then I would drop every social media site … I love my Twitter all my soap fans are on there and we chat about our soap.I love my instagram because I can share special moment in pictures on it and see other parts of the world with my distant friends. I love my blogging because I can share my feeling my life and I have met some wonderful people that I also would like to call friends. So yes I’m learning how to now be on these sites with no more high school track pics .. no more coffee pics since I do not buy coffee out anymore. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ yes a learning experience and new chapter begin and please no drama๐Ÿ™‚

Quietness …

It’s been a serene kind of day … woke to a beautiful sunny morning enjoyed my coffee on the deck . Then went about doing what needed to be done. Same ol …. but today something felt different actually this whole week has felt different , usually I am occupied with what needs to be done with my son, schedules to be made things to get for him but this week since Graduation it’s been just what I needed to do for my hubby and I ,my son has taken care of his things and it feels like over night he has grown up even more go figure , he’s still 17 but I’m trying to stay out of his business ..long story .. let’s say no school drama on his end but mom got herself in a bit of a drama with one of his friends mom.. I should of known ..this lady has been a thorn in my side since the kids where in preschool together. Who would of thought I couldn’t have trusted her when she started gabbing and asking things about my son and I knowing what not to say still got me involved because she twisted things and her daughter screened shot her mother’s phone conversation…and my son saw it really why . Yes high school drama so I’m done .. my son would never touch my phone well even if he tried I’m smart ..called lock with a password and thumb print and other securities ,yes I am as private has my kids can be .. .. so now when she messages me and tries to ask things about my son even if she means well in which case I do not know and I ignore because sadly I really don’t know if she knows what her daughter did . Any how I am now out of that circle of his life shouldn’t have been in it to begin with . He knows I’m here if he needs me ..The days have been pretty quiet and for the most part it’s been nice . I’ve had time to connect with friends more , do projects that I love, I’m liking the change . It may change hahaha but at the moment it’s nice. Now if my husband would get on board it would be great .. everyday he comes home from work and asks so what are the kids doing ? hmm well let’s see their thing and when thier not home he questions when will they be here of course he puts that in my head and I’m the one who can’t sleep, thank god I’m a night person so I’m up for awhile but he’s sleeping good ,๐Ÿ™„ yeah change is not his thing , it isn’t for me as well but I tend to adjust to it better then him. Oh this is all going to be interesting ..