My new toy!

Today my new toy was delivered . And I am very excited but have a lot to learn since I have been doing most of my blogging on my phone .i bought a Chromebook it’s simple fits me perfect . It’s just learning to navigate. Yesterday I went to post a photo and it stated I didn’t have enough storage so thinking it was my phone I I deleted about 20 pics . Well just realized doing so most of those photos were photos on 20 post on my blog so if you read my posts you may come across no picture ughhh . Come to find out I think it a sign that I need to upgrade . Pay for blogging. So that will be the case soon since I love to post so many pics and videos. I just hope when I upgrade I do not loose all my posts I hope it stays the same . So if you notice no pics this is why 🙄

Anyways so I bought a Chromebook I am loving it like I said a lot to get use to typing on a keyboard. Have to figure how to post a pic on here then delete it on the book so I don’t fill up that space. Also my son gave me a mouse which is nice to use when I’m home with it inside . I love how mini it is. Just enough for me. Thank you to Jinger her blog The intrepid Arkansa she has is helping me so much to figure this out. So thank you Jinger!🙂 so here is my new toy. This blog is being done on my phone until I figure this out a bit more.