New year..

Yawn… it’s a new year ,and a really lazy day…. sadly the tree really needs to come down and the decorations have had their moment and now really need to be put away. So it will be done today. Ready for some down time . ..but with that comes my son leaving .. flying back out to Missouri on Thursday. As the day gets closer I feel a bit sadder . Yes I know I stated days ago I was ready ,and yes I am he needs to get back into figuring this thing we call life and finish his Basic Training tasks . So of course I’m sad he’s my son. His coming and goings have been exhausting , he has many friends and they love to be on the run . Their all good kids but a lot of energy. My son is ready to go back no dragging him to the airport .I had first feared when we knew he was coming home for a holiday block and afraid once here he would not go back easy but he has told us he has a good group he will be returning to and they have been keeping in contact , he will have a bit more freedom and get to have his phone . Now he will text or call us . No letter writingūüė• that part will be hard to let go of I loved writing letters. So comforting. He will be there for two months. So I will have piece of mind that he is safe on base or at the gym on his free time , not running crazy around here. Maybe I can get some sleep….will see, for now I will get the Christmas things put away . Spend the next two days with my son . Happy New Years everyone.

New Years Day.

Happy New Years everyone! Ringing in the New Years was a very different one this year my husband nod I went to ¬†his families instead of staying home like we have in the ¬†past 10 yrs. it felt strange without my kids, ¬†my daughter worked then went out with a friend and came back home early and watched the festivities on TV and my son who we thought was going to a friends house after we left ended up staying home because his friends decided not to do anything so we brought him food home and even though he won’t admit it I believe he was a little ¬†bummed because after eating the food ¬†we brought he said he was tired and didn’t feel like staying up till 12 and went to bed at 11 ¬†I was happy he was still up in bed when 12 hit so I could wish him a Happy New Year . After that we where all tired and it was cold ¬†we went to bed. Morning came fast and the new year is here and I am happily still not doing a resolution , I think a try to be less worry mom when both kids are out especially my son who I bug checking in on him too fast ….try I say thankfully even though he seemed bummed I was happy he was home. Any ways it was a busy day taking the tree down and decorations put away and getting the house back in its order. My daughter of course is out with a friend and my son is home writing College essays to apply for colleges. Plus homework and getting ready for back to school tomorrow.

I at the moment have sat for a bit and now need to finish preparing supper. This day is flying by I just hope this month does as fast I do not like the month of January it’s my dread month ….too long and too cold and it’s just depressing, I’m trying not to think this way I hope my coloring books and books ¬†I have to read ¬†and writing most defintantly keep me busy as long with getting out to spend more time with my best friend. I am happy we gain a minute a of light each day so that’s is a plus. ūüôā


It’s the night after Christmas and my hubby and I are settled under the warmth of our blankets in bed after a very cold day of cleaning up after Christmas ¬†putting some decorations way ¬†until next year . My son was up early for work on the ski slopes and then indoor track practice now after a nice hot meal he is in bed as well settling to ¬† repeat this all over ¬† Again tomorrow¬†My daughter is out with friends doing their present ¬†swaps . My phone says the temp out is 12 so that is why we are under our covers . This Christmas holiday was one ¬†for the books of lack of spirit, sadly my heart wasn’t in it no matter how I tried I just went through the motions It’s been ¬†a sad yr of things that weighted on my heart as well as my families . I’m happy it’s over and now we can just work on making our hearts feel better. This weather is making it a bit easier by feeling okay to settle in and relax . You know it’s cold when the house is making popping noises. It’s not going to get any better until next week . So I think I’m ready for Springūüôā Sadly About 75 more days I believe until Spring ….yes ¬†I’m counting ¬†Hahaha ¬†anyways now we count down to the New Year I do not know what we will do if we are going to relatives for a night of food drinks, ¬†games or staying home with some Chinese food they both sound good to me will see. What are your plans? I would love to know ¬†and if you make Resolution? I do not have one just to let you knowūüôā

It just keeps getting better and better (cough) sarcasm.

So my Son made it home from snowboarding in Thursdays nasty storm..Yes I did worry though always do. Then today was crazy pay bills day ughh so dislike this day but don’t we all? so my Son went with me to do this and run some of his errands and he was happy to drive. ..all was good then we came back to the house so he could get ready for track practice so an hour later he goes out to the car to start comes in says umm car wont start okay I wanted to to lay on the floor like a little kid and throw a tantrum I was just so not needing this today. ,,,he tells me I believe it’s the battery because I noticed I left the lights on. We found some one to jump start it and off we went so now I am going to hold my breath for the next few days every time start that car…..Oh Im starting to believe be negative brings in bad karma …I’m trying not to but winter is not my friend I despise winter. and sadly this holiday season this year ready to pack up the rest of the decorations and say goodbye to the tree for another year, ‘Im going to try to bring good things into this new year because I have had enough…oh no our washer isn’t now working ughhh okay and on to another day …..give me strength.

Thoughts..Days after Christmas

It’s a beautiful December day the sun is bright and shining it’s¬† warmth feels amazing. The sky is a beautiful deep blue.¬† It’s the 2nd day after Christmas and I am slowly getting back into routine with a little more time of late night talks with my husband and kid’s and maybe a bit of a worry when my son will get home when he goes out with friends¬† that is always a given.I do get¬† some sleep in mornings due to¬† the school vacation. Today I slowly started putting some Christmas decorations away dusting¬†¬† and the outside decorations lights are put away due to a big storm coming through Thursday. Our beautiful real tree is still up and doing just fine not ready for that to come down just yet my daughter’s cat will be so sad, she just loves it and we love to¬† to just sit and watch her at night staring at the beautiful lights she just looks so adorable . My heart is heavy a bit since it’s our first Christmas without our pups it was hard not having him join in on the Christmas morning chaos….he loved getting new toys and it was hard not hearing his paws running through out the house with the kitty Miss Abigail. It’s been 3 weeks now since he passed .¬† Time will heal¬† I know but until then it’s just too¬† quiet.¬† I keep myself busy and now getting into the habit of playing music when the TV is off¬† I think¬† Miss Abigail enjoys the music as well I’ m thinking of checking out animal shelters for a kitten but that is still in the thinking process. I do not want to rush into anything just yet being that¬† my heart still aches and Miss Abigail is just getting use to not having her buddy around¬† So I do not want to throw something new at her just yet. So did everyone have a good¬† Christmas ? and¬† are ready for the New Year ?

This year I have decided to do no New Years resolution’s¬† it’s going to be take it one day at a time live and enjoy the moment and expect nothing my new motto is IT IS WHAT IT IS .¬† The world is in chaos some people are just not nice and will tell you¬† to your face. ..they do not care. . There is just so much more violence so much more greed ,so I am going to be the best I can be take care of my family and my friends love them. and keep my opinions to myself …okay well to a point hahaha¬† and just be happy. will¬† did any of you make a New Years resolution? let me know would love to hear about them. well I must go I am needed.