My new toy!

Today my new toy was delivered . And I am very excited but have a lot to learn since I have been doing most of my blogging on my phone .i bought a Chromebook it’s simple fits me perfect . It’s just learning to navigate. Yesterday I went to post a photo and it stated I didn’t have enough storage so thinking it was my phone I I deleted about 20 pics . Well just realized doing so most of those photos were photos on 20 post on my blog so if you read my posts you may come across no picture ughhh . Come to find out I think it a sign that I need to upgrade . Pay for blogging. So that will be the case soon since I love to post so many pics and videos. I just hope when I upgrade I do not loose all my posts I hope it stays the same . So if you notice no pics this is why 🙄

Anyways so I bought a Chromebook I am loving it like I said a lot to get use to typing on a keyboard. Have to figure how to post a pic on here then delete it on the book so I don’t fill up that space. Also my son gave me a mouse which is nice to use when I’m home with it inside . I love how mini it is. Just enough for me. Thank you to Jinger her blog The intrepid Arkansa she has is helping me so much to figure this out. So thank you Jinger!🙂 so here is my new toy. This blog is being done on my phone until I figure this out a bit more.

Home ..

t’s was another rainy day , the rain was coming down fast and steady. Making it a cold and dreary day. Even though it looked gloomy out it felt nice and cozy inside. Crockpot cooking supper once again. Miss Abigail sleeping in her chair . And I folding some laundry in the living room while watching my daytime show but I believe what made it feel cozy was off and on looking towards my kitchen and its fresh new paint . I’m still amazed how much I’m loving this red and how easily I adjusted to it. I guess I was ready for a change after all. It’s evening now the rain has stopped and the sun has peaked itself out from the clouds. This weekend my hubby will finish painting the kitchen and putting in a breakfast bar. And then it’s outside to paint.. sadly our front and back decks need painting . The last two winters have taken a toll on them. He isn’t looking forward to it but is happy he will at least be outside but for now we are enjoying finishing the kitchen . . I’ll post pics when the breakfast bar is in . It’s amazing what a new paint color can do .


sitting outside enjoying my coffee this morning ,the humidity is slowly moving away once again the cool breeze feels beautiful. Love when each morning feels new and like a clean slate … A day to start something new or make a fresh start in life..make some thing thats wrong and turn it  into a right or just keep being ,doing what is good . Most important be the best that you can be .Many possibilities. Open your mind your heart to something good and new today. While doing that you could be putting a smile on someone’s face who needs a kind person to be near . I love this saying I’ve heard “do not let life harden you” with all of lifes ups and downs it can. Now to enjoy the rest of my coffee and the beautiful blue sky above me .  Enjoying some time with my son today. After a beautiful day spent with my daughter the day before.❤️image

Just Being

Hi everyone ! I haven’t been posting this past week much.. I guess I’ve been Just being as my title states… I looked up what just being is , if any and was surprised how many ways, things there was with this phrase just being. I related with some of the examples . I believe for me it’s just been being free from a routine being able to just getting up showering having my coffee and taking my time enjoying it maybe enjoying a second cup . Taking care of things around the house whether I finish doing what are started or not … but yes I finish what I start, just the fact that I have no time limit .. my routine is changing my time is becoming more my time during the day . Very relaxing and less stressed . My kids come and go we have our moments of chats , laughing. But all good . Nice feeling. So I been also enjoying reading a lot of reading out on the deck enjoying sun as well . I also have been able to take my photos off my phone printing them and started working on my photo wall. Plus changing things up around the house .. I believe this just being has been very productive for me ( hahaha) the busyness and the have to of this school yr has come to an end and I’m seeing that it’s okay.. now ask me in October when my son leaves for Basic Training .. yes getting ahead of myself so stepping back to now and only day to to day.🙂 This weekend is a rainy one so hubby and I did the food shopping and have been just hanging around the house watching movies in between the washer humming . Now it’s evening and supper is done and cleaned up with the help of my hubby my sons home now so he is watching tv with us . I think I will grab my book settle in an a bit more and read my book as well . and just be ….🙂

Occupying the mind..

I’m settled in bed my daughter lend me a book she was given for Christmas to read . She wasn’t sure if it was something she would like and has others to read . I’ve started it probably will not get to far into it tonight I m feeling like I could go to sleep at any moment. It’s good so far and will keep me busy being that it’s 460 pages long . I will keep you posted how I do with it and when I finish . It’s nice to have a book especially a thick one to get into . Well going to read a bit more then off to bed goodnight everyone.

And so a new school yr begins …

So in less then a week my son will be starting his Senior yr of Highschool ….and more change comes with it like there hasn’t been enough changes this summer😒 so our schools are lacking kids our numbers are low so sports gets effected by this badly plus a lot of the kids are not into sports now…sadly My son  is lacking boys for Cross Country running and he is the only Highschool student the rest which are only three other boys are 7th graders so newbies so really no team persay .. so he checked out the football practice today and the football team wants him badly but I don’t know how much his heart is into it, he played back in elementary and middle school one yr  then got into running and that became his passion. I know I am sad because I love watching him run cross country and I do not want him to get hurt in football because he has winter indoor track and spring that he loves . So he is a bit disappointed because he was hoping to have one last yr of Fall running but what can you do when there is just not enough kids. One more thing for him to adapt to. I’m amazed how this school year is already upon us this summer went by so fast. and a sad one as well. Today I notice on my deck some fallen leaves that have already changed and when I’m sitting on my swing I can hear the acorns falling in my woods already. So even the season is moving forward soon the apple orchards will be ready for people to pick apples.  And I will make my Swedish apple pie so delicious ,  a very sweet tasting pie. I will post it when I make one. But for now I will embrace the last week of summer vacation and move forward when it’s time and whatever my son chooses for a sport I will embrace that as well. Right now I’m laying in my bed writing this with my husbsnd sleeping away but the house is filled with the sound of laughter from my daughter and her friend in the other end of the house ..such a beautiful sound.🙂

Society…what happened?

I am appalled by society …morals.. the path this generation is heading in no respect for life.. authority .Why I ask ? I do not like to write about what happens on T.V  the news but this one incident I have heard over and over because reporters and just people in general can’t understand the verdict on  the the Stanford rape case what happened 6 months that is it we all know there is something clearly wrong with this young man , ok so he is a star athlete oh so that exempts him from bad behavior and justice  bad enough he is going to miss his swimming meets well….lets see what about the poor young girl that he raped and had not a clue what happened yes she was drunk passed out but this had nothing to do with him,,,she had a right to drink yes too much but she didn’t break any  law. it scares me where the justice system is heading.this could be anyone of our daughters and yes our sons and if that was the case  I would be seriously upset but  wouldn’t have condoned it …My son is 15 soon to be 16 and is so against how some of the kids at his school how they party  every chance they get and go through girls like a new pair a shoes he doesn’t understand why these guys in his words can be such slimes.. and the girls just keep going back. I am  proud of my Son and thankful he has respect. My daughter was telling me about  a girl she works with  and the girl would love to hang out with my daughter and other girls after work but her boyfriend does not like or let’s her hang out with anyone she as anxiety and believes that its caused by her boyfriend because she takes medication for and it  doesn’t work she told my daughter her doctor thinks she would feel better if she leaves him sad thing is I do not believe she will she states to my daughter its not physical abuse but verbal .I believe abuse is abuse and she told my daughter she his hanging out with a girl after work by telling him she is working late now tell me she is not scared of him I told my daughter to stay out of it because if she could be in danger the girl whoever she hangs out with could possibly be too if and when he finds out. I feel bad for this young women but need to keep my daughter safe,  its sad that I have doubt that if she tried to break up with him it could get messy…it’s sad when my daughter had told me when he graduated this past month he did not want to walk or be in the ceremony because he just did not want to his school let him just pick up his diploma the next day.Sounds to me this young man doesn’t  like authority .What have we become . life as rules way past the years of parenting what are we to do.