Out my window..

After a night sitting around a roaring fire with family enjoying good food , drinks , and much laughter and singing ( hahaha) read my earlier post about that 🙂 I did the struggle after settling down well after 1 … I woke at 6 ughh… threw the pillow over my head and fell back to sleep waking up at 9 so I guess it was time the pull myself out of bed and grab some well needed coffee before heading to the shower .. Im sit in the living room looking at the rain coming down as I’m enjoying my coffee and the news , I can’t believe the change from last night stars in the sky a beautiful fire, warm temps to 57 temps dark and rainy ,wind blowing and top it off my favorite weather lady “s last day on our channel .. I know what your thinking what ?? is she kidding ? ( hahaha) but sorry I’m not and I’m okay (hahaha) it’s just when you get use to someone on your favorite news show .. ok lame but sadly I’m just this simple 🙂 I guess one more cup of coffee is needed to start this day. Food shopping it is and then who knows maybe a good book or some Netflix after…


Good Morning!

imageGood Morning ! It’s a  quiet morning and going to be a quiet day as well with Miss. Abigail and I wherever she is roaming around the house some where. Everyones off to work and school early .i was looking forward to the first day off Track and Field for my Son but because of the rain and Thunderstorms coming in ….yes thunderstorms possibly ,strange after having snow showers the day before. Well anyways the meet got cancelled. Enjoying my coffee and catching up on the news of course the washing machine is always a noise echoing through my house that or the dishwasher … Always something …today I will not be pushing myself too much with the warmer temps and rain my hip is a bit lame . Rain always makes me a bit more lame. So do what I can and then it will be laying low with my soapy and adult coloring I should do some , in he summer I seem to do it less unless it’s a rainy indoor day.. Worked on a page the day before I’m not sure if I like it I messed up with the green not making sure I had the right green and started coloring and now I. can’t go back hahaha  time for one more cup of coffee then do a bit .have a great day everyone 🙂

April Snow…

Good morning it’s April 2nd and we wake to this , the photo doesn’t show it but it’s still snowing a bit luckily it’s not staying on the roads but sadly my bare greening yard is now white again… oh Mother Nature why? Wednesday is my sons first track and field meet so hopefully this melts and we do not get anymore .

The weekend was nice I hope everyone had a nice Easter Now onwards to a new week and back to routine a bit, days of total routine have become instinct well for myself it’s just my usual what needs to be done if you know what I mean. .. The kids have their own routine . My time is becoming just my time more and more these days. Coffee taste good watching the morning news and the snow coming down .

Quiet …

Ahh so happy there is really no snow coming our way, I want the schools track to stay clear . 3rd day of track and field practice for my son. I believe he’s enjoying it. I’m happy to see him content at the moment . The evenings here and my hubby and I have finished our dinner and cleaned up the kitchen now we are just relaxing in the quietness of our house watching the evening news and it’s 6:30 here and still light out which is a plus. My daughter is still working but heading back out later with a friend., my son arrived home from practice with a couple of his buddies and have gone out can’t complain he’s been home the past three nights , that’s a record for him hahaha.. after the news I think I will settle and read the book my daughter lended me . It feels nice to be reading again. . I think we will have company though when my daughter goes out later Miss Abigail will be laying with my hubby and I ❤️

Off kind of day …

what a day everything just feels off … is off.. I just do not know everything going wrong at home then you go to the store the only two items your son wants for food there is none but every other kind . Your gas tank in your car reads to bars and 80 miles I can drive it’s a subie so I put $10 in still says 80 and 2bars showing so my daughter and I are dumbfounded so where thinking did the guy actually have gas in that pump or is my car broke? Hmm… so we go to another gas tank I add 10 more and now it reads 260 okay now it’s working . The news isn’t any better so many bad things happening .. and no answers… just been a strange day and it’s only suppertime. I am ready to crawl under the covers hahaha. Sadly I usually would be jumping for joy being that it’s the 1st day of Spring but it doesn’t look it and it’s so cold out…I’m trying to fine a silver lining here somewhere maybe it will come tomorrow when I can sit back and reflect and laugh about it.🙂

Strange Morning…

Good Morning .. a strange one at that after a very light sleep.. you know those nights where your sleeping but you feel your not but then you actually wake up and your wide awake … that was my night . Then I wake up at 7 after whatever time I fell back to sleep to my son asking to see my phone hmm … he types on it then says ok here , I look at it and it’s an Instagram but a new one with only two photos it’s him he says I think I deleted my photos by accident last night and I lost a lot of followers with my photos I’m like oh no but to me something sounded strange about the whole thing .I didn’t tell him that because I do tend to over think things so I let it go ,a few minutes later I go to check mine and in the feed I see all or most part his photos and followers but it’s a weird name …word I don’t know what to call it jibber … I’m about to yell to him from my bed he comes in says take a pic of me and has this paper he’s holding I can’t say what it said but yes he was reporting it he was hacked .. stolen whatever you want to call it …. Why? He’s not happy. Who would be. Im ready to delete my social media except for this …. It’s getting bad , I think it’s time to get a good camera and start taking photos the old way or should say the way it should be. I’m tired of this a month ago my Facebook was hacked . I’m ready to call it quits sadly I have friends I love to connect with from afar .. on there other then that I would press that delete button so fast. The drama is getting to much to too . I hope my son has his photos saved.

I’m sitting and enjoying my coffee my son is now off to school , as I watch the weather channel because my phone did a weather warning alert..ughh another Nor”Eastern predicted our way for tomorrow into Thursday night and this time their predicting 12to 16 inched our way😥 so I’m thinking with the timing and if it gets as bad as they say no school tomorrow or Thursday. Hubby texted me to let me know he would be taking off Thursday from work to clean up or if we have power outages he can be around … thank god Crazy….actually something else that is crazy is I was catching up on the news this morning as well and they where reporting on a flight I don’t know where about didn’t catch it but they where in flight and this women had to be restrained because she was trying to get to the planes door to open it and yelling I am God over and over. Okay that’s scary poor women but the passengers what they had to deal with .. oh this world… so yes a very strange morning 😂 Miss Abigail is doing some odd things as well hiding at first this morning then I went into the kitchen to freshen up my coffee and she’s sleeping on my kitchen table ,well that didn’t happen long .. she knows better because when I went towards her to grab her off she ran. Can cats sense a storm coming? It’s been a morning… going to be a long day.


imageGood Morning ! The 1st day of March so unbelievable…. and a possible Nor”eastern on its way in … Better run to the grocery store !  Not this  lady  ,did my run yesterday 🙂 I figured the day before the advisories, the warnings would go   up on the TV ,beeped in on our phones I knew everyone would be out getting thier food you know ..eggs milk bread  oh believe me I’m not making fun I picked those extras up especially the bread and milk because if power goes out we can eat pb & j  we do have a generator but you can’t or we don’t run everything on it  Any how happy I ran the day before now to just wait and see what comes … House is quiet just Miss Abigail and I home..always the case . I’m  enjoying my coffee and news  and enjoying the sun we have right now.