One of my many favorite Quote’s

as I settle in bed tonight one of my favorite quotes I want to share with you tonight. This speakes volumes for me. Good night everyone. Β image


Once again ..

t’s a night settled in with the air conditioner and my book. My hubby sleeping away next to me . It was a Monday of getting back to priorities after a weekend of being out of the house spending the days with my family a lot of conversations and laughs . today was run errands, tidy the house up and try to stay cool once again in the heat. Not enjoying this heat at all. For a bit watched the movie IT by Stephen King letting my daughter know it was more gross then scary but what do I do at one scene jumped and screamed . My daughter just laughed in shock (hahaha) okay one part caught me off guard . Happy it’s over. Now to try to finish my book . Have a good night everyone.

Sunday night already..

Today seemed to get away from me. Where did the day go… after food shopping with my other half . He went outside a puttered around the yard and I sat out on the deck until it got unbearable , the humidity is creeping in again already after only two days of a reprieve from it. I thought I would sit outside and enjoy my book. Trying to finish the book I have been reading so I can start my new books I bought. Any ways the heat was too much so I decided to go inside to read well that didn’t happen once inside I did a load of laundry, started peeling potato’s and started them boiling so I could make some potato salad with some chicken for supper … as I was waiting for them to cook . I decided to sit and flick through the tv another good movie on ..upgrading so not good hahahs well then proceed getting the potato’s ready for the salad.. finally sit back down down to find my other half inside headed for the shower to wash up for supper so then it was time to eat. After switching laundry over to dryer and then went back out after other half cleaned up kitchen . By now the deck was shaded. Book in hand rang and I was on for a bit hmm not happening at that point reading.

Now I’m finding myself settled in bed 11:30 and book laying open and I have not read one sentence…chatted with my other half for a bit well forget reading today πŸ™„ I guess I will try again tomorrow . For now off to sleep.

Laughing! YouTube ..

when it’s 10:30 at night and your wide awake because the house is too hot what do you do…. hmm you watch funny YouTube videos of animals sneezing or rubber chicken noises trying to make people laugh,, yes strange I know but so funny … and at 10:30 you could laugh about anything ..,, πŸ˜‚ the last couple of months have been so routine serious ..stressful with college apps exams moody 17 yr old ,it’s nice to be laughing about stupid innocent videos especially with my daughter we can get laughing and not stop .. I can see now how people can get hooked on YouTube watching these silly videos, well no harm in that felt good to laugh until my stomach hurt from laughing so much , it was well over do πŸ˜€ I felt like my old self again I use to laugh all the time and goof and just was silly ,,,, fun actually but this past school yr had me a bit overwhelmed . Things are calming down and now I’m finding the humor in things again. My daughter I think enjoyed it . This is the relationship we have where we can laugh about stupid things she can talk to me about anything . So different then my son and I he is very serious and is not ready to think of me as the silly fun figure yet I’m mom that’s about it . Now my other half well he just goes along because he’s like my son a bit serious and he knows when to just let my daughter and I carry on (hahaha) laughter such a great thing !

Night life!

Tonight was beautiful the sounds of the night was peaceful but eerie with the trains whistle echoing along the mountains and river that Is home to the tracks ,the moon shined above, the photo made it look like a fool moon almost there. The little colored lights are my solar power Lilly pads floating in our fountain . I’m shocked they still worked. We have had them for a couple of yrs the peepers where out in full force they have very vocal lately . I hope you enjoyed the photos and video , yes this is a part of my world . I love spending the evening and nights out on my deck it’s very soothing and it gives my overthinking mind a break πŸ™„


Laying here in the darkness … only the sound of the fan humming the peepers have gone quiet ,a storm must be coming in . There is no moonlight lighting up the bedroom. Miss Abigail has been antsy as well . So I lay here and hoping that I can fall asleep soon . Or my mind will start thinking …. was going to relax after my sons meet but there was food to make for my hubby and son. After they got home they lost the meet but their in 2nd place . My son won all his races so he is happy about that they did good for being undefeated this long to going against an undefeated team they did their bests. Then my daughter and her boyfriend came up from her place and wanted to chat, then texts from a friend who’s son is having a graduation party with my son wanting a list of what I had for plans . So went from relaxing straight to bed after .. Tomorrow is Prom so they’ll be pictures to take ,

The wind is picking up nothing like a thunderstorm at night . It’s a cozy feeling .my eyes are getting heavy ahh that’s good maybe I can get to sleep a bit earlier tonight. Everyone else has settled and sleeping I guess I should too. Well I will try to get my prayers in before I fall asleep ..last night I started saying them and fell asleep half way through. So will see how tonight goes. Good night everyoneπŸŒ™