Movie night …nightmares

It’s midnight and I’m trying to think of something else while I settle …hmm talking about horror movies is probably not going to help. Just finish watching two of the Halloween movies the 1978 and 1998 ones I believe that was the only two ? My hubby slept through some parts as I had to look away at times. Okay not a smart idea before bed .. hopefully I do not have to get up during the night ( hahaha) so good at scarring myself …. Why do we love to scare ourselves? . Well it didn’t take my hubby long to fall asleep … ugh ! Well I guess I better try to get some sleep . It’s only going to get later and I’ll be miserable with less sleep . Will see how this goes . 🙄

Can you say Nightmares..

Tonight my daughter wanted to catchup on the last 3 or so episodes I stopped counting.. of American horror stories in the living room while making cookies . The new seasoned started tonight . So she is watching that now down in her place. For the most part my eyes where closed .. I couldn’t do it (hahaha) I do not mind horror stories but this goes just a bit further to insanity in my opinion .. it’s gross . She would tell me when to open my eyes 🙄 then when my eyes were open I was strolling through Instagram , Twitter, word press . So yes partly watching it as well. My son who is having a hard time sleeping lately , I believe thinking .. sleeping pattern is off , nerves , has decided to try an all nighter to get tired so he can get some earlier sleep patterns tomorrow. Hopefully this works. I told him if you hear me yelling or screaming in my sleep tonight it’s only me having nightmares (hahaha) he shook his head in agreement because he saw how I was watching it and shook his head.. Oh what I do for my kids. Well time to get some sleep wish me luck .