It’s a warm Friday night the peepers are out I can just about hear them over the fans that are trying to do their jobs but it’s okay if not . I’m awake even though my hubby is fast asleep . I believe he did too much in the heat today . He had today off so it gives him a long weekend but sadly he is not one to take it easy . Yes the yard looks beautiful but it was just way to hot to fast to do all what he did. Tomorrow is my sons track and field meet he made it into the championships if he wins his races or at least makes it into the final 3 I believe he will move on to States . So it’s an early morning for him he needs to meet the team bus by 7 when they leave the events start at 10 so I’m sure my hubby will be leaving soon after him. I will not be going ,too long of a day for myself , my hip would not like the bleacher and then the standing for hours on end . My son is good about it he understands and knows my heart will be there with him โค๏ธ I’m so proud of him and I wished him good luck before he went to bed early tonight You never talk to him or try to before a race …hahaha he’s not a chatty morning person anyways ..unlike his mom . He never could understand how I can chat at any time of day. My daughter knows I can . So I will clean up the house , run some errands and then take sometime and relax with my book or just write, of course wait for messages from my hubby letting me know how my son is doing . So tomorrow will tell if his track season moves on one more week or not . This is surly going to be a sad moment when this season is over. I know he will run after graduating he will have to for boot camp in Oct and for now weekends throughout the summer for Army National Guards. But that I’m taking one day at a time . Need to get through Graduation .. so yes one step at a time . Well my eyes are getting heavy and I want to say my prayers before I fall asleep … so good night everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday….. Really

Good Morning! the sun is shining a bit chilly but warming up ,cannot believe it’s Monday …the weekend , vacation flew by .Sunday was spent out on our deck with my kids in the morning well my daughter and I sitting my son laying (hahaha) after the photo taken in our local newspaper of his Track meet on Friday he didn’t like how white he looked so he was trying to tan up a bit , well let’s just say not much but my face had sunburned … hubby was happily working on his barn . As the day progressed the day stayed warm and windows where open and the music blared from my sons room as he did the task of vacation homework . My daughter went to work and my hubby took a break and we went for a ride . Nice finish to a day outside.

Night came and it was about 8 and I was doing a few things in the bedroom when my daughter came in looking for Miss Abigail who was enjoying herself sitting on the window sill looking out to the darken lawn and the sounds of the peepers my daughter saw this and so let her be , so laying on my bed with her phone I got done with what I was doing and and shut the light off since the shades where open my daughter and I where chatting about random things when she said did you hear that ? … listen so I did and looked at her she said that’s a strange sounding dog . I listen some more then I heard it in a distant . It was this lonely howl not so much as a bark but cry at first I thought the boys where close ( coyotes) but my hubby had heard it as well said it sounded like a fox . We know Miss Abigail heard it she jumped off the window sill very fast . She wanted no part of it . Summers coming and this will be our nights now with windows open and the sounds of nature echoing in . We can now here the trains and their whistles more clearly … still a creepy sound to me now more then ever๐Ÿ™‚

The coffee taste good and my son is running around getting ready for school ,has his school face on … if your a parent of a teenager some may know the school face ๐Ÿ˜‚ so that being said I’m leaving him be to do is thing. Onwards to the last 5 weeks of school …High School at that. Now a lot of homework exams , sports , and stress plus bittersweet moments. Hmm not going to be easy … time to finish coffee and get the washing machine going . Have a great day everyone.

Saturday Evening..

it’s unbelievable how it’s the weekend already , one more day and spring vacation Is over. My son did what I thought, if you read my recent posts … all vacation he was home every night and then after his Friday track meet he went out with friends and midnight came and I was like oh good he’s home before driving curfew ..then in walked my daughter hmm okay my oldest home before my youngest.. of course happy she was home safe but now where was my son, So I texted him please check in he replied back we are all together at a friends house I will be home . Okay well hmm when I thought . My daughter came up from her place and asked where is he did he check in ? told her yes . So we went in to the living room now both wide awake . As my hubby was sleeping away .. 12:40 hit and no son so I texted are you really at a friends ? He sends back a photo of them all sitting at his friends house that looked familiar and they where sitting around a board game so I told him just stay over it’s late .

My daughter and I stayed chatting in the dark yawning in between sentences ๐Ÿ™‚ but not wanting to stop because we where enjoying the moment to chat , it’s been awhile since we stayed up at all hours of the night chatting ..summer is coming this is when we seem to stay up and have these chats . The best moments. It hit a little after 2 and we both agreed it was time to get some sleep.

7:00 in the morning came quick the room was bright from the sun shinning in …tried to go back to sleep for a bit but my hubby and I gave up so we got up made some coffee and breakfast , showered and was out the door at 10 for food shopping . My son came home early morning and already was ready to leave for a run when we walked in the door . After he came back my son and I went and cleaned the car and took a ride and chatted it was all his idea so that was another moment that I have missed . I must say it was a nice. Simple weekend with moments that where as simple but lasting cherish moments . Having some time with both of my kids that are so hard to get now that their older I must say is priceless .


It’s night time .. hubby’s sleeping sons sleeping , my daughter and Miss Abigail are settled down in their place. I’m awake at the moment . Was strolling through my blog followers reading your posts and enjoying them . I like doing this at night when it’s quiet and the TV is off so I can focus my full attention on them . It’s hard when my hubby is awake and has a show on and he’s saying oh look at that or did you see that ? Yeah he means well. But it’s hard to concentrate . I really need to get him to read a book but then you can’t get someone to do something they do not like . He has never been a reader well the local newspaper yes .

My world is reading , writing and yes my shows and news. But at night is more peaceful to write with the soft sound of the fan humming or the distant whistle of the trains going by , some nights when the windows are open you can hear an owl , you wouldn’t think the sound is creepy but it is ๐Ÿ™‚ I love nights it’s my comfort zone .. well I read my posts and time for some sleep , let the humming of the fan drift me off to sleep.

Noises in the night…

Good Morning the sun is shining the ground is bare in my yard but I believe that will all be changing soon ….the weathermen are not sure what it will be that’s coming in Thursday night to Friday night.. some are saying not much , some are debating a Not’eastern which this time of yr it could mean a foot of snow to buckets of rain or both so this will be interesting …will see.

Last night my daughters boyfriend came over late … he works nights so he’s on a night schedule sleeps days up all night even on days off to keep on the pattern. ..being that he works nights he arrives at our house at 10 some nights …my daughter decided to go down do a few things since she had just arrived home from work and it was 8:30 so was going to wait for him down in her place with Miss Abigail and so around 10 she came up said she was going out to grab a bite to eat with him that Miss Abigail was sleeping on her bed she would shut our door so she would stay down there . Well It was around 11:30 and I had texted my daughter earlier about something on Twitter I saw yes I love Twitter , knowing she was out I figured she would read it sometime. …any how it’s was 11:30 I heard a slam like a door ..her door it shuts loud and then some banging around so I was like oh there back … about 10 mins later I was about to fall asleep my daughter texts back about my text. I said oh you didn’t stay out late …she wrote back whattt? Still out , on our way back. I’m like oh okay .. so hmm I don’t know what I was hearing my son was home but had been sleeping for an hour or so , I do not think it was him . Unless The full moon had Miss Abigail doing laps down there .. it was so strange . I should of woke my hubby but he was sleeping so good and I’m always hearing noises I just couldn’t wake him. I think I’m going to go with the kitty being restless … but will be making sure my daughter is locking the door when she leaves … so puzzled๐Ÿค”

Awake …

So once again another snowstorm is coming in actually already here and all the Schools and some business are closed tomorrow already. My son has two of his buddies over for the night and so the house is filled with occasional sounds of laughter or razzing each other as guys do . My daughter and I sat at the kitchen table talking and laughing for awhile as she tried to help me sign up for Pinterest …she has no patience when it comes to helping me with this kind of thing . My hubby was in bed because he has work in the morning. Now I’m settled in bed my daughter made a cup of tea and is enjoying it in her place with a book and Miss Abigail. Nights like this as simple as it is are always special to me. โค๏ธ

Night Times…

I do not know what it is about night time that I find myself writing …maybe the calmness, or  the quietness through out the house that brings my thoughts together. Or maybe the sound of my husband snoring keeping me awake hahaha , hmm is that  is possible ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it’s not the eerie sound of the nightly train that roars by with its sad cry of the whistle blowing through  the nights darkness . Always sends a chill up my spine  even since I was a child, when I was a child we lived next to the train tracks and every night I’d hear the train go by and that whistle blow Something’s just never change as you get older what scares you. I haven’t heard the boys for awhile (coyotes) they been quiet. Sometimes I can hear the owl that’s a sound that can be chilling as well. The evening  are getting darker earlier and the feeling of sitting outside at night are becoming quickly replaced with settling in earlier and reading or watching tv . Soon our favorite shows will be back on and will watch them with football of course too. This summer was a very short one so it seemed . Not one of the best ones ….. so Fall will be nice and a change of pace.which is well needed. Well my eyes are getting heavy so I think I will get some sleep .. night everyone.