COLD! ❄️❄️

I know …. I’ve posted already today but I’m awake still. I’m laying in bed though so that’s a good thing. It’s so cold and I wanted my bed. As I’m laying here and was trying to organize my Facebook wall and messaging my daughter off and on because she is awake as well. I keep hearing over my hubby’s snoring hahaha … okay to get serious the popping and cracking noise of our house proving all to well how cold it is. My daughter has a friend sleeping over who has to do a night shift so has to go for 1in the morning and oh is it going to be nasty going out to her car in -1 temps , I feel so bad for her. My son texted me tonight he said it was only 1 in Missouri all day and he had to be out in it. I think the cold got to him even though he should be more use to it then his army buddies that are from the south . Being he was brought up in New England. He was grumpy and yes I could tell even over text that he wrote he didn’t actually come out with it that he was grumpy I could just feel it when I read his messages . I said are you feeling cooped up ? He wrote ” oh my god yes! ” ” you can tell ?” I said oh yes I can . He is such a free spirit … even though he loves what he’s doing . Just always been that way. Love and hate that about him it’s like trying to tame a wild animal at times hahaha didn’t know how else to put it. But then on the other hand his heart and humbleness is huge. My daughter is that way too but I don’t feel I have to tame a wild animal with her 🙂 So I was making an album of his army photos on Fb and now their all on my feed and people are liking them and I’m thinking he will not be impressed 🙄 I didn’t realize if I made an album in photos so there all together it comes up in the news feed… 😩 yeah that will really impress him… not! I told my daughter and she laughed and said yeah they kept coming up as notifications on my phone that you posted. Oh well not much I can do about it now. Earlier I was watching videos and reading about Hygge I know so random but I just heard another loud pop and it reminded me of this .. a few of my friends on here and my hubby were talking about it . It’s so interesting . I love to talk more about it but my eyes are not wanting to stay open and it is late so I guess I will get under the covers a bit more and get some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

Stopping a wandering mind…

It’s A cold ..Full moon Monday night. Thankfully my daughter is home and took Miss Abigail with her down to their place. It’s bad enough the full moon is intensifying my anxiousness . It was causing mischief for her . My husband stayed home from work after waking up and still not feeling well still .. plus had a checkup he was going to take a half a day for to come home and change before it. . I’m still feeling a bit under the weather so took my time with doing things . Prep supper … yes in my crockpot (hahaha) love that thing which I believe a lot of my readers have noticed. Then I ran to the Post Office to mail our letters and extra envelopes and stamps to my Son. Grabbed a few things at the market then headed home to fold a bit of laundry . Now been settled in reading my book . It helps at night when my mind has been now switching gears to missing my son at night .. before it was around supper time now it’s at night when I’m either sitting in the living room or laying , settling in bed I think I hear the back door click open and I think oh he’s home from working out or being with friends . but then I know it’s only my mind playing tricks on me. It’s only been 12 days since he left …. but it seems so much longer. That’s why reading helps but tonight with this full moon I’m having a hard time concentrating and twice I think Ive heard the door. and my husband keeps asking me what I’m looking down the hall at ..🙄So happy he’s coming home for Christmas for a bit. I’m happy I can write him letters but I never realized how long it takes for him to get them … unless it’s always taken a long time and we have adapted to texting and pushing the send button and bing .. they get it. I hope he realizes how long and doesn’t wonder why or think why is no one writing ? See this is my wandering mind . Okay time to read and then get some sleep . Good night everyone.

Noises in the night…

Good Morning the sun is shining the ground is bare in my yard but I believe that will all be changing soon ….the weathermen are not sure what it will be that’s coming in Thursday night to Friday night.. some are saying not much , some are debating a Not’eastern which this time of yr it could mean a foot of snow to buckets of rain or both so this will be interesting …will see.

Last night my daughters boyfriend came over late … he works nights so he’s on a night schedule sleeps days up all night even on days off to keep on the pattern. ..being that he works nights he arrives at our house at 10 some nights …my daughter decided to go down do a few things since she had just arrived home from work and it was 8:30 so was going to wait for him down in her place with Miss Abigail and so around 10 she came up said she was going out to grab a bite to eat with him that Miss Abigail was sleeping on her bed she would shut our door so she would stay down there . Well It was around 11:30 and I had texted my daughter earlier about something on Twitter I saw yes I love Twitter , knowing she was out I figured she would read it sometime. …any how it’s was 11:30 I heard a slam like a door ..her door it shuts loud and then some banging around so I was like oh there back … about 10 mins later I was about to fall asleep my daughter texts back about my text. I said oh you didn’t stay out late …she wrote back whattt? Still out , on our way back. I’m like oh okay .. so hmm I don’t know what I was hearing my son was home but had been sleeping for an hour or so , I do not think it was him . Unless The full moon had Miss Abigail doing laps down there .. it was so strange . I should of woke my hubby but he was sleeping so good and I’m always hearing noises I just couldn’t wake him. I think I’m going to go with the kitty being restless … but will be making sure my daughter is locking the door when she leaves … so puzzled🤔

Groundhog Day

Yes today is Groundhog Day and as cute as this little guy is he bares bad news …. 6 more weeks of winter he saw his shadow. Ok in my part of the globe that would been amazing if he hadn’t so I guess I can’t blame him . So now he is back in his little hole his happy place nice and cozy and I’m back in my little happy place keeping cozy and warm even though the sun is shining and beautiful and bright it’s so cold today ,the wind is raging havoc and it’s always when I’m home for the day and evening with Miss Abigail that this happens and the house makes creaking and banging noises I know it’s only the wind whipping against the house but it’s still creepy. Any how now that winter has a ways to go I will keep busy reading adult coloring and keeping my son on track to get through the next 3more months of high school until he graduates .

Tonight he has his last meet for indoor track then it’s on to championships which he qualified for we couldn’t be more proud. My hubby will be at his meet tonight too much for my hip which I stated in my last posts but my heart is with him and he knows that . It’s an earlier one 3:45 to 6 instead of 6:45 to 9 :00 so hopefully he will be home earlier he should be unless his friends push to get together which as a mom I suggested it would be nice if he came home after it to get some decent sleep since he has not been sleeping to well and he has to get up for work in the morning . .. I waited for the eyes to roll but surprised they didn’t he kind of agreed . Will see. I know he is tired so this meet will either make him exhausted or give him an Adrenalin rush and he will want to stay out for a bit. Well my daytime soap is over and time to finish up a few things around the house no supper prep it’s a make whatever you want tonight when everyone gets home. Have a great day everyone.

Me myself and I …and Miss Abigail!

It’s a mild Friday evening and  everyone is out of the house son had a meet and my husband is there , I can’t wait till Spring when I can see my son participate in outdoor track. Winter track never works for me not enough sitting room , a lot of things going around and I’m still getting over my cold, I’m  sure my son is fine he is busy concentrating on his meet . He will be happy there’s food for him when he gets home. That’s my part.My daughter is out with friends so it’s just myself and Miss Abigail who is on my bed at the moment nice and cozy so I am on the couch and coloring my  3rd   Page in my adult coloring book in a   Very Quiet house. Off and on I hear a thunk or a pounding noise but I tell myself that it’s the house settling after a warmer day and now cooler night . ….. I should be use to this by now this house has always made noises since we built 12 yrs ago. At first my husband didn’t believe me or should say didn’t want too until one night he was home by himself and heard the same noises. So I have  the tv volume up. 😂 It’s helping a bit. I going to concentrate on  my coloring. .🙂image

Never the same…

So it’s a quiet night no friends just the Fam and we are all settled in the only sound I hear is the humming of the air conditioner and for the moment my husband snoring softly…hmm this may get a bit noiser . My son is still recovering from Saturday’s Spartan race thought he could try practice after school because he told us it felt better to keep moving then sitting is legs tighten up sitting . Well he came home and was walking like a mummy once again so I believe he over did it…. always never does anything half  way , all or nothing. So he ate and showered and at 7:30 was in bed for the night. My daughter has just arrived home from work so just before her coming home we heard this noise yes always noises with us…but it was like a rumble or rolling something around kind of noise so my husband  said oh I  believe  he’s up I am telling him no when our son goes to bed that’s exactly  what he does. So my poor husband starts walking through the house , went down to my daughters downstairs back into check our son …nothing but still noise so he went outside comes in whips open the bedroom window says listen we waited and I heard it in the distance, it sounded like a grand finale of fireworks but where and why ? It’s a Tuesday night .. so strange my husband was just happy I heard it and he figured it out instead of thinking he was loosing his mind hahaha but anyways so strange why? … always something .

Strange happenings… 

So last night we all settled in early for bed early morning now that school is starting . I was laying there trying to get comfortable my allergies have been horrible so was sneezing a lot and my husband was snoring hahaha well all of a sudden he looks up and from our bed you can open the door to our hallway it’s a ranch style . Any how he is just staring down the hall and we have a night light plugged  into the hall wall so you can see pretty good , I ask him what’s wrong he says I thought I heard someone come through the kitchen door and shut it …I’m like no I’m awake saw nothing  and I have the fan in my ear  but I would think I could hear that .I told him maybe you dreamed it. He was like yeah it was just so real the sound. So we settle back down and about 5mins later yes I’m still awake .. I thought I heard someone walking down the hall and in the kitchen now at this point he kept the bedroom door open and I can see straight down and no one… my sons door was still close no one in the bathroom  door open light off yes some what of a  small house🙂 and basement door is closed so my daughter didn’t come up . So now I’m spooked I get under my blankets a bit more thinking my husband started this and now I’m imagining this. So now it’s about 11.30 at night and I m laying there and when anyone walks by the night light it sends like a pause of light into my room well what do you know….yes this happened and no one walked by… well after all that I talked myself into it being that our  minds playing are playing tricks on us  .(.it has been a long sad couple of weeks ), I  finally fell asleep . This morning my daughter wakes up and comes up and says who was walking around so much at I don’t know around 11 or 12 okay my face just dropped she was like no one was right? I’m like no ..hmmm … she was like okay I got a chill up my spine . Yes a crazy night of events and I believe in some things like spirites and so on but my husband not as easy well he comes home from work and looks at me and says last night was weird so he was still thinking about it. please can some one explain this …. what do you think ?  So spooked right now .