The Norm…slowly

It’s Wednesday the holidays have come and gone . The tree the decorations are gone and put away . My house feeling a bit less cluttered . Well I shouldn’t say cluttered because we all know it’s beautiful to have the house all decked out . I’ll say we have our space back. My hubby and I settled in bed last night a bit early him watching tv myself adult coloring . In my sons room the sound of laughter and the Xbox echoed through his walls. I absorbed the sound taking it all in because as of Thursday it will be quiet and spotless .

While coloring and chatting with my hubby there was a knock on the door . My son peaking in then coming all the way in shutting the door , asking what we were watching and looking tired which yes being a mom I stated that to him he said yeah … quietly . we asked him if his friends were still here he shook his head yes . Then I noticed his eyes were not tired but puffy and he was wiping them I said are you okay? He told us it must be his friends cat from being at the friends house New yrs night . I told him to grab some allergy medicine not much just a little he shook his head . But I knew really that it wasn’t a reaction but tears he was holding back . I finally said talk and he sat on the bed and said he was already missing home the routine ..basically I notice he settled into pretty quick with running around with his friends it happens friends boost your ego when you Live in a small town . He stated he was ready but not he said it’s just so hard to leave home .plus he’s doing the questing game of what he can expect or not. Which is never a good thing to do.

This morning we woke enjoyed our coffee and think we will get ready to take my son out to eat and then come home help him pack and settle in for a quiet night with a movie . Very early trip to the airport tomorrow. Then the house will be quiet the walls won’t echo with pounding music no laughter well into the night . Oh the cycle of the ups and down we go through .. are we ever happy . 🙄 well I better get this day started .

Just Being

Hi everyone ! I haven’t been posting this past week much.. I guess I’ve been Just being as my title states… I looked up what just being is , if any and was surprised how many ways, things there was with this phrase just being. I related with some of the examples . I believe for me it’s just been being free from a routine being able to just getting up showering having my coffee and taking my time enjoying it maybe enjoying a second cup . Taking care of things around the house whether I finish doing what are started or not … but yes I finish what I start, just the fact that I have no time limit .. my routine is changing my time is becoming more my time during the day . Very relaxing and less stressed . My kids come and go we have our moments of chats , laughing. But all good . Nice feeling. So I been also enjoying reading a lot of reading out on the deck enjoying sun as well . I also have been able to take my photos off my phone printing them and started working on my photo wall. Plus changing things up around the house .. I believe this just being has been very productive for me ( hahaha) the busyness and the have to of this school yr has come to an end and I’m seeing that it’s okay.. now ask me in October when my son leaves for Basic Training .. yes getting ahead of myself so stepping back to now and only day to to day.🙂 This weekend is a rainy one so hubby and I did the food shopping and have been just hanging around the house watching movies in between the washer humming . Now it’s evening and supper is done and cleaned up with the help of my hubby my sons home now so he is watching tv with us . I think I will grab my book settle in an a bit more and read my book as well . and just be ….🙂