Morning …

Good Morning sitting here enjoying my late morning cup of coffee slept in a bit . For some reason I could not get myself to fall asleep I don’t know what it was everyone was home no wondering .. I know my husband and I went in a little earlier to settle because we needed the air conditioner our living room was unbearable so that could be it . Just hate nights like that and then you want to sleep in and for me it sets my day all wrong .  So going to get one more cup of coffee in and start this day have a good day everyone

Photo just because….

I took this yesterday evening on the 2nd day of Spring  I thought it was the the most beautiful sunset yet that I have taken and it was a beautiful sight to see since my house has been invaded with stomach bug that started Last wed night with my Son and now ending with my  Husband Daughter and I suffering with it  so far  8 days later . my Son and Husband back at school and work . Not fun at all my Son got over it with in 3 days. My husband 4days but that is with him coming home from work and laying down so 5 days so far with him. and my daughter and I still suffering on and off so her and I are relaxing watching TV drinking liquids a lot. ughhh it’s a nightmare,  so seeing that sunset was such a nice feeling and the sun was so red/ orange  it was amazing. I quickly captured it and a good thing because as soon as I took the picture the sun went behind the mountain.SO I hope everyone enjoys.IMG_20170321_185630_528-1