Stormy Evening !

Just as my daughter and I drove in to the driveway , the skies opened up and down came the rain the pounding of the thunder and the flash of the lightening… Tv , phone sending out storm alerts. Off and on now for the past 3 hrs ,we keep loosing Tv , I keep getting friends messaging me asking if there was was an accident by our house … we are a bit away from the main road so we couldn’t tell. My kids made it out okay . When I asked they said there are trees down . All over my Facebook I’m hearing of power outages. So far we have ours on . So it’s a good night to stay in we’ll .., tell my kids that , that are out and about. Hmm .. so anyhow I’m starting another book after happily finishing my last one last night. It feels good to read . Especially tonight.

Today I printed out a lot of my photos off my phone ..hoping this helps my phone a bit. Now to buy some frames and add to my picture wall in our living room. That I will start tomorrow. Plus need to take the rest off and start my sons photo book of his high school yrs of track meets football games , friends, prom, etc .. so many pictures ugh this will not be easy. Well for now time to get back to reading and hope the storms are calming down now so road crews can get out and clear the trees off the roads.

Photo Monday !!

This is my photo for Photo Monday since my daughter and I where out running errands before the storm we grabbed lunch at Panera Bread it was nice and relaxing a bit more busier then I like but luckly found a seat by the fire. The food was simple and deliciously hot and filling . So we chatted and enjoyed then we cleaned up and headed to the store for things for the storm … sadly my sons school is the only school still open ….. are they kidding? Okay sorry for another day. Any ways we ended the errands with a Starbucks drink which was such a treat haven’t had Starbucks in awhile . It was a pleasant fun day with my daughter.

Hmm.. waiting …teenagers!

It’s 10:30 at night and your laying in bed and nothing good is on t.v.  Your waiting for your teenager to arrive home because he is out with his friends but for some reason a good reason you can’t help what is going through your mind.. hmm not good things I will admit … so what do you do to distract yourself  and wait patiently … you play Bubble Pop on your phone. Hahahaha is it working yes more then the flipping through t.v. Channels and reading . Now I’m not saying it works for everyone but for me it helps 🙂 luckily he texted me said he was on his way so hopefully soon. This game is very addicting. I’ve found it awhile ago it helps on occasions like this . Do not try it to get you  to sleep it doesn’t work I’ve tried , …it keeps me up. Well back to playing until my son arrives goodnigh  Everyone.