Laid back day…

It’s been a Sunday of many things. This house has been alive with loud music from my hubby playing his music while he puts the last coat of paint on in the kitchen and hallway. Only way he can paint. Then it was quiet for a moment while he took a break . Then it was replaced with the laughter of my son relaxing in his room watching a movie .. how could I hear him laughing ? Well for some reason he left his door open. I guess he wasn’t worried about privacy. I sat after putting somethings back in place on the kitchen counters and read some more of the book The Road. Hmm it’s good but so sad at this moment to where I am in it it’s not a very uplifting story. Have some mix feelings . I will keep reading it though because it has me curious to see how it ends. Then after the music came back on and it was a program my hubby had found bands going into the Hall Of Fame from Def Leppard to Stevie Nicks, the Zombies, The Cure, I feel so old now … 😂 oh how time flys …. now supper is done ,it’s 8:30 and settling in to read . My hubby will be getting some sleep soon and my son as well as they have to be up early for work . As fast as the week ended Monday already will be here. At least it will be warmer . Was a nice weekend can’t complain. . I guess it’s time to read some of my book. Enjoy your night or if your day is just getting started.

Saturday , sun , paint,

Woke up to a sunny warm morning.. so crazy after going to bed with snow coming down and covering the ground. This morning for a good part of the day my husband painted while I moved things on the counters so he could get to the walls. It’ looks so good I’m amazed how refreshing a new color makes you feel about your home . So loving it. It actually makes our kitchen look so much bigger. Miss Abigail we are surprised loves plastic . Found her on the plastic my hubby was using to cover the hallway floor while painting. We have a bit more above the countertop to paint and the hall needs another coat . But my husband called it a day with it around 3. He took shower then laid down for a bit . I went out on the deck to absorb some sun ..

I believe I found how to meditate without even trying to . I was sitting on the deck sun shining down on me it was so bright so I closed my eyes and the warmth of the sun on my face felt so good . I sat there letting the sun warm me . I kept hearing this slight creaking noise that I believe was coming from our solar candle lantern that was hanging on our little barn /shed the slight breeze was swinging it back and forth . My mind was focused on that sound which also cleared my mind from thinking that I could hear the birds chirping in the distance . The leaves krinklingv as they blew around my mind actually was not thinking of anything just relaxed and taking in the sounds around me . It was such a nice calm feeling . Is that a form of meditation ? I hope so it would be nice to mediate more .. I sat out for a bit my hubby and I decided to do our one day weekend takeout so until my hubby arrived home after grabbing it the evening air was chilly so we stayed in and watched tv but at least could see the sunset from my living room window.

Weekend ..

Let’s see where did Friday go .. it was a rainy dreary day it didn’t get as warm as they predicted .The day drifted by with chats with my kids until I was left with a quiet house until my hubby came home . Friday night is takeout night so I just puttered around . My hubby and I settled in after supper. My hubby flicking through channels came upon Princess Diaries the first one . He remarked “remember how Jamie loved these movies? Oh yes I said I watched them over and over with her and her friends. Well my hubby and I ended up getting hooked and watched it all. We looked after at each other laughing and he said did we just watch that whole thing? After that I believe it was 11:30 and my son arrived home shocked we were all in for the night already.

Woke to a cloudy wet Saturday morning now the sun has came out and it’s warm out can’t believe it’s 3:00 in the afternoon already… well the kitchen is getting painted red … wow I know drastic but we like it so far it’s going to to need another coat for it to be the dark we want . I like it I wanted this it’s just the change .. not good at change but wanted it …needed it if that makes sense? Sitting on the deck writing this . Off in the distance over my hubby’s music which he needs to paint with I hear a bird . Each day I hear more birds it’s a pretty … relaxing sound the squirrels are rustling around in the leaves that are uncovered from the snow . It’s nice seeing and listening too.I hope everyone has a nice Saturday .time to see if hubby needs anything.

Dreams , shopping , house decor.. weekend

It’s Saturday night after a day of just whatever … woke after a night of the most strangest dreams ..I will need to look them up to see if there is some kind of meaning to them . Back when I was in high school my best friend and still to this day , we always loved to analyze our dreams ..she had a dream book . For example if the dream or dreams kept having certain sights objects , etc you name it this book had it we could look it up. Well I wish I had that book now. I know I could google it and I’m sure I would find a lot of reasons .. but oh that book was interesting. If these dreams keep up may have to see if the book still exists to order one or something close to it. Today was food shopping day which happily it went smoothly . No crowed isles or long checkout lines ,after went to our local well one of our local coffee faves and enjoyed it on the drive home . Not much after to do once the groceries were put away and supper would be an easy task.. my hubby decided to finish up and put in the new vanity mirror and shower curtain for the newly painted bathroom . The color is growing on me … it came out a bit lighter then we originally thought but with the color of the shower curtain and mirror it’s coming together …now to find a couple of wall decor and it will be finished . Sent some photos to my son he liked it . And my daughter now wants her bathroom in her place redone. So that is on the to do list now.

The kitchen will be next .This scares me a bit more Being a bigger room , more detail ..the color we are thinking .. right now it’s a yellow a calm yellow but not and after having it for so long it’s time for a change. It’s going to be a red but a dark red not bright but a much calmer cozier red and I think it will make the kitchen feel more warm.. that’s what we a going for. I love my kitchen I have always had the best late night talks and laughs and whispers with my kids in that part of our house. And enjoy the morning coffee in the summer with our glass slider open and the sound of the birds . Echoing in. Will see it will be a try and error when your trying for the right color red. Here is our bathroom.. yes needs wall decor… well time for some sleep going on midnight my son had me sending him College info he has back home on our computer he need more of so through the internet it goes .. while on base and it being his down time he Figured he could send out more applications . So that was time consuming so now settled and ready for some sleep. Have a good night everyone.