Saturday Goodies!

   Saturday was spent with my  daughter enjoying a  light lunch at Panera Bread and a pleasant conversation , then followed with a trip to to the bookstore for some good books . Been awhile a day spent out with just her and I found a book for my husband as well . Then as we headed home we grabbed a pumpkin spice latte it was a perfect ending to a cold rainy day out.  Now settled in  in bed nice and warm  with my husband who has started his book and  I am deciding which one I want to read first .watch Miss Abigail the kitty who has cozed up on our couch up So everyone have a goodnight going to enjoy my book. Let you know which one I picked when I decideūüôā



Finally back on here..after a week of¬† total chaos and hopefully now some normalcy . In the past 5months I have felt this sense of peacefulness contentment. I finally threw¬† caution to the wind and said I need to let go of trying to be a perfect mother and let them grow¬† with guidence Son is independent loves being with his friends playing his sport and he knows his priorities and when he sways from that path I pull him in and my Daughter she is an adult and her and I are in a good place¬†¬† she has here friends making new ones and her work . My husband and I are learning to be just us again before kids and I think I am handling it better then him. he is so use to us all constantly together or around lets say he hates change so the kids doing their own¬† thing and I more into things I enjoy doing again is throwing him …I thought it would be harder for me but I am more open minded and I do not have parents telling me like he has how things should be …ughh and after my last blog if you read he got hurt at work thank¬† god he is fine and doing a lot better and back to work . His parents thinking I am not doing enough getting back in our business my aurora of my peacefulness has vanished and been place with self doubt angry and I thought I got past this years ago. So now I am trying to get back to this peacefulness and contentment and not listening to them ….not very easy . It’s hard when people judge you just because you do not follow their ways or agree. I am thankful for this week being back to normal my daughter and I went out to a nice relaxing lunch at our favorite place, Panera Bread the best . and then we enjoyed a s’mores frappuccino from Starbucks¬† so delicious we figured we had a light lunch we would enjoy this.¬† Then we headed to my son ‘s school to watch his meet such a nice ending to the day. oh and yes they won!¬† my¬† son came in 2nd place in the hurdles and 2nd in 2nd race. So proud of him.