Shake it up a bit….

You will see my quiet rainy day at home doing house work and setting up dinner got shaken up a bit well some housework did get done kitchen’s clean and dinner is in crock pot cooking away, the clouds and rain gave away  into a beautiful sunny day and my daughter decided on lunch out so why not . .off to Panera’s we went .  I had their cup of  cheddar and broccoli soup and grilled cheese simple but  delicious and my daughter had there chicken caesar  salad and mac and cheese one of my other favorites  as well. I must say it was extremely busy  but so worth the wait. and as we ate we enjoyed a nice conversation we are good at that we can talk forever and about anything yeah  our conversations can get pretty crazy some times hahaha   no one would understand ..then that was that,  we can never leave town without  finishing our outing  with a Starbucks coffee or latte so we both got the  Caramel Brulee  latte one of their November flavors absolutely amazing! so creamy and comforting a must try if your a coffee lover . It’s nice to shake things up a bit even if it is as simple as this and now my Son will be home from his school field trip and my husband from work and supper will be ready my daughter is now off to work. Have a good night everyone!

A day well spent!!!

It was nice getting out after a day  spent in after our snow day on Monday. Woke up to a winter wonderland the fresh snow look beautiful especially with the beautiful morning sun making the snow covered trees glitter and the the sky couldn’t have been any bluer. The day started with chocolate chip pancakes of course …it was national pancake day so then my daughter and I  headed out we had a late relaxing lunch at our favorite restaurant Panera’s  the best as always so nice and fresh and filling never can go wrong eating there. Then it was off to Barnes And Noble bookstore where  we went separate ways as usual when we go there looking at books of our own liking and myself looking at Adult coloring books  I so love to do . after that we ended our day out with of course a latte at Starbucks can’t beat the white chocolate with a pump of raspberry in it so delicious !! you must try it. coming home no sunset to capture but that’s okay can’t have everything God gave us a beautiful day and I feel blessed to have shared this with my daughter . I hope all of you had a beautifScreenshot_2016-02-09-19-07-16-1ul day.Screenshot_2016-02-09-19-06-19

Snow Day!!

We officially had our first snow day in my world today . we woke up to a phone call at 5 in the morning informing us of no school, so decided to take advantage of it go back to sleep snuggled back under the blankets as my husband got up and got ready for work , okay the smell of coffee brewing had me temped to drag myself out from under those blankets but then I was not ready to look outside at the snow…still do not miss having a snow less winter. so I fell back to sleep . my pups got restless so it was time to let him out start the day ….funny thing snow day right?? I pull up the  shade  ready to see the ground covered in white….No nothing I was like wait was there really a snow day hahaha? well yes it was it didn’t start till 2, my son could of had school and he agreed too…so I took advantage of catching up on laundry that got neglected over the weekend due to running with my kids and husband shopping enjoying watching my son driving up and down our driveway  since are driveway is like a dead end road and seeing how happy he is knowing soon he will be driving …for me nervous not that I do not have faith in his driving I do just he is my baby …and I am a today was  catch  up day and my daughter took advantage   cleaning her place. My Son  took the day to relax and get some well needed sleep . Snow days are just not the same anymore so sad I remember tons of snow and my kids couldn’t wait to get out in it and slide build snowmen make snow angels till they couldn’t feel their fingers and toes then come in get dry and have hot chocolate with marshmallows in it put a movie in for my son as my daughter cozy up with a book. love the memories ….tomorrow my daughter and I will go to our favorite place for lunch Panera’s and then Starbucks for a coffee and sit back and enjoy…I miss those days when they were young but I like the new special moments and memories we are making now too.